French Doors, which knobs or levers should you get?

We get asked this question a lot. French doors come in a variety of configurations. One of the most common ways they are built for interior applications is to have one side of the door fixed and the other operable. Then if you want both doors open you can unlock the center style using the latch located at the top of the fixed door (unfortunately we don;t carry those latches in different finishes at this time). If you have one door that is fixed and one operable, chances are the operable door has a hole bored for a Door Knob or lever handle, while the fixed door does not. In this case you would want to order a knobset for the operable side and a couple of dummy knobs or levers for the other side.

If both doors have holes bored in them, you will need to order a knobset for both doors and leave the latch mechanism out of the fixed side. A dummy knob will not work on a door that already has a hole bored in it. Dummy trim knobs and levers are face mounted with screws to the surface. If the door already has a hole bored in it, there will be nothing to attach the screws to.

Exterior Double Doors. The above will also apply. If you need dummy handlesets for a double set of entry doors we have them available for the non-operable side of the door.

Egg Shaped Antique Bronze Door Knobs – Back in stock.

Our Sure-loc brand egg shaped Door Knob is one of the most popular knobs we have available. As a result we have had problems keeping them in stock the last couple of months. Everytime they become available, there are so many bakorders that the supply is diminished in just a couple of days. Sure-Loc has received a large shipment to meet the demand and we now have these poular Door Knobs available. For those who have been waiting… thanks for your patience.

Keying door knobs

We often get questions from our customers about keying their locks alike. There are a few things to remember about keying. First, not all brands of door hardware can be keyed alike. The best thing is to be consistent with the brand of door hardware you choose throughout your home. I say this for two reasons, we can key them alike and the finish will be consistent. Different Door Knob manufacturers may call their finishes the same thing- like oil rubbed bronze- but there may be a slight difference in the finish. Not a big deal really, unless the you have a doorknob of one manufacturer right next to one from another.

If you have existing locks that you will keep and want to get new locks to use the same key, you’ll probably need to have locksmith come out to your home and key the new locks alike, the risk you run is that the existing locks use a different keyway than the Door Knobs you purchase.

Direct door hardware offers Door Knobs and locksets from several manufacturers, and as much as we’d like them too, they cannot be keyed alike. So remember this as you shop for door hardware. If you want all your keyed locks to be keyed to the same key… make sure all of your locks, deadbolts and handlesets are the same brand. Interiror Door Knobs like passage and privacy sets don;t matter as they are not keyed.

Oh, and most of the time your keyeing will be free!

Affiliate Sites

We have an affiliate site called Direct Door Knobs which we used temprarily whne we first started the Direct door hardware website. We continue to receive traffic and orders through this website, however, Direct door hardware is our primary website and has the most up to date information about our products, stock quantities, etc. Id you have been to direct Door Knobs in the past, you may return there as we will keep that site in working order for some time, just keep in mind that is the main site and will continue to be so.

Address Markers

For the convenience of our customers, we now offer our address plaques through Direct door hardware‘s Website. Previously these address plaques were only available through Direct Home Garden, but as they have been quite popular, and many of our customers on the Direct Home Garden website are also Direct door hardware customers, these products are now available at both of our websites. Hopefully this will make things a little easier for those that want Door Knobs, bath accessories as well as address plaques. You need all that stuff towards the completion of your home or remodeling project, you may as well be able to get them all in one place. Please keep in mind when ordering our address plaques that they are customized per order and therefore cannot be shipped immediately. Address plaques are generally shipped within 2-3 weeks from order placement. Thanks!

Shipping Time Frames

Shipping information is a common question so I thought I’d post the information here again. Our website will calculate the shipping for you whcih is based on the number of items that you order. Hardware is fairly heavy so shipping can get quite expensive for expidited services. To help you save money our standard shipping will not exceed $16 when it often costs us twice or even three times that depending on the weight of your order. We can expidite orders for you, we just need you to call us or email us with the quantities of Door Knobs or other home hardware needed and your zip code so we can estimate the wieght. Most orders ship within 48 hours, unless the item is out of stock or indicated on our site as a longer shipping timeframe. We try and keep our site as up to date as possible to make our customers aware of out of stock hardware. All of our novelty cabinet knobs like wildlife, nautical and sports cabinet knobs are 2 weeks out on delivery. They are a specialized item in a number of finishes and require more time to get them shipped as they are frequently made per order. Address Plaques are custom made per order and as a result are 2-3 weeks for delivery. Hopefully this will help clarify some shipping questions that a lot of our customers tend to have. We do have this information posted in various places on our website as well.

Finally, More Door Hinge Options

We have been working on finding some door hinges in different finishes and sizes as our customers frequently ask for more options. We will continue to have our great pricing on the hinges we currently carry, but will also be able to offer other hinge sizes and options in various finishes to compliment our door hardware. Check back with Direct door hardware. We will be adding these new products soon!