Homebuilder Hardware

Ordering hardware is even easier! I’ve always thought it’s so much easier for homebuilders to buy their door hardware online. Saves them a bunch of time shopping around town and many of the higher end items are special order anyway. Why not save the sales tax, order online and have the items shipped right to your door?

So, we just made it even easier than that. We now have an easy online order form where builders can go down the list and enter in the qty of each item they need and add it to the cart all at once. Checkout… and you’re done. No going back and forth between pages trying to find doorknobs that match bath accessories and all the odds and ends. We have grouped our most popular doorknobs, handle sets, door stops, closet rods bath accessories and more into packages.

Here are our more popular door knob packages. Just select a knob style and finish to go to the simple order form.

Egg Knob – Satin Nickel
Egg Knob – Antique Bronze (like Oil Rubbed Bronze)

Squashed Round Knob – Satin Nickel
Squashed Round Knob – Antique bronze

Round (ball) knob – Satin Stainless
Round Ball Knob – Antique Bronze

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Google Checkout

So i was excited to hear about google checkout. Anything google does is exciting isn’t it? Well, not everything… but as an online business it’s important for us to know whats going on.

Anyway, we got an account all set up and started offering google checkout on our website. Unfortunately, there are several drawbacks that are quite frustrating. First, no record of the order is kept in our cart system so keeping track of order and tracking info in our regular system is not possible. We would have to use two systems – kind of a pain. Also, for some reason google doens’t pass on customer phone numbers… which is a pain if we need to contact a customer – a frequent occurance. And, we receive no order notifications so it’s a little harder to process order ASAP like we do now.

So… to all customers who have used google checkout on our website and like it (there are lots of good things about it) i think you’ll have to wait until Google makes some changes so it is a little easier to use for a merchant. Sorry ’bout that.

Is black the new oil rubbed?

Seems like we’ve been selling a lot of?black door knobs?lately. I’m not sure why that is. Oil rubbed Bronze seems to be the most popular for the last little while, then Satin Nickel is a close second. I like the black knobs, so I can see why people choose them… it’s just odd how all of the sudden we sell much more black hardware than usual.

go figure.

Our Welsock impresa knobs are probably the most popular black knobs that we have currently. I think these impresa knobs are a great door knob for home builders as they are available in 8 colors, they are a simple classy design, and the cost is not crazy for the more popular colors.

Bath accessories.

i just installed a bunch of these the other day. I really like how the rusticware and emtek bath accessories mount. It’s easy to get them nice and solid on the wall and they come with pretty decent anchors. Sure-Loc now packs their towel bars and such with the good big drywall anchors whcih is really nice when you can’t find a stud behind the wall to attach the mounting bracket to.

We’ve had some questions recently about the different brands of bath accessories that we carry. Emtek, Dynasty and Rusticware are made of solid brass. Sure-Loc’s are made of a zinc die cast, but if mounted properly are great – especially because of the price. We sell a lot of Sure-Loc bathroom accessories to home builders because they are easy to install and the price is great in comparison to solid brass styles.

I would suggest when ordering bath accessories to try and match brands with your door locks if possible as the finishes will be a closer match. However mixing brands is usually close enough in finish that it’s not a big deal.

Home Builder Hardware

Since the beginning we have tried to create a wide selection of products here at Direct door hardware so that home builders can find what they need in one place and not have to waste time driving all over town. Some of my good friends are home builders and i’ve seen how much time they spent trying to track down all the hardware for their homes. As a result, we now have just about everything a home builder needs. It’s much easier to place an order at your own convenience and in one spot. Home builders spend so much of their time driving around from job to job already, so we may as well help them out and save them some time.

I have a good friend that now buys all his hardware from our website. Not just because we’re friends, but because it saves him money, and a lot of time (which some people refer to as money). If you’re a home builder and feel like your time is valuable – try us out. I think we can give you some of your time back and make your construction process a little easier. Start at our door hardware checklist and let us know if we are missing something that you frequently use. We may even have it available.