Added Security to Direct Door Hardware

The Direct door hardware website was initially designed as a secure online store where our customers could purchase door hardware products without having to worry about entering their personal information to make a purchase. To do this we set up our shopping cart on a secure SSL server. To increase the the security of our site, and to be sure that our customers have peace of mind when ordering Door Knobs and other home hardware, we now have our site tested daily by Scan Alert. Our customers can now rest assured that our site is secure by the HACKER SAFE logo at the top of each page. This logo indicates to the customer when the site was last tested. You can also click on the logo for testing info from Scan Alert.

Our customers security is important to us, and we will continue to take measures which increase the security of purchasing from

Are they in stock? How Long will it take to ship?

I think I have posted about this before, but I’ll add again anyway as it is a frequent question asked when people call or email for help. We do our best to keep our website up to date as much as possible. If an item is out of stock, it should say so on our website. Sometimes, you may place an order for some door hardware?and upon processing the order, we find we are out of stock. This is a rarety. A lot of the product that we sell?gets shipped directly from the manufacturers warehouse, so if we are out of stock, it is because they are out of stock. Over the past few months we have had few problems of running out of hardware, but every once in a while we will get a huge order that will clean us out of one or two things.

Shipping Time Frame.
All of our products are shipped by UPS at this time. This means that we will need a physical address to?ship. Some of our door hardware, or cabinet knobs may take longer to ship than others. Here is a break down of what you can generally expect upon placing an order.

Sure-Loc Door Knobs and Door Hardware?door hardware, Weslock Door Knobs and Door Hardware?door hardware, Rusticware Bathroom Accessories?cabinet knobs?and Redland Designs bathroom accessories?-?Generally ship within 48 hours (business hours) of order placement.

Whitehall Products Address Plaques – These plaques are customized per order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Nostalgic Warehouse reproduction hardware – generally ships within 3-5 days of order placement.

Buck Snort Lodge – Wildlife Hardware and Cabinet Knobs and novelty cabinet knobs are not always in stock as there are many style and finish options. Please allow around 2 weeks for delivery as they are sometimes made upon receipt of the order. They do sometimes ship sooner, but not always.

We do have expidited shipping options on our website, but keep in mind that if you order an item like the address markers or wildlike knobs, they still may take a couple of weeks before we can ship them expidited as they are not always ready to go and in stock.

Did you get all that you need?

As we process orders for hundreds of customers, I have seen several customers return to purchase more items that they previously had forgotten.

First of all, thank you very much for returning… we sure appreciate your business.

I think a lot of people don’t realize all that we carry at Direct door hardware. Not only do we have the standard stuff like Door Knobs and deadbolts, we also carry spring door stops, cabinet knobs, towel bars, towel rings, paper holders, door hinges and much more. Be sure to checkout the various categories of our site and get all that you need for your new home, or to give your older home a facelift. And, check back soon. We have several new products that we will be adding in the near future.

What is a mortise lock?

Straight from the manufacturer:
?Don’t settle for cheap immitations. Replace your rusty old locks with our high quality, English-made version. You’ll be thrilled with the quality of these exquisite reproductions. Each lock includes a solid brass strike and face plate, 2 steel skeleton keys and mounting screws. All of our mortise locks are keyed alike. Body: W- 3″ H – 4″ Thickness – 9/16″. Face 7/8″ x 6″/ 2 1/4″backset. 2 1/4″ C/C knob spindle to keyhole. 8mm spindle hole is on the square.

We now carry a great line of reproduction hardware from Nostalgic Warehouse. A mortise lock is actually a mechanism box, like you see in the image above, and of the dimensions mentioned in the description. A mortise lock requires special preperations to make it work, you probably don;t want to order this type of lock unless you are replacing an older set, or if you can have your door shop custom prepare your doors.

As the need for restoration hardware became more and more prevelant, Nostalgic Warehouse met the need with their mortise lock. This great mortise set replaces most old style mortise locks. The great thing about Nostalgic Warehouse‘s line is that you can also?get the old vintage look of crystal knobs or old victorian style Door Knobs [with backplates] with standard tubular latches to fit newer standard fitting doors.

What is a latch mechanism?

A latch mechanism is the cylinder that is driven through the edge of the door. This is often also called a tubular latch mechanism. The mechanism has a spring loaded latch that retracts to open the door and upon release of the Door Knob or lever, protrudes to keep the door closed. A tubular latch mechanism for an exterior door often comes with an attached mortise plate, and requires mortising, or some chizeling to be done on the edge of the door for the plate to rest correctly recessed in the door. “> The image above shows the latch mechanism with an attached mortise plate. The mortise plates not only look nice, they provide added security. This post has two door hardware terms that are good to know: Tubular latch, or latch mechanism – The cylinder driven through the edge of the door with a spring loaded latch that keeps the door closed, or allows it to open. Mortise Plate – The plate on the edge of the latch mechanism that provides additional security and a nicer, cleaner look.

What is a backset?

It is important when ordering your door hardware to understand several terms. If you don’t understand what you are ordering, you may get the wrong item for your door. This is the first of a few posts about door hardware terms that you ought to know.
Backset – The backset on a door is the distance from the edge of the door, to the center of the bore hol in the door. See the following image:


While you are shopping on Direct door hardware, remember that most Door Knobs are shipped with an adjustable backset in the box. This adjustable backset should accomodate any standard door. Some of our more expensive door hardware, and restoration hardware products require a backset to be specified upon ordering. If you are replacing older door hardware, please check the current backset so that we can send you the right stuff.

What kind of door hardware do you need?

We are constantly asked for various different kinds of door hardware and unfortunately, sometimes we cannot provide what our customers need. Rest assured, we are striving to meet the needs of our customers and will be adding more and more door hardware products as time goes on. Please check back with us often. In the meantime, please post a comment here on what kind of home hardware products you’d like to see us offer in the future.