Schlage: Oil Rubbed Bronze or Aged Bronze

We get a lot of questions about Schlage oil rubbed bronze vs. aged bronze. At first we had a ton of orders for Oil rubbed bronze but many customers were returning them because they didn’t match up to what they already had in their home. So we changed the wording on our website to explain the differences. Then a lot more people started ordering the Aged Bronze and our number of retuerns went down quite a bit. Truthfully, the oil rubbed might have been just what they needed to match up with what they have but it looks different new than it does after someone has had it for a while. So in hopes to further clarify the difference between these two finishes, I decided to write this blog post.

Schlage Oil Rubbed Bronze

Schlage Oil Rubbed Bronze

Schlage Oil Rubbed Bronze: Out of the box Schlage’s oil rubbed bronze looks like a poweder coat or painted brown finish. It has kind of a flat paint texture. The oil rubbed bronze finish is designed to age. Over time the more you use the knob, more of the base material will show through giving the hardware a neat, worn patina. In many cases when people have ordered hardware to match what they already had, there is a good chance they did have oil rubbed bronze, it was just worn because they had had it for some time. An older oil rubbed bronze knob and a brand new one will look different.

Schlage Aged Bronze

Schlage Aged Bronze

Schlage Aged Bronze: This finish looks very similar to many oil rubbed bronzes of other brands, but it doesn’t change over time. Out of the box Schlage’s Aged bronze is a little darker than their oil rubbed and the knob itself has more of a satin, somewhat glossy finish and has reddish highlights showing through.

In summary, if you are trying to match some Schlage products to say, Weslock, Emtek or Kwikset‘s Oil Rubbed Bronze, Aged bronze will be the closest match right out of the box. However, these other brand’s finishes will wear over time too whereas the aged bronze would not. If you really wanted the worn look that will vary from one knob to the next, giving you that unique patina on each one… Schlage’s oil rubbed might be the better choice.

Forgot Your House Keys?

It’s happened to all of us. We come home and find the door locked and no key in our pocket, or we lock ourselves out in our underwear while running out to grab the paper. The other day my wife stepped outside in her pajamas to water the flowers and our two year old shut the door and locked the deadbolt, just to tease her. He just looked through the window and laughed while she begged him to open the door.

Well, there is a new solution to this problem. Check out the Lockey Key Safe Box.

Lockey Safe Box for Keys

Lockey Key Safe

Install this box on the exterior of your home, or whereever you want to store a key with limited access. If you forget your keys or lock yourself out, just punch in your code and retreive your spare set. Just don’t forget to put them back.

These key safe boxes are great for other uses too. It’s perfect for isolated locations where it’s not always possible to physically hand over a key to someone. Store keys to your equipment or vehicles in the keysafe box so that they are there when you or a friend or employee needs to use them. The mechanical lock design means you don’t have to worry about dead batteries, and the simple design provides reliability.

See also, other mechanical locks from Lockey.

Inexpensive Modern Lever

Been looking around for modern levers? I know, they are pretty expensive in comparison to the standard door knob of lever offered by Schlage or Kwikset.

Well, good news. Our good friends over at Sure-Loc Hardware have recognized the need for an affordable modern lever and have just introduced the Sure-Loc Juneau Lever.

Check out this great new lever and watch for more styles soon to be released from Sure-Loc.

Affordable Modern Lever Handle from Sure-Loc

Sure-Loc's Juneau Modern Lever