Door handing question.

Q: I am confused about what you mean when you right or left-hand door SWING? Does this mean if I grab a handle on the right, or that the hinges the door swings from are on the right or left? A: You are not the first to ask this question. Most lever handles (depending on the design) require handing to be specified when ordering. Door handing needs to be indicated because lever handles often have a scroll type design or an arched style; as a result if the handle is installed on the wrong handing the end will point in the wrong direction. For example, if a lever handle curves downward on a right hand door, when installed on a left swinging door the handle will curve up and look wrong. Determining door haning is pretty simple, but can be confusing. To make it a little easier we have created a diagram at the following link to help illustrate the method of determining door handing. Be sure to read the exceptions before ordering so you don;t get the wrong door hardware.

Learn how to determine door handing here:

Black Door Knobs

Weslock has a little niche in the market with Black Door Knobs, and their bordeau levers that are also available in a black finish. These have been quite popular lately I have noticed. Not sure exactly why, I think they look great. It’s interesting to see how sales go. Some days we’ll sell a great deal of Oil rubbed Bronze, the next it all satin nickel. Makes me wonder sometimes if people get together and time their purchases.

The Impresa knob is a squashed round shape meaning it is round from the front, squashed to an oval shape front to back. The locking mechanism on the privacy knobs is on the rosette rather than the knob itself, and realeases upon turning the knob. Its a great knob for the price in my opinion. And it is available in 8 finishes like the Bordeau lever.

Installed Topknobs cabinet knobs.

Since I do a lot?of the customer service daily here, I try to check out the different door hardware products that we carry as often as possible. I even try them out in my personal home. I have installed and used nearly all of the brands that we carry. Recently, we took on a new line of cabinet knobs and pulls from Top Knobs. The timing worked out well as I had just moved and needed some new cabinet knobs for my home. So I ordered them all from Top Knobs so that I would be able to experience first hand the quality, ease of installation and functionality of each item. So here is my report:

I ordered the bar pulls from the following link here. I was very impressed with how well the knobs were packed for shipment. They all arrived in excellent condition and were packaged better than most cabinet?hardware companies pack their knobs. All of the items were exactly as I ordered and were easy to install. They even came packed with a longer breakoff type bolt to use on thicker drawer faces, and the shorter bolts to use on regular cabinet doors. This saved me a lot of time running around to the local hardware store trying to find some longer bolts. Soon we’ll be posting a help article on how to? install the great bar pulls. The informatiuon there will be equally as helpful if you need to install a regular cabinet pull form any manufacturer.

If you have any questions on these bar pulls, let me know. I was pleased with the product and they look great in our kitchen. Now I just have to keep our 2 yr old climber from using the?drawer pulls?as a ladder to get on top of the island.

Another common question.

?Q: I have an older house, built in 1950, and all the interior doors have smaller doorknobs than most. The holes in the doors are between about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 inches. Do you have any knobs that would fit these doors? I have been having a difficult time finding them, and drilling new, bigger holes to accomadate most new Door Knobs has proven difficult. Please advise.

A: This puts you in a tough position. There are not a great deal of knobs to choose from that will accomodate the bore hole size that you have indicated. I wish we could help you on this one, but most door hardware manufacturers use the standard 2 1/8? bore hole. You may try searching for restoration hardware, or see if you can find some antiques in good condition. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Answer to a common question.

Q: Our house is approx 20 y/o. We have lost the key to the bathroom. None of the stores in this area that I visited have a replacement. Where can I buy one?

A:? Usually, bathroom doors use a privacy lock which is unlocked quite easily with a hairpin or something similar. To get the actual generic key that came with the lock originally, you’ll need to check with the manufacturer of the lock. This may be difficult to find as not all manufacturers mark their hardware so that it is easily recognizable. Often times the door hardware brand will be stamped on the mortise plate (rectangular plate around the latch) Or, you may try taking it apart to see if there are any markings on the interior. The only other option is to take it to a hardware shop and see if they can recognize it or email us some photos and we’ll give it a shot.

Power Outage – Door Hardware Website Temporarily Down.

To all of our loyal customers and those who were trying to find us for the first time today; we’re sorry you could not access our website. Our online door hardware catalog was unavailable for nearly two hours due to a major power outage in the Los Angeles, California area where our web servers are located.

Fortunately, our servers are back up and everything is in good working order. If you experienced any problems while trying to place an order or access information please let us know, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.

More Top Knobs cabinet hardware.

We have recenlty added many more Top Knobs Cabinet Knobs and Pulls cabinet knobs and pulls. The wide selection of cabinet knobs makes it easy to find something to suit your design style or personal taste. I recently ordered a bunch of bar pulls for my own home and was very impressed with the quality. Top Knobs Cabinet Knobs and Pulls is a company that really cares about their product; they pack the items well so prevent damage and the finish and quality was consistent throughout all 50-60 pulls that I installed. And and added bonus for buying Top Knobs Cabinet Knobs and Pulls hardware – they pack the knobs with two screw sizes so they will fit drawers or cabinet doors.

Watch for the bar pull installation article that we will be posting soon.

Nostalgic Warehouse Door Hardware Parts

Just a quick answer to a common question. ?are the Nostalgic Warehouse knobs sold in complete sets? (i.e. parts for both sides of the door, latch and mechanism). The answer is yes, on our website the pricing is for complete sets. So if you order a New York knob with? New York plate, you will receive two knobs, the shaft to connect them, two new york plates, mounting screws, latch, and strike and mortise plates.

However, if you need just a part… we can also sell the parts individually if you need them. We currently do not ahve all the parts listed, but they are available. Just give us a call and we can provide pricing and take your order by phone.