Antique Hardware

“When it comes to choosing door hardware for your home, we know you’ve got lots of options. Plain or fancy. Brass or nickel. Modern or traditional. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different with quality that will last and last, Nostalgic Warehouse doorsets offer the ideal blend of modern function and vintage sparkle. Nostalgic Warehouse has a wide range of vintage door hardware products. Whether you are looking to replace antique door knobs, or give your new home a vintage look; Nostalgic Warehouse has hardware that will last a long time and a great look. Set your home apart from the rest with Nostalgic Warehouse vintage door hardware products.  See also our large selection of antique hardware from Grandeur, Emtek and Brass Accents.”

Nostalgic  Warehouse is probably the most popular of the antique hardware. There is a wide selection of that vintage style you may be looking for. These knobs are great for replacing the old antique skeleton key type door knobs (aka mortise locks), because those antique doors wont fit just any door knob. Nostoalgic Warehouse is also great for if you love that vintage look for your new home. There are also tons of door knobs that look vintage but fit the standard prep doors. You can find pretty much any type of antique hardware with Nostalgic Warehouse, from antique handlesets down to a vintage style door stop.

Grandeur Door Hardware is another line from Nostalgic Warehouse. It has a lot of the vintage style but with a modern function.

Emtek’s antique selection is another high quality hardware that will last and last. The variety of styles may be a little more scarce, as the options are narrowed down to either crystal or porcelain styles.

Brass Accents antique selection is where you will find all of the solid brass styles. Each one of the Brass Accents antique style door knobs have their own intricate detail and design which makes them classic.


What’s New To Emtek?

Emtek is often coming out with new items of hardware. Everyone like something shiny and new! Like new styles of cabinet hardware, new styles of handlesets, the new CF Mechanism and the EMTouch series were really exciting and unique right? We haven’t had the chance to introduce the new modern brass bath hardware Emtek came out with. This isn’t one of their newest items, but these are way too good looking not to share.


You can choose from the following items:

  • Emtek Modern Brass 18″ Towel Bar
  • Emtek Modern Brass 24″ Towel Bar
  • Emtek Modern Brass 30″ Towel Bar

These are all available with either a Disk, Neos, or Square Rosette and available in oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, flat black or polished chrome finishes.


Davos Stainless Steel Handleset

Give us a call if you would like to order these in the Stainless Steel finish. We hope to get these on the site soon!

  • Emtek Sandcast Bronze Keypad Entryset

Remember the Emtek Sandcast Bronze Electronic Keypad Deadbolt and Keyless Leverset? Now you can get this all in a Handleset with the Emtek Sandcast Bronze Keypad Entryset.

Deep Burgundy, Flat Black, Medium Bronze, Silver Patina are the finishes you can choose from for this handleset and there are many knobs or levers to pick from too.


  • The Emtek Rustic Modern Collection is fantastic!

Ridgemont Sectional

Emtek Logan

Emtek Brighton

And the two Mortise Rustic Modern Handlesets

Emtek Sonoma Mortise Handleset

Emtek Longmont Mortise Handleset

Ridgmont Deadbolt

*All Rustic series is available in either the Flat Black or Medium Bronze finishes.

Rustic Modern Knobs:

Sandcast Bronze Round knob, Sandcast Bronze Bristol Crystal Knob, Sandcast Bronze Hampton Crystal Knob are all available with either the #1, #2, #3, #4, #6 rosettes and available in a medium bronze or flat black finish.

Rustic Modern Levers:

The Emtek Rustic Modern Lariat and Yuma Levers are also available with any of the 5 rosettes and choose either the medium bronze or flat black finish.

  • Brass Designer Leverset and Classic Knob

Check out the Coventry Lever or the Norwich knob – each are available in 6 finishes and choose from several rosettes.

  • New Cabinet Hardware

Curvilinear Cabinet Hardware Collection

NEW FINISH! Polished Nickel


  • The New Emtek Modern Push and Pull Plates

*Available in 4 finishes


Ask us about any of these, we are here to help!

What Hardware Do I Need for a Pocket Door?

What is a Pocket Door?


A Pocket door is a sliding door that disappears when it’s opened all the way – it slides right into the adjacent wall.

Pocket doors are pretty popular in homes because they don’t take the up space like a regular door would. With regular doors, you would have to figure out what side and which way you want it to swing open and making sure that it doesn’t take up valuable space for furniture or family pictures. With a pocket door all you need is a wall that it can slide into and the proper prepping.

What Hardware Do I Need for a Pocket Door?

Emtek Privacy Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors can’t use any old door knob or lever. These special doors need special hardware that are flush to the door so it can slide right into the compartment when fully opened. And a pocket door also needs the special hardware so it can slide in and out of the wall, but we will get into that later. For starters, lets go over what kind of hardware there is to get a grip on the door. The hardware is called pocket door hardware, go figure.

