Growth For Direct Door Hardware

Direct door hardware has been growing fairly quickly as we add more and more great products. We have tried to focus our site to provide the products that people are searching for when they find Direct door hardware on the web. Its frustrating to search for Door Knobs (for example) and find a site that sells Door Knobs but also sells 3000 other items that you have to sift to before finding what you need. This focus has made our site quite simple and easy to use.

In efforts to keep our site simple… some of our new product lines that are not as closely related will be featured on other sites. For example, Direct door hardware has recently developed a great home and Garden site? Here we have a great selection of custom made address plaques as well as weathervanes, bird feeders, sundials and much more. Be sure to check out this great new resource for home and garden decor and accessories. We appreciate your visit to our website and hope that we can serve you again as we strive to provide great home improvement items at great prices.

What is Included in a Knobset

Just for a little clarification… we have had some people place orders for a knobset thinking that it is just knobs which they can use to attach to old style hardware.?We do not sell restoration hardware parts. If you have old doors that need replacement hardware parts, you’ll need to check with a company that reproduces those parts. At this time all of our hardware knobsets are a standard fitting Door Knob or lever handle set with mechanism, strike plates, knobs or levers for boths sides of the door and mounting hardware. We do not sell individual parts at this time. Also, keep in mind that if you do order a knobset for use on an older door, most likely you will not be able to use the parts to accomodate the old hardware parts.

Arapaho Antique Bronze Door Knobs

As many of you may have noticed recently, we have had a difficult time keeping the antique bronze arapaho (egg shaped) Door Knobs available. We have these knobs shipped out directly from the manufacturer, who is having a difficult time keeping up with the demand. So we indicate on our site that we are out of stock, but they are very poular so people keep ordering them. When they finally get back in stock, the backorders have been cleaning out the replenished inventory. So once again we are out of stock. The manufacturer is working on increasing their inventory amounts to accomodate the demand, but have not been able to yet. Anyway, we apologize for the inconvenience. Direct Door Hardware and the Sure-Loc brand are rapidly growing companies and we’re doing what we can to keep up with the demand. We appreciate your business and hope you will return to our website often.

In other news, we are looking at a beautiful line of reproduction hardware that will be a great compliment to your older style home. This line is manufactured to fit or replace hardware on standard doors of today, as well as accomodate older styles. Check back with us in the future, we hope to have this new product added soon!