Summer Months

Summer is just about over already. I hope everyone has been able to complete all the projects around the house in between all the vacationing and whatnot that happens in the summer. I hope you’ve been vacationing – you need a break from the grind sometime. We’ve had a busy summer as well and have been working on several new product lines that we will be adding the Direct Door Hardware soon. Hopefully within the next couple of months some commercial hardware, a bunch more cabinet knobs and more will be available. Be sure to check back. We’re expanding our product line to better accomodate home builders or remodelers of all kinds.

Emtek Products

Recently Emtek made a change in the way their products can be marketed by all of their retailers. We used to be able advertise their products at whatever price we wanted to, but some internet companies desperate for business would discount the products so much to generate sales that it was hurting the brand. As a result, Emtek has required all retailers to advertise no lower than the list price. You’ll notice on our website that all of our pricing for Emtek door hardware has changed. So has every other website or even local retailer that advertises in the newspaper. Please give us a call for a quote on your project and we’de be happy to price things out for you.