Weatherstripping issues.

Last night I got a call at home from a local customer that just knew how to track me down; so?rather than call and talk with someone in our office she called me directly.?She has had issues with her door locks on her garage/home door and her garage to the outside door. Both were failing and keeping her locked in or out. I thought about it quite a bit last night wondering what could have been her problem. I could only think of one probable solution to the problem. My suspicions were confirmed when I spoke with her husband today.

This is a common problem in cold climates especially – i have found. What happened is the customer’s door was letting some cool air in throught the crack between the edge of the door and the weatherstrip (cushy stuff that the door hits when it closes).So they called their home builder that installed the doors and hardware and asked them to fix the issue. The home builder went and found some thicker weatherstrip to create a tighter fit. Then he adjusted the strike in the door so that the door had to be pushed tight to close to create a tight seal. The problem with this is it creates constant pressure on the latch when closed. The door latch it not meant to have pressure on it when closed, so over time this stress can cause the latch to bind up, break or just quit working. This is what happened in their case. The latch failed and they were no longer able to open the door as the mechanizm inside the latch was busted.

The answer to the solution: Since the doors are steel, i think the best solution is to remove the thick weatherstrip and apply some magnetic weatherstrip that is available these days. The magnetic strip si thinner and will allow the door to close without stress on the latch, and it will create a tight seal as the magnetic strip suctions to the door. I actually had a home with this same issue and switching from a deadlatch to a regular interior latch on that door fixed the problem (without having to go to a magnetic strip). Still in our cold climate, i would recommend the magnetic strip. We haven’t tried it yet with this customer, but I think it will fix the problem they are having.

New Year

I hope everyone had a happy new year. We’re looking forward to the coming year and are grateful to all of you, our customers for the great years we’ve had in the past. Direct Door Hardware will be having it’s 5th anniversary in a couple of months. We have had great growth in our first 5 years and look forward to many more years of providing great hardware to our customers. I was just thinking this morning about the many customers of ours that have been with us since the beginning. Some of these live across the country, but since we talk to them so much about their projects we have gotten to know them pretty well. It’s good to know that we are able to help customers across the country and make their lives a little easier by providing the service and products that they need for their projects.

I was talking with my 9 year old daughter the other day and she couldn’t beleive that when I was her age we didn’t have CD’s and tiny little MP3 players. I was trying to explain to her that back in those days no one would have even thought about starting a door hardware business and sell on the internet. Back in those days no one knew what the internet was. She was bewildered at the concept.

So this year we are excited to be offering many new brands here on Direct Door Hardware or on Direct Door Knobs is a secondary site that we have developed that uses some different features that are not available on Direct Door Hardware. I guess you could call it our own version of beta testing to see which system we like/and more importantly our customers like better. Anyway, we now offer Laurey, Amerock, Schlage, Kwikset, EZset, Advantage and other popular brands between our two websites. Be sure to check them our and let us know if you’d like to see other brands that we currently do not offer.

UPDATE: Previously I had posted about my Daughter’s fight with Leukemia. She has been fighting this for the past 3 years. Over the past few months she has undergone some pretty intense chemo and on Jan. 15th she received a Bone Marrow Transplant. We are now playing a waiting game to see how her body reacts to the transplant. We pray that she will recover from this soon, beat cancer once and for all and have some normalcy to her childhood. She is a tough little girl mentally and physically, I wish?I was more like her.