Can Finishes Tell You Something?

Can finishes really tell you something about yourself? Well according to Weiser (under What does your door knob say about you?) yes they can! “Your home’s entrance can tell a lot about your personality.”

When choosing a finish that suits your fancy, it can be a really overwhelming chore. So what Weiser has done, is give a brief summary of what each finish can say about your personality and style:

  • A Venetian Bronze finish is a throw back to yesteryear, it suits someone who is nostalgic, paints their home in warm roses and cream colours and has a soft spot for classic Victorian d├ęcor. Personality traits of these individuals include: conscientious, dependable, steady and conservative. Their hobbies might include classical music, fine dining, designer clothes and trips to Rome.


  • A Satin Stainless Steel finish is for someone who likes clean, polished and modern looks. Their home is very simple, bright and airy, probably with a lot of windows and open spaces. Symbolic of this individual would be innocence, purity and naivete. People who chose this finish are probably into alternative or indie rock, wearing jeans with a t-shirt, vacationing on the beach and chowing down on sushi.


  • A Rustic Pewter finish is chosen by someone who prefers an average suburban house to a modern mansion. This person often has a good business sense but tends to work too much. They love classic rock, attending sporting events, eating cheeseburgers and taking camping trips at national parks.


  • An Iron Black finish evokes a very mysterious feel. Door knobs which are all black represent a dignified and impressive look, without being showy. These people most likely love emo music, visiting Eastern bloc countries, wearing all black wardrobes and eating at ethnic restaurants.


  • A Bright Brass finish has yellow undertones, representing happiness and imagination. The people who choose this have sunny personalities and a great sense of humour. Hobbies of this person include, visiting glitzy Las Vegas, wearing bright clothing and accessories, listening to pop music and dining at chain restaurants.


This list can possibly make things a lot more simple to help anyone to choose what finish to go with. A lot less overwhelming. I think I may fall into the Satin Stainless Steel category. What about you?


What Does Your Door Knob Say About You?, Author: Stephen Murdoch, Black & Decker, OEB Enterprise.