Door Bell Covers

Ding dong!

Who is there?

It’s me… and I am here to say you need a new door bell cover… BAD! Come with me and I can show you all of the stylish door bell covers you can choose from.


We have lots, starting with the Brass Collection,

Brass Bell Covers












Stand Cast or Lost Wax Collection,

Sandcast/Lost Wax Bell Covers












Steel Collection,

Steel Bell Cover









or even Novelty.

Novelty Bell Covers


Ball Catches and Roller Catches

We have them! Order Sure Loc, Emtek, Rusticware, Residential Essentials and Linnea ball catches with us here.

Don’t know what a ball catch is?:

These little buggers a generally used on closet doors where you would use a dummy knob or lever and the latch is not used or needed. It is mounted on the top of the door inside a hole that is drilled on the top surface. A bit of a tug on the door will release the catch.


What Do I Need to Know Before Ordering?

What do I need to know before ordering door hardware?

This may be a question you have, so lets go over some of the things you need to know, before you order a door knob/lever or deadbolt.


Door Preparation:

Most of the door knobs on our site don’t need many measurements at all. You will need to make sure that you door hardware fits a standard door preparation. If you don’t know what that is, look over the diagrams below. The first diagram is a standard prep for most likely a standard interior door. If you are ordering a Handleset or Knob and a Deadbolt, the second diagram is the standard prep for something like that (if your door measures different from 5 1/2″ CC, please give us a call).


The backset is the distance from the edge of your door to the center of the bore hole (the big hole where the doorknob is mounted). The easiest way to figure out what you need is to measure from the edge of the door where the latch goes in and out to the highest part of your bore hole, or the highest part of the existing knob’s backplate.

Almost all of the ones on our site are either 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″, although we do have 2″ backset deadbolt from Brass Accents. If there is not an option on our site to choose a backset measurement, it means that it adjusts from 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4″. If not, you probably should take out the ruler.

Door Thickness:

Standard door thickness is 1 3/4″ – 2″. If you have a door that is over that thickness, Emtek has a lot of hardware that can fit up to 3″ thick. So as long as your doors are standard, you won’t need to worry about that part when ordering anything on the site.

Door Handing

Door handing is a lot easier than it sounds. Lots of the brands make this super easy, where they are interchangeable and you change the left hand to right hand vise versa. But some of brands require handing, so here is a diagram to help you determine what you have.


step 1 Stand facing the door on the outside – If it’s a locking door, stand on the side of the door where you would insert a key (or unlocking tool if it would be a privacy lock).
step 2 If the hinges are on the left, it’s a left hand door. If the hinges are on the right, it’s a right hand door.


These are just the main things you will need to know before placing an order. You will still need to choose a style and the finish and all that fun stuff. But this should help you get started. Make sure to specify your keying instructions… keying all alike is free! If you need master keying give us a call.

Happy shopping and happy weekend!


Weslock Favorites

These are some of the most stylish as well as popular items from Weslock…

Have a look, you be the judge.


First on the list, the Weslock Woodward 2. It comes with 5 different interior knob/levers and you get to choose from Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze for the finish.

Weslock Woodward 2


Second are the stylish Weslock knobs.

Impresa Woodward Knob, comes in all 4 functions and either the Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze finish.

Weslock Impresa Woodward

Also check out the 600 Series Impresa Knob


Here is the 600 Series Julienne Knob. Comes in all 4 functions and both Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Weslock 600 Series Julienne

Similar is the Julienne Pramiere Knob.


Last, but not least, the Weslock Levers.

My favorite is this Urbana Woodward Lever, It comes in all 4 functions just like most and Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze are the finish choices. I prefer Oil Rubbed Bronze. So modern!

Weslock Urbana Woodward Lever

You can get this lever with the regular round looking rosette here.


And then we have the Utica Lever, in Oil Rubbed Bronze or Satin Nickel and all 4 functions.

Weslock Utica Lever

See more from Weslock here.

Check out real customer reviews and what they think of the hardware on the page of the item you like.


Champagne Anyone?

If you got out your glass and are waiting for me to pour you a drink, sorry about that!

And I am not talking about the color either.

I am talking about the Schlage Champagne Lever! It’s a beaut!


Schlage Champagne Lever in Aged Bronze


It comes in 9 different finishes and all 4 functions. It will for sure liven up your door.

Add some Hager Hinges too…



Brass Accents 2″ Backset Deadbolts

I understand your frustration of finding a deadbolt with a 2″ backset. It’s dang near impossible! But… I am happy to tell you the GREAT NEWS!… Brass Accents now carries 2″ backset deadbolts!

Brass Accents Single Cylinder as well as a Double Cylinder


Choose from many different finishes and you are good to go!

Sure-Loc Slickrock and Sandstone Entrance

Sure-Lock Slickrock Knob

Pretty snazzy right? If you are looking for heavy duty sandcast knob for lesser price, this is your best bet.

But this here knob is what the passage and privacy look like. The entrance is a bit different in style.

The Sure-Loc Slickrock Entrance will come with a bigger backplate like this…

Inside and Outside of Slickrock Entrance


It also requires 2 bore holes and this type of door prep…


Sure-Loc also carries a sandcast lever style, for you lever lovers out there!

(Same door prep as the Slickrock above)

The Sure-Loc Sandstone Lever

Sandstone Passage/Privacy & Entrance Leversets


Emtek Sandcast Hardware…


I went out of town and stayed in a place that had this Emtek Sandcast hardware…

Emtek Denver Handleset



Emtek Durango Lever with Style 1 Rosette



Except it was all in the Medium Bronze finish. Everyone here at can get pretty excited when we spot some familiar hardware.

And let me tell you, this stuff looks great and feels great! It’s got a nice heavy duty feel and it works so smooth.


You should check out more of the Emtek Sandcast Hardware…

Emtek Sandcast Levers

Emtek Sandcast Handlesets

Emtek Sandcast Door Knobs