international door knob shipments

We love and appreciate our neighbors to the North. It’s too bad that it is cost prohibitive sometimes to ship up to them. We have a lot of customers from Canada call for door hardware and unfortunately the cost to ship there can be quite a bit more than our continental United States. We just had a customer recently order a significant amount of Weslock door?hardware to be shipped to Canada. The order arrived and the box was damaged – soaked with water or somekind of liquid substance. As a result the boxes were all ruined and all of the door knobs and mounting hardware were in a pile in the bottom of the box damaged. Of course the customer was not happy receieving them that way, i would not be either. So we quickly sent out?a replacement order and filed a claim with?the shipping company?for the damaged shipment of door hardware.

The shipping co.?sent out a driver to pick up and inspect the package. The customer had since repackaged the items so they could be contained since the original box was obliterated. The shipping company denied the claim stating that the items were not packaged well and in a weak box. We ship thousands of doorknobs and of course we don’t send them in soaking wet boxes with all the parts in a pile at the bottom, and they are always packed in boxes sufficient for the weight of the product.

So, now we have a couple thousand dollars worth of hardware that is now just damaged miscellaneous parts that?the shipping company?won’t reimburse us for. Our only option was to dispute the claim, but to do that we need the shipment here in our office so we can have an area rep inspect it again. So, another $60 to get the items back to our office. Now we’re into this order?3 International?shipping fees and two customs tarrif fees at around $170 each, and a loss on?the cost?of product, and the cost of the replacement order?-?not to mention?an inconvenienced/unhappy ?customer which probably cost us more in the long run.

It’s a little frustrating at times relying on?someone else?to deliver your product to the customer, but such is life in the business world I guess. Hopefully we can get the shipping company to own up to the damage and help us out on some of the cost. Stuff like this happens, this one was just particularly bad since it was international, so the shipping costs were way up there.


Lately it has been difficult to keep up with pricing increases. Fuel, as everyone knows, has gone up quite a bit and is really putting a pinch on all of us. Unfortunately, as a result the cost of metals, plastics, foods and all kinds of products are going up because of the increased fuel costs. During the past year we have made many updates to keep on top of price increases and it has been difficult because we need to remain competative, but if we don’t adjust according the our cost from the manufacturer we’ll be in trouble.

We’ve been carrying Schlage hardware for a while now and have recently added some Schlage commercial products to our website. Schlage just annouced a 6% price increase on all commercial door hardware, hopefully that won’t be followed by another for the residential lines, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Fortunately we have some great manufacturers that we work with that do the best they can to put off pricing increases as long as possible and as a result we can offer better prices for our customers.

new door hardware blog

finally, after several years of using an old version of wordpress we have updated our door hardware blog. This is very exciting news for many door knob fanatics, and not so exciting for people that really don’t follow the doorknob industry. I’m excited about it because it makes blogging a lot easier. It also has a cool new search feature so you can search all of our past posts which have included help articles, or information about various products that we sell. It also includes some social bookmarking tools which seem to be all the rage these days. So, come back, visit our blog, search our posts for information you need and share them on your favorite social bookmarking network. Why not, everyone loves a good doorknob, they just don’t realize it.