Emtek and Dark Bronze

Emtek makes some pretty cool sandcast hardware. The knobs and levers are somewhat irregular in shape and have some pitting and markings on them so they give you a nice rustic look. This Sandcast style has been really popular for some time. Recently, Emtek has decided to change their dark bronze finish to be called Deep Burgundy because it has a much more red hue to it than their medium bronze type finish that is probably closer to an Oil rubbed in appearance. We just had to change this finish on our website and there has been some confusion as to why. The way the finish is made is exactly the same according to Emtek, so why the change? I don’t have an answer for that, maybe it was to differentiate a little better between medium and dark bronze – we used to have customers confused about the two quite often. Anyway, if you have ordered the dark bronze before and are now looking for new hardware to match – you’ll need the deep burgundy finish.

A couple of things to keep in mind:
1 – All of Emtek’s Sandcast finishes are living finishes which means that they will change over time. The darker patina will wear over time revealing more of the base material – in deep burgundy’s case, the deep burgundy color.
2 – Also, sandcast finishes are done in lots, similar to carpet, tile or brick. As a result the finish from one lot could be slightly different from the finish of another. So if you are considering ordering any of the sandcast finishes, it would be best to order them all at once so that you can get them all from the same lot.

Use Commercial Locks for Commercial Applications

We have had a lot of customers over the years looking for something a little more stylish to put in their commercial buildings because most of the commercial door hardware out there is available in limited styles and finishes. One of the reasons is that some finishes that people use in their homes would not hold up under the constant use in commercial buildings. Of course we recommend using commercial hardware in a commercial building, but we have had several customers decide that they would prefer the residential hardware anyway so they can get the look that they want. There are a few problems with this. First, the manufacturer will not honor their residential grade warranty if the item is used in a commercial application. Second, if the finish chosen is a living type finish it will wear much much faster than it should. And lastly, residential grade locks are meant for residential use. Their internal components are not built sufficiently to handle all of the wear and tear and abuse that commercial locks get.

So if you are considering using residential door hardware in a commercial building, be forwarned that you might find yourself in a fix with worn out locks and no warranty to cover them. To some it is worth the risk, but i’d probably error on the side of caution and use something like Schlage Commercial Hardware that is designed for the intended use.

Door Hinges with Non-Removable Pin

Having a door hinge with a non-removable or fixed pin is probably not the best option for most people.For one it costs a little more per hinge. Secondly, if you have to remove the door you also have to remove the hinges completely from the door. Why would you want a door hinge with a fixed pin? Well, probably the most common reason for this would be an exterior door that swings outward. An outward swing door will have the hinge barrels exposed on the outside of the home so a perpetrator could easily pop the pins and the door would come off the hinges. With a fixed hinge pin the door is much more secure. We also often have customers use fixed hinge pin door hinges for closets or rooms inside commercial applications where the door swings outward, but they want to be able to lock the door and keep the contents of the room secure.

We have Emtek door hinges with a non-removable pin as an option. The additional cost is around $4 per hinge. Since this option is not real common we don’t have it available online but you’re welcome to call us to place an order by phone. You can check out the available door hinges here:

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