There are several different brands of pocket door hardware to choose from like Sure-Loc, Emtek, Linnea, Kwikset, Schlage and Omnia. And many styles and finishes as well. There are square or rectangle styles (aka standard), like the one shown above, or you can find round, mortise, and other styles

The standard pocket door lock is the most common and used on a door slab with a notch cut out of the edge. These are pretty easy to install and include a finger pull on the edge of the hardware which is one of the reasons they are more popular. The round pocket door lock is a great option if the door slab you are using already has a hole bored in it for a standard door knob. If your door is already prepped this way, the other pocket door lock styles will not work for you. Third is a mortise lock box style. This type of pocket door lock is a nice, high end lock, but it does require more technical carpentry to prep the door properly. Neither the round style or Mortise style of pocket door hardware includes a finger pull so you may want to purchase one to be mounted above or below the pocket door lock of your choosing.

Make sure you are paying attention to whether it says privacy or passage in the titles and/or description. Privacy means it will have a little privacy turn button, so it can be used on a bathroom or a bedroom door. If you don’t need a privacy lock, look for the hardware that says it’s a passage, it won’t have any type of lock.

So now that we understand what is needed to get a grip, how about the hardware you’ll need for the sliding action? Check out the pocket door hardware kit from Stanley on the site. It’s designed for a 3′ wide and 6’8″ tall door opening. And includes: 1 header tracker, 1 pair of hangers, 2 guides, 1 bumper, 1 jamb stud set, 1 wrench, 2 end brackets, and 2 base plates. Now you should be good to go.




Weiser History

It’s interesting to find the background of the brands we carry on our site. Like for example Baldwin made some rim locks for the famous Jackie Kennedy. That’s pretty neat! I’m sure not all of the brands will have a famous background, but it’s still interesting to find out when and where they started and all that jazz.

Weiser started in 1904 as a family owned foundry (or a workshop or factory for casting metal) in California. Weiser has a little bit of famous background as well. When they started they specialized in custom designed hardware and some of these were featured in films and used in the homes of movie stars!

Later down the road in 1967 – 1985 Weiser was purchased by  Norris Industries Inc and merged with Masco Building Products Corporation. And then in October of 2003 the Black & Decker Corporation (a leading global manufacturer and marketer of power tools and accessories, hardware and home improvement products, and technology 0 based fastening systems) purchased Weiser.

Starting 1996 Weiser started introducing new products like the Powerbolt Keyless Deadbolt. This deadbolt provides quick and easy entry for families with just a simple access code. Then in 2000, Weiser built a brand new manufacturing facility in Mexico that was 285,000 square feet. 2001 they expanded their products with new styles and new finishes. And in 2006 they introduced their finest line of door hardware.

“We’ve taken 100 years of experience and crafted our most distinctive line of products, in the latest styles and finishes, with the highest level of security available for your home.”

“Weiser will continue to address your needs with innovative, quality products, a focus on fashion and style, exceptional customer service and a commitment to “go the extra mile”. After all, we have a second century to build!”

“Weiser… for a lifetime of innovative style & security.” –


Emtek – More Behind the Scenes

I know that it’s been mentioned a time or two that Emtek is made per order, but what exactly does that mean? Well let’s talk about that – it means that the Emtek items you chose to order on our site are built or put together right there at the warehouse after you place the order, which also means its customizable – or in other words you can make it how ever the heck you’d like. And I do mean how ever you like. At the blog they went into a little more detail of describing to us what exactly they can do. The things you can get from Emtek are a little bit different than what you find at your general store in town. What if you don’t want that lever that comes with that handleset, what if you want a different lever, or maybe a door knob – or maybe even a different finish on the inside? Check out Emtek!

{satin nickel rosette with flat black lever}

With Emtek you can order how ever you’d like. Not even kidding! You can order that lever you like so much for the inside with that door knob you didn’t want to part with for the outside. Order a satin nickel rosette with a black lever for all they care (you don’t have to go with these suggestions, I hope you picked up that these were just examples of how customizable you can get). That is what’s so great about Emtek, because it’s made per order and you get to customize it to fit your style for no extra special order cost! And!… you don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for it either, it generally ships out anywhere from 2-5 business days – depending on what you’ve ordered.

You don’t have to settle for what you see on the shelf, jut mix it up until you’ve made your match with Emtek.



Baldwin’s Famous Rim Locks

Baldwin is one of the most trusted for safety, security, heavy duty, not to mention that it’s got class. I explored some of Baldwin’s history, where it all started…and it goes way back to the mid 1940’s! