Pocket Door Locks

Shlage Pocket Door Loc


In need of some hardware for your pocket doors? I bet we have exactly what you need.

We have all kinds of styles and brands.

Click here to take a look.

There are some styles I bet you have never seen. Like this one from Linnea…

Linnea Pocket Door Round SLE-79SSP



Wouldn’t it be super sweet if we had a clearance section like JC Penny’s online store?

Well, consider it done. Come check out our discount page on our site!

Keep checking back, and you will find all kinds of stuff on sale. Right now we Sure loc bath hardware on sale.

Like this Sure Loc Escalante Series Towel Bar:

18″: Starting at $7.39

30“: Starting at $8.21

Or this Sure Loc Sage Towel Ring

Starting at $6.16

Commercial Grade Hinges

You and I both know that those can get spendy. For real. Emtek has great quality ball bearing hinges, but lets be honest… they are not so cheap. So let me tell you secret… we have some new EZSet commercial grade hinges at sweet price. Starting at $2.58 each.

They are amazing looking. Believe me… I know. I have seen them in person. They are for sure sa-weet.

EZSet 3.5″ Square Corner Hinge


There are some with 1/4″ Radius Corners too!

You can tell us this just made your weekend… but we already know.

In the Mood for Restoration? We Have the Hardware!

There are soo many people out there talented and crafty enough to restore old furniture and kitchens and pretty much anything you can imagine. Like on this blog called Better After I mean ANYTHING… Like one time someone restored and old taco holder. Just look here. WHAT?!

(Sigh)… If only I had the patience to do that.

Any who…

We have the hardware for you. There are SO many options.

Cabinet Knobs


Cabinet Pulls

Novelty Cabinet Hardware


See ALL styles here.





Best Value!

Are you looking for some hardware but don’t want to spend too much? Sometimes it’s cruddy to have to search and search for the best price on something right?

Well now its narrowed down for ya. Check it out! We have a Best Value Category!

Go ahead and see sweet deals on hardware that wont break the bank, but will still look fabulous…

For example…


Single Sided Deadbolts Anyone?!

What’s a single sided deadbolt?

Not to be confused with single cylinder deadbolts. Which have a key on the outside and thumb-turn on the inside.



There are just some doors that don’t need that key on the outside to lock or unlock the door. Sometimes you just need a way to lock the door from the inside.


Come check out all the styles from Emtek, Falcon, Schlage and Weslock.



Make It Easy…

Keyless is the thing. The sure thing to make your life easier. No more worrying about trying to hide a key somewhere secret and/or get locked out of the house and then forget where that spare key is, because you hid it so darn well even you can’t find it.

Let’s make life simple shall we?

Oh!.. and don’t forget stylish!…