Hotel Kickplates

We’ve had several orders for kickplates for hotels recently. Its nice that they are updating their hotels with better looking hardware. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t really matter where I am I start noticing the hardware that people have in their homes or places of business. I’m kind of a dork that way. I think we sell a lot of kickplates because our prices are good and we can have almost any size custom made. If you need a kickplate, or several custom made, let us know and we can price it out for you.

Contact us here for a quote.

Custom kickplates are none returnable though, as we cannot re-sell them. So, be sure your measurements are correct before placing an order.

WordPress, Thank you.

I finally decided to do something about all the malicious spam posts that we were receiving on our blog daily. So I converted the door hardware blog to wordpress. This is such a better system for blogging – in my fairly inexperienced opinion. It seriously only took me about 5 minutes to install (as they said it would). It was very simple and easy. I know there are ton of people out there checking my hardware blog?all the time (sarcasm); so you’ll be happy to know that I have found a better blogging solution. I’m not sold on the layout (look and feel) so I may be changing that soon. But this is a huge releif for me to have done. Now on to other things.

Weslock Execs visit Logan

Today I had the?opportunity?to?visit with?the owner or Rusticware Bathroom Accessories and Weslock and his father who manages their shipping department. Both Rustcware and Weslock brands have had quite a bit of growth recently and we’re excited to be adding some new products to our website soon. New levers, cabinet pulls and bathroom hardware is on the way. I’ll post a link to these new products as soon as we have them up.

Bored for minute.

Today my 5 yr old daughter Chloe is getting a chemo treatment and lumbar pucture. We’ve been in the hospital now for hours and I’m a little bored. She has to be sedated for the proceedure so we have some time to wait for her to wake up. So,?I thought I’d blog a little bit here, though I don;t have much to say.

I guess I can mention that due to material and fuel cost increases, pricing on a lot of hardware items will be increasing soon. It will take a while to get all of the product pricing updated, but unfortunatley its something we have to do.

Well,?I guess that’s it for now. I’ve got to go.

Poor Mabel

I hope she doesn’t mind me mentioning her here today. We have a customer that unfortunately keeps getting hit with hurricanes and her home gets flooded. It seems like every 6 months or so she calls up and has to re-order some of her doorknobs or locks because the floods have ruined the hardware. I think?this has happened 4 times now.?And to top it off, she doesn’t live within the continental United?States so shipping is not cheap to get her the products.??Sounds like her insurance is covering the cost – i’ll bet home insurance is not so cheap there.

So, i guess the rest of us can be grateful. We really only buy hardware once or maybe twice in our lifetime… unless we move a lot.