Door hardware gift ideas.

Well, the holiday season is upon us once again. This year we have added a great line of novelty door hardware that make great gifts for your friends, family or ooutdoor enthusiast. Choose from a variety of bear cabinet knobs, elk knobs, balloons, dogs, cats, trout and much more. These knobs are great to accent your homoe decor, or a rustic addition to your vacation home or cabin.

Door hardware for home builders.

We have many home builders that have started to buy their door hardware from us since we started our company. Most home builders [or their forman] spend a lot of time running around town, looking for certain door hardware products often finding that no one has them in stock. At Direct door hardware we have tried to offer a wide variety of door hardware and other home hardware products so that you can find all your hardware for your home in one location. And since we generally ship directly form the manufacturer, stock quanities are usually high and the prices are great. Another great advantage; you save a lot of time, and you can get products that match throughout your house.?This was our initial intention when starting Direct door hardware and it has proven to be a great thing for many builders.?Now they can just fax in the quantities they need and have them shipped right to their door. Ya, they have to plan ahead a week or so, but it saves them a lot of time and hassle.

In the future, we will be adding more hardware items to complete our offering of great hardware in a variety of finishes. If you are a homebuilder, please keep us in mind. We’ll do our best to provide the items you need in a timely manner and at a cost savings for your company. Depending on your quantity, you may qualify for discounts on your orders. Contact us for more information.

New door hardware site map.

We have added a lot of new hardware products this year so we thought it was about time to revamp our site map to include all of the new stuff. You can now view the Direct door hardware Site Map and find all the products offered by brand, or by general catagory. Of course by navigating through our site with the navigation buttons at the top you can view the same hardware products, you can go to our site map if you prefer that method.?We’ll be adding a site map link on the main page, as it is now in the help section of our website.

We’re just trying to make things easier to find. Let us know if you have any suggestions to make our website even better. Thanks.


Direct Door Hardware's Website Update

We just recently updated our website with a new look! You’ll also notice several new features like a more extensvie help section that anwers many of the most common door hardware questions. Hopefully, this new help section will better inform our customers about door hardware so that they have a good understanding of the types of hardware that is available. Please let us know if there is more information that you would like to see on our site. We’ll do our best to accomodate.

Thanks, we hope you like the recent improvements.

How many door knobs do you use a day?

There used to be an interesting website (not sure where to find it anymore) where a man did a study on how many Door Knobs he touched in a day. He actually went through the day with a camera and took pictures of every Door Knob he used. I was thinking about that this morning as I was about ready to leave for work. I thought back on all of the doors I had passed through and how many knobs I had turned or pulled. Its surprising how many doors we open on a daily basis. door hardware is a pretty important part of our lives if you think about it.

Well, enough of the deep thoughts. Enjoy your day.