Emtek 3 Point Lock

This is one of those items that could will have multiple posts.

So for now how about just the basics.

So a 3 point lock is generally used on patio doors.

There are 3 different places where a lock or bolt would come out of the door. The side, top and bottom.

Emtek carries a variety (variety is an understatement) of different styles. I’m getting ahead of myself…. lets start on how you would order an Emtek 3 point lock.

Start on the home page of our site.

On the right hand side there is a box that says “Multi-Point Patio Locks”

Got it?

Good… so then it brings you this page,

I know it can look intimidating, but don’t get discouraged… we are here to help you!

Do you know what brand of doors you use? If you read under the configurations (in the bold lettering) it names the type of doors that these configurations would work with. But make sure and measure the hardware you have and match it with the diagram you think may work. It would be a total bummer if you got it and it didn’t work.

Now, once you find what configuration is right for you, congratulations!!! This is the BEST part!

You get to choose what style you love.

Look for the style of plate you love (not the lever… yet), because after you find the plate you get to choose what ever lever you want! And there are SOO many choices!

Remember, these are only the trims along with the levers… they do not come with the mechanism.

Make it your own!

Don’t be Deceived by the Name

Just because the name of our company is Direct Door Hardware, doesn’t mean we ONLY carry door hardware.

What about floor registers and closet rods?


Brass Accents Contemporary

Sure Loc Adjustable Closet Rod


Handrail brackets and house numbers?

Linnea HRB 11 Handrail Bracket


Emtek Brass House Numbers


Switchplates and Safes? That’s right I said SAFES.


Emtek Cast Bronze Switch and Plug Combo Plate

LockState LS-LC-30D Digital Fireproof Safe


Oh yeah, we carry it all. Just look under Misc Hardware on our site. I’m sure you will find what you are looking for.

Have a great weekend.

Modern is Affordable

Sure-Loc has beautiful modern hardware. But wait! It gets better…. it’s affordable!

Emtek has such a heavy duty feel that not everyone can whip out the cash for.

Sure-Loc’s Levers have that similar heavy feel, but they wont break the bank.


They have 3 fairly new levers, that have become quite popular.

Starting at $39.95

Sure Loc Oslo Lever

Click on review


Sure Loc Juneau Lever

Click on reviews


Sure Loc’s newest lever starts at $42.85


Sure Loc Torino Lever


And you know what? These levers would look amazing with this new bath hardware.


New Sure-Loc Bath Hardware

Sure-Loc has come out with a new modern Series of Bath Hardware.

Called the Sure-Loc Lugano Series.

Lugano 30" Towel Bar - Satin Nickel

Lugano Euro Paper Holder - Polished Chrome

Lugano Series Towel Ring - Satin Nickel

Lugano Robe Hook - Polished Chrome


The Sure-Loc Lugano Series is available in 2 Finishes. Satin Nickel and Polished Chrome.

Now class up that bathroom of yours with these modern styles.

Custom Size Kickplates

Did you know that we can do custom size kickplates?


Pretty much any size you need.


There is even a button you can click on (look for red arrow below)


It will take you to a page that looks like this…

Or you can give us a call.


The custom sizes take 2-3 weeks before shipment.

If you order over 5 there is a discount!

We also can get you a quote before you even decide to order.

So don’t fret if you have an odd size that isn’t listed on the kickplate you can’t live without!

Contact us and we would love to help you order!