Knock, Knock…

Who’s there?

It’s Baldwin’s door knockers ready for some knockin’!

Didn’t you know that we had door knockers on our site?

Just check out how stylish,

Baldwin Colonial Door Knocker

Baldwin Ring Door Knocker

Baldwin Tahoe Door Knocker

Find them here.

One of these would look perfect on a front door. Maybe my front door.


How do you clean it?

Well let me tell you folks, its definitely possible.

You see, Paint the Town came to my neighborhood. They came and painted our apartments. It was really amazing.

What does this have to do with anything?

Well, it all started with a Schlage Handleset and a little paint.


Schlage Camelot Handleset - Polished Brass

I was like HOLY SMOKES!! They kinda missed the door!

Soo…. I took some dish soap and poured a little into a bucked of warm water.

(Now Mind you, this Handleset is old and a little scratched and tarnished)

With a little scrubbing… PRESTO!

Pretty much GOOD AS NEW!

So just remember, before you panic try a little bit of mild soap and warm water!




Schlage Keyless

Go keyless in so many ways!

With a Schlage Auto Lock,

Schlage Accent Keypad Lock

An Auto Lock will activate and lock itself after 5 seconds of leaving your home.

Or you could choose the Schlage Flex Lock, which looks the exact same, but it can be switched from unlocked to auto lock.

See more styles here.

Or maybe you were looking for a good looking front door Handleset like these,

 Schlage Keyless Camelot Handleset

Schlage Keyless Plymouth Handleset

Just look under keyless on our site.

No? You want just a deadbolt?

How about this one,

Schlage Plymouth Keypad Deadbolt

Click here for the Camelot Keyless Deadbolt.

And, they all come in a variety of finishes!

Have a great weekend!

Skeleton Keys in the Closet…Door

Do you have a Skeleton Key Type Mortise Box?

You may know what that is, but if you don’t… GRRREAT! Because I can show you.

A skeleton key type mortise box looks like this…

Requiring a certain prep for your mortise door, it slides right in.


The more modern doors are prepped like this…

Tubular Latch


And the tubular latch would slide in the cross bore of the door. But that’s another post in it’s self.


The skeleton key type mortise box is for those old fashioned doors. You know, like the one’s with the crystal  or porcelain knobs and the key hole you can spy through, with those sweet skeleton keys. Yeah, those!

We carry brand new replacement hardware for those type of doors.

Like this one


Nostalgic Warehouse New Yor Plate with Porcelain Knob - Mortise

See more here. Or go under antique hardware on our site.

So, if you need some replacement antique hardware, we’ve got you covered. We even carry the mortise boxes. If you have the modern or standard door prep with the tubular latches like we talked about and want that antique look, don’t worry, we have that too! (Click here)


Go Oval

Baldwin’s Oval Style Knob with Square Rosette. It’s simple and stylish.

It’s modern and charming…

It’s exactly what you’ve been looking for. Right?

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze is the finish that’s in. Is it in stock you might ask?


WAIT!…  before you get all excited and order a load of door knobs, you might want to check out the matching deadbolt!

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Emtek Keyed Modern Knob and Lever


Emtek has finally come out with the sweet modern look you love in a keyed version you have been dreaming of!

Here is a look at the Emtek Round Keyed Knob

And here is the lovely Emtek Luzern Keyed Lever

These snazzy items are available in 4 different finishes! Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Polished Chrome and Flat Black.

You can order it right now! Go ahead, nobody’s stopin’ you…

Welcome to the Future…

Back when I was a kid I was so excited for the future; there were going to be flying cars, robots, holograms — you name it!

With all of my dreams of fantastic futuristic amenities, it had never occurred to me that we would actually be able to buy stuff with the click of a mouse. Imagine that — purchasing some shiny new doorknobs with a computer! How cool is that?!

Well, let me introduce you to something even more futuristic than online door hardware. The picture above shows the new Model 2835 Keyless Locking Leverset from Lockey. This keyless lever is perfect for garage doors, closets, and storage rooms — and the best part is, you don’t need a key to operate it!

Available in multiple finishes (including Lockey’s special Marine Grade Finish), the 2835 Leverset will welcome you to the future in style. Get yours today!

So Soho

Modern is totally in.

So get your modern style on with Baldwin’s Soho lever.

And we have many finishes of this simple charm in stock!

(Make sure and call to make sure the finish you can’t live without is in stock, because we do have a few that aren’t)

So, if you think this modern lever handle is awesome, I bet you will like the new modern door lock’s from Emtek we will soon post about. Stay tuned! (Just working on getting images for them)

You like Crystal Knobs do you?

Well, we have plenty to choose from. And if you don’t like the rosette (back plate), don’t worry, because you are the boss and can choose whatever one you like best.

For starters there are the ones from Baldwin,

Then we have the ones from Emtek.

(Again, many rosettes to choose from)

They even have the pretty colored ones!

Nostalgic Warehouse has one Crystal Knob, but don’t forget what I said before, and I will say it again…


(Just to name a few. Just go here to see the rest!)

Nostalgic Warehouse even has replacements for those old fashioned skeleton key type doors. Just look under our Antique hardware under “Skeleton Key Type Mortise Locks”.

Did you think I was finished? Well I am NOT. We have one more brand to go over.

The Grandeur…

Only a fancy name like that could carry fancy door knobs like this…

Did I mention they have fancy names?

Like everything else, Grandeur has a lot of different Rosettes. Click Here.

Well, I am sure you have lots of deciding to do, so I will let you get to it!

Let us know if we can be of any assistance!

What is the difference anyway?

You looking for a Sandcast Bronze Handleset? Can’t decide what brand to go with? Let us see if we can’t help.

For example here are 3 very similar handlesets, but different brands.


First is the Emtek Greeley.

Shown with the Montrose Lever in Flat Black



Then the Weslock Wiltshire.

Shown with the Wexford Knob Interior


Last but not least, the Sure-Loc Wasatch.

All of them “LOOK” great right? All of them, in fact, ARE great. I bet you are freaking out right now. How will you ever decide?! Take a deep breath, and I am certain the rest of this info will help with the deciding factor.


The difference is mostly by price. All of them are solid Sancast Bronze and they all have the pitted look. Some have a few more options then the rest, but they are all great quality.


Emtek is known for it’s heavy duty and high quality door locks, which can be a bit more costly. Weslock is a more well known brand, great quality and more affordable than Emtek. Sure-Loc is our least expensive brand on our site and it’s a great quality for the price. It’s become one of the more popular brands.


So here is the comparison break down of the three handlesets.

Emtek Greeley: Comes in 4 different finishes and many different interior knobs/levers.

Price: The Single Cylinder is listed at $366 with an Emtek automatic discount of $311.10

Weslock Wiltshire: Comes in 3 different finishes and several different knobs and levers to chose for the interior.

Price: Single Cylinder is listed at $199.50

Sure-Loc Wasatch: Comes in only the Antique Bronze finish and either the Sandstone Lever or the Slickrock Knob.

Price: Single Cyliner is listed at $169.00


So whether you are looking for something super duper heavy duty like the Emtek , or if you are looking for something simple and affordable like the Weslock or Sure-Loc we are here for you, through and through.

Let us know if you need some help. We have some great customer service and anyone would be glad to help you with any questions or if you would like to order over the phone.