Schlage has probably been the most popular doorknob brand out there for years and years. As a result everyone that sells door knobs sells Schlage – almost. It’s pretty much a staple of the door hardware industry it seems. The big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry Schlage so why would anyone buy it online anyway right? Actually, the big box stores only carry the most popular styles and finishes so you are limited as to what you can get. They have great prices on these most popular styles, but if you’re the type that wants to venture out of the normal polished brass or chrome you’ll probably have to special order it. Thats where we come in. You can save your time and fuel by staying home and browsing for your Schlage products online and have them shipped right to you. No waiting for a sales person to show you what Schlage has available. You can see the entire residential product line right here in all available finishes. Ordering online is easier and you’ll probably get your product sooner having it sent right to you.