Nostalgic Warehouse New York Plate with Porcelain Knob


Nostalgic Warehouse New york with Porcelain.

You can order door knobs that look just like the classics back in the day. This is shown with a decorative keyhole. You can order it with or without.

Come take a look at all the styles here.

These are meant to fit doors that are prepped for standard tubular latches.


Note: If your door is prepped for a skeleton key type mortise lock box, these door knobs in the above link will not fit. We have antique reproduction knob sets which are meant to replace old worn out skeleton key lock boxes. If you need some hardware to replace your skeleton key type doors, take a look here.

Kwikset 506 Interconnected Lock with Kingston Lever


Interconnected Lock from Kwikset.

Shown with Kingston Lever. Also available with Hancock Knob.

Interconnected means that there is an interconnected linkage between the deadbolt and lever handle that unlocks the deadbolt when the handle is turned. Entrance when locked is by key only.

Requires 2 1/8″ Dia. bore for both deadbolt and handle with 5 1/2″ CC and 1″ dia. Cross Bores.

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Kwikset 909 Contemporary Electronic Deadbolt

Hey, what’s this? Why, It’s a Kwikset keyless deadbolt!

Kwikset 909 Contemporary Deadbolt

You control who comes and who goes. Just assign a temporary code to whoever needs one and delete it when you see fit. Eliminate the need for keys. SmartCode is easy to install, program and use and operates on 4 AA batteries. SmartCode complements any Kwikset knob, lever or handleset.

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Like the Kwikset Vedani Lever or Arlington Handleset…