Self Closing Door Hinges

Self closing door hinges are nothing more than a spring hinge. Spring hinges have tension springs inside the barrel that causes the door to close after releasing the door. Some cities require the use of self closing hinges for fire safety, but this is not required everywhere. Usually you would use at least two spring hinges per door. So if your door has 3 hinges, you would put a spring hinge top and bottom and a regular hinge in between. However, you may consider putting a spring hinge in each location. Most spring hinges are slightly adjustable by removing a pin, then tighting the spring with an alan wrench – then re-inserting the pin while the spring is tight. Self Closing door hinges are handy in cold or warm climate areas as they close behind you keeping your warm/cold air inside your home. Spring hinges come in various sizes. Probably the most common is a 4″ hinge with 5/8″ rounded corners. Click on the image below for more information or to purchase.

Emtek 4 Spring Door Hinge

Emtek 4" Spring Door Hinge

Front Door – First Impressions

Logan, UT (PRWEB) October 20, 2009 – Despite some growth in certain states, the housing market as a whole remains in a slump throughout the United States. It?s a buyers market which means sellers have to go the extra mile to make their home more attractive and some homeowners opt to remodel rather than move.

We expected quite a decrease in sales as a result of the recession, and we?ve definitely seen that in new build business. However, as more people are remodeling their current homes or updating to sell, we?ve seen an increase in remodel traffic.? says Direct Door Hardware sales manager Jake England. ?Home is a central part of the American lifestyle so if people are unable to move onward and upward like so many have been able to do before the recession, I think home owners tend to improve the home they are in.?

For some the improvements are for the intent to sell in a tough market, for others it?s the realization that it might be a while before their local market rebounds. broad product line accommodates homeowners during new construction or remodel projects. Some of the more popular products this fall have been quick and easy upgrades homeowners can make to their front door like handlesets, or electronic locks. Direct Door Hardware now even offers double sided handlesets from Emtek. These large entry handles positioned on both sides of the front door give any entryway an upgraded look and their solid feel increases the effectiveness of a buyers or visitors first impression of the home.

Emtek Creston Double Sided Handleset

Emtek Creston Double Sided Handleset

Direct Door Hardware provides quality brands like Schlage, Emtek, Weslock and Sure-loc to home owners, builders and realtors. Their easy to use website has a huge selection of popular hardware styles that are often not available at your local hardware store. From the comfort of home, customers can browse an extensive collection of hardware products. Direct Door Hardware’s knowledgeable staff is available to help customers choose the right type of door hardware for their application.