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If anyone has some input on our website and the way it works, please let us know. We have tried to categorize our door hardware in an easy to use format so that it is simple to navigate and easier to find products. Please let us know if you have encountered any problems, slow loading times, etc. We are constantly working to improve our website and would appreciate your feedback.

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Its not over – the snow I mean.

I thought we got enough snow the other day. I guess I was wrong. I think we have had an additional 12? of snow since and it’s still snowing.?Apparently I didn’t get my fill of shovelling.

On a different note, we have had good response to our newly added house numbers and kickplates. Thanks to all of our loyal customers that return to take a look at the new products that we are adding. One area I think we have been lacking somewhat is with cabinet hardware. We hope to add new products soon and get a broader line of cabinet knobs and pulls to choose from.

If you have any requests for hardware that you would like to see us carry, please let us know.

Snow, lots of it.

Sunday morning we woke up to a lot of snow. I was laughing because when i went to bed I looked out the window and saw that it was snowing. We only had an inch or two then and it was still snowing so I thought to myself ?ah, I don’t want to shovel twice… I’ll just catch it all in the morning.? I didn’t realize that the next day?we would have 18? of snow.?It was a lot of work getting everything cleaned out, but fun to have the snow. I remembered how grateful I am to have a home with a garage to keep my car in. The garage keeps?it nice and warm and there is no ice to scrape off the windows in the morning.

Sometimes its a pain to shovel all the snow. Several gathering and church meetings in the area were cancelled because everyone was working on getting out of their driveways. We should all be grateful that?we live in an area that isn’t generally subject to tornadoes, tsunami’s or other terrible storms that mother nature dishes out around the world.?Anyway, thats whats going on around here. Cold weather and snow. Makes my brother in Texas homesick to hear about it, yet he loves to rub it in when we’re cold and he’s in shorts and a t-shirt on his patio having a BBQ.

Address plaques.

We have expanded our selection of Address Plaques recently. We now have over 60 customizable Address Plaques available in in 18 different finishes. Be sure to check out the new selection. We have many new styles, inculing golf Address Plaques, date plaques, and more.?

We also now have?Brass Accents Address Plaques that generally ship within 3 days. There are fewer color selections, but for those in a time crunch, they are a great option when you need a customized look in a hurry. The 60 styles available in 18 colors generally take up to 3 weeks before shipping, so these new plaques from Brass Accents are a much quicker option. They are also made of solid brass so they will last and last.

Kickplates – a nice addition to your door.

We have recently added kickplates to our website which have been well received. A kickplate is a sheet of metal that covers the bottom 6-8? of your door to protect it from the elements, and wear and tear of shoes, boxes, furniture and whatever else may come through your door. kickplates are available in a variety of finishes and sizes. We now have them available in 6? high and 8? high versions and?8 different widths to accomodate any door. Our kickplates are mounted using screws that attach directly to the face of the door. We will soon be offerin magnetic mounted kickplates or an adhesive mount kickplate for those that would prefer not to drill holes in their door. (you must have a steel door for the magnetic plates to work). Check back with us soon as we will be adding them shortly.

If you have special needs for an odd sized door, please let us know. We can provide a quote for you and have a kickplate custom made at your dimensions.

Doors, they need to be installed right.

Having built a few homes, I have learned that there are certain things that really need to be done right. One of those things, is having your doors installed correctly. If you are in the middle of building or remodeling, I would suggest that you make sure the doors are installed correctly. How can you tell? Well, I guess its probably easier for me to tell than it might be for others. First, Check the reveal around the door. The reveal is the distance between the door itself and the jamb. The reveal is usually around 1/8?. The reveal should be consistant all the way around the door. Second, make sure the door is level. You’ll want to check it in the door opening and on the surface of the door. It might be easier if we make a door hardware article about how to install a door with images.?The reason I mention this is that if the door is not hung properly, it may have an effect on the Door Knob that you install. Sometimes if a door has to be forced closed because the door catches on the jamb or whatever, the latch mechanism may?have?too much stress on it.

Recently, I was at a family member’s apartment. Their bathroom door was hung very poorly. Apparently whoever installed it didn’t use any shims at all because the hinge side of the door was nice and snug with the appropriate reveal, while the latch side had nearly 3/4? of reaveal around the door latch. The problem? There was a 1/4? gap between the door and the jamb so anyone walking by could see into the bathroom, and secondly, the door latch barely catch the strike on the jamb so the slightest bump could open the door even if it were locked. Why do I tell you all of this? This morning I was out working on a project installing some doors (i’ve attached an image below). Unfortunately, we had to correct some mistakes made by the framer to get the doors in the hole and hang them correctly. I think a lot of times, subcontractors are in too big of a hurry to take the time to fix a door opening before installing the door, and as a result the door never opens correctly. Luckily I had an experienced carpenter with me, we rebuilt one of the door openings and modified the others so that they all open smoothly and are level in the opening.

Its important to have your doors installed correctly not only so that your doorknobs work properly, but also to keep your doors closing snug to keep the elements out. As you can see in the photo below, we live in a colder climate, so a nicely hung door is a nice benfit to keeping a home warm, and reduce heating costs.