Caulking Around Your Front Door

There are several reasons why you should caulk around your front door. First and foremost, you’ll enjoy the benefits of energy savings. Another thing to consider is the first impression that people get when they come to your front door. This is especially important when you sell your home. Many of us have brick or stone around our front doors which makes caulking around the door a little tricky. If your door and brickmold (wooden block trim around the door) is painted white you can just use white caulk. if you door is stained, you of course wouldn’t want to use a white caulking in between the stained door and mortar of the stone or brick… it would just look aweful. One way to solve this problem is take a walk down the tile supply isle of your local hardware store. There are several sanded, silicone caulks available that work great for this. Just find one that is a good match to your mortar and you’re on your way. Usually you can even take a sample sheet of the available colors home and hold up up against the brick mortar to see which one would look best. I was able to find a simple grey caulk that was a great match to my mortar, and the sanded style was consistent with the texture of the mortar. The caulk tube cost me around $8 and it too me just a few minutes to caulk around my front ?door and all the windows set within a brick wall. Easy to do, and it looks much better – just be careful you don’t apply too much, the texture of the brick makes excess caulk a bit difficult to remove.

caulking around your front door.

Simple caulking around your front door can make a big improvement.

Black dust from your hinges?

Dust caused by hinges is common with residential duty hinges and is caused by the pieces of metal rubbing against each other. From what I hear a little lubrication with lithium grease can help though I don’t think it will eliminate the problem. Wd40 doesn’t really work either though it will help the door open smoothly. Probably the best solution is to get ball bearing hinges, but it does cost bit. Some hinges tend to leave more dust than others usually the cheap brass hinges are the worst. If you need replacements try door hinges here.