Glamorous Doorknob Salesman.

So i have been in the hospital for a few days with my daughter Chloe who is 6 and fighting cancer for the second time. We thought she had it beat, but we’re back for round 2. I think she’s gloing to kick it this time, but of course she has had several complications along the way which make it terribly nerve racking and emotionally draining. She has ALL – Acute Lymphocitic Leukemia. It is generally one of the less agressive cancers and has a low rate of relapse. Unfortunately, Chloe is the exception and relapsed last month. This time around is a bit more intense than her first treatment protocol, and she is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant at the first of the year.

Last night we were up late as there were some complications with her access line where they administer the Chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, nutrients and all that good stuff. Then we kept having to wake Chloe up to go to the bathroom because they have to make sure her kidneys are still working as they should be. The Chemotherapy can cause complications with organs in the body if they are not watched closely. After xrays, a special IV team inspection, and whatnot the nurse and I were discussing how life throws you curve balls and you just have to do your best to make it through.?Some curve balls really bite, and others just change your path in life. This curve ball with Chloe BITES and it changes our path in life for several years and has really had an impact on her, her sisters and our family.

So i was reminiscing on other aspects of?life thinking about how I ended up where I am. I have to be honest I never thought that I would be operating a door hardware business, changing people’s lives with good doorknobs and other hardware. It was just never on my agenda. Somehow my entreprenurial endeavors brought me here though and while my passion in life is not doorknobs per se, I do love what I do for a living. We ended the conversation laughing because I chose the university I did because of the art program – I wanted to be an illustrator – but now I am a glamorous doorknob salesman.

So we continue the fight against cancer. Chloe is a tough little girl and we pray for her every day that she will beat it again – and for certain this time. She is such a cute little girl and always so polite and pleasant to be around. She was chosen to be on the 2008 Make-a-Wish Foundation calendar – she doesn’t know it yet, but I think she will think that is pretty cool.

Door Hardware Slogan

So we have a vehicle we’re going to put some logos and such on. Of course a vehicle with Direct Door Hardware on it is pretty boring to most people, so Spence was helping me come up with some slogans that might be more interesting to read when stuck in traffic. Here are a few:

New door knobs will change your life.
Get new knobs, your friends will thank you.
Buy some doorknobs, I need a new winch. (it’s an offroad vehicle)
Get new knobs, your current ones are ugly.
Get new doorknobs, it’s not the 80’s anymore.
Brass is out – pretty much every other color is in.
New doorknobs will open doors in your life.

and the list goes on.?Anyone?have any other?ideas?

Housing Market

A lot of people seem to be worried right now about the housing market. I have been in the housing industry for?quite a while and everyone has been worried every year as long as I can remember. It does seem like things have slowed down a bit from what it was in the past. But the home loan rates are still great. When I bought my first home the rate was about 8% and that was a great rate at the time. Now you can still get a rate in the 6-7% range depending on the type of home loan you do. I think we’ve been so spoiled with low rates that we’re paranoid about rates a bit higher. I still wish i had the 4.5% loan I used to have on a previous home, but 6.5% is still great so i’m not complaining – well, most of the time.