Flush Pulls For Those Sliding or Pocket Doors

from st.houzz.com

Love these sliding doors. I want some, or at least one. There are all kinds of pulls for sliding or pocket doors. There are privacy ones, (you know, the ones that you can lock from the inside for like a bathroom door?) or there are the kind you don’t need a lock for and countless numbers of shapes, finishes and styles.

I am digging these styles from Linnea,

Find more hardware for sliding or pocket doors here, or here.

Really Cool Door with Really Cool Handles

by Amy Azzarito on Design Sponge

You can’t tell me this isn’t neat. There are so many cool doors out there, sliding barn doors, antique glass window doors, red door, green door, this door and that door…But this… this… I have never seen anything like this. And with great doors, come great hardware. Those side plate levers are awesome too.

Speaking of side plates, we have some side plate locks on our site that you should check out. From Emtek.

Like maybe the Emtek Modern Sideplate.

Emtek Electronic Keypad Deadbolt

Emtek Electronic Deadbolt

Do you have any idea how nice these keyless deadbolts are? I do, I have experienced such luxury at a Condo we stayed in when we traveled to the great state of Wyoming. Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t think it was the deadbolt, it was the deadbolt and lever combo, but it was Emtek I know that. And both work pretty much the same way. Anyway, we stayed in one Condo that had this keypad and one that had a regular key. Boring! Keypads are so much cooler, not to mention nicer. We didn’t have to worry about packing a key around, just had to memorize the code. So nice. And all you had to do was hit a button and it locked up. All Emtek levers/knobs turn with ease and they feel so heavy duty, because they are. I am sure if you order anything Emtek, you will be as pleased as I was.

These come in a few different finishes and several levers. Make it fit your style.


EZSet EA Grade II Double Cylinder Comercial Lock

EZSet EA Grade II Double Cylinder Lock

This Double Cylinder Lock comes in a brushed stainless steel finish and choose from 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ backsets.

Double Cylinder means that it used with a key to unlock/lock from the outside as well as on the inside. So keep a key handy if you want to lock or unlock the door while you are inside. This function will work with any application where keyed access from both sides of the door is required.