Double Cylinder Door Knobs:

Double Cylinder door knobs, now we have all heard of double cylinder deadbolts, but what is a double cylinder door knob? A double cylinder door knob is a door knob that is keyed on both sides of the door, or in a place where the door that needs the option of locking on either side of the door. These door knobs are not very common at all that’s for sure. I was surprised to find that there is a need for them at times. I remember being asked two or three times if we had such a thing and at the time I didn’t know of anything like it, well except the Asylum lever locks. But with the Asylum levers it may limit the options of use a little because the levers on either side are inoperable (they generally use these on adjoining hotel suites and things like that). But we have found that the double cylinder door knobs do indeed exist. They are in the commercial door hardware section, because you most likely won’t find these on residential homes.

The double cylinder door knob we have on the site now is from EZSet, the EA Grade. It’s made for all the commercial kind of buildings like for an office, school, hospital, apartment, hotel, motel and all those other public buildings that get a lot of use. This lock is UL Listed and you can use it on any door that needs to be able to lock from both sides of the door. It’s not forced to lock like the Asylum function, but maybe that’s what you are looking for – an option to lock.

There are more door knobs with the double cylinder option from other brands that are not yet on the site like from Schlage and a few others may be able to make one up, so please contact us if that’s what you are looking for!