Dust on trimwork from door hinges

I had a question today that I thought I would share the answer to. Well, my answer to the question. Maybe someone else out there has a better answer. A customer called wondering what to do about graphite dust that he is getting from some Penrod hinges that he has had for quite some time. We do not carry Penrod?door hinges at this time, but the issue with dust is a common one that occurs with probably most or all steel hinges on the market. The dust is caused from the wearing metal against metal surfaces. There really isn’t anything in particular that can be done to prevent it. It doesn’t happen on all doors, usually those that get the most traffic. You can remove the pins, clean the hinges and pins and lubricate them with some lithium grease or something, but really all that does is prevent?the dust?for a little while. WD40 will help the hinges operate smoother- short term, but I think it is more of a cleaner, not a longer term lubricator. It actually tends to attract dust too.

If you have this problem and it really drives you crazy, there are some sealed ball bearing hinges that you can get that shouldn’t have the problem. Unfortunatley, I told this customer we did not have them, but after doing a bit of research we do have them available and will hopefully be adding them to our website soon.

Shower Curtain Rods

oops, I forgot we also just added shower curtain rods. These are made of solid brass and are available in oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, polished brass and satin nickel to match your other hardware. These are non-adjustable 72? curtain rods, though the manufacturer says they could be cut to a smaller size if needed. I’d be sure you know what you’re doing before you cut through a $90 Shower Curtain Rod.

Two news articles in one day?

I know, I don’t generally link to many news articles, but I thought this next article was interesting too. In the New York times there was an article by Motoko Rich (link below) about?how large homes have been what a lot of people aspire?to have, but these days, wealthy city folk lean toward luxury apartments. Highrise?condo developers are?beginning to offer 8,000-20,0000 SF luxury condos for the wealthy who just don’t want?to have a yard to take care of.?Crazy, some people just have too much money I guess. But, its their money -?let them do as they please.

Check out the article here:

Housing Industry

I was just reading an article about Southern California home builders who have had to run an advertising compaign to try to combat negative views of the impact home builders have on community. Its unfortunate that one of the most important industries in our nation is being viewed as having a negative impact.. It was an interesting article. Take a look at the National Association of Home Builders website.