Question about towel rings.

Q: Can you tell me what the usual placement on the wall is for a towel ring??

In other words how high and how close to the counter do you put it?

A: This can vary a lot. I would say around 18″ from the top of the backsplash. Enough that the towel will hang and leave 2-4″ from the backsplash to the bottom of the towel. I think the most important thing is that it is postioned where it looks best and is functional.?

Make a good first impresson on your front porch.

I was just reading a recent article from the Montreal Gazette [we’re not from Montreal, just happened to be reading it]?about how it is important to make a good first impression at your front door. I have to completely agree with the author Sheri Block (to read the complet article click here)

Your?front door and front porch really do make a strong first impression about the look and feel of your home. This, I think, is especially important to home builders who build speculative homes. When your buyers first come to the front door, you want to give them the best impression you can about the quality and feel of your homes. Have you ever come to the front door of a home, pushed the doorbell that is mounted to vinyl siding and felt the gushy give as you press the button down. It makes the home feel cheap. I think it’s important to spend a little extra on the front door and hardware. If you install a nice handleset, and spend an extra $10-$20 for a nice door bell cover that feels substantial, it will go a long way. Of course I will say this becaue we sell door hardware here…. but pay attention as you visit the homes of friends and neighbors and?I think you’ll agree.

Pocket door sliding hardware.

We’ve had several calls recently inquiring about pocket door kits, the hardware that mounts in the doorway that the door hangs from allowing it to slide back and forth. This is different from pocket door hardware latches or handles that we do have. The hardware that you use to assemble the pocket door allowing it to slide back and forth is sold in a kit and can be purchased at most local hardware stores. We currently do not carry these kits, but if you would like more information on them, please visit They manufacturer a pretty good selection of pocket door kits of various sorts.

Stolen Doorknobs? Really?

I was just reading this interesting article about doorknobs theives. Seems like an unlikely item for theives to target, but I guess maybe there is a black market for everything.

Funny thing is (well not so funny to these customers) we have had 2 or 3 customers call after receiving their order having to place a new order because someone stole their shipment out of the back of their car. bummer. I’ll bet those theives were surprised when they opened the boxes expecting something cool and finding doorknobs.

Wait… door knobs are cool. Super cool.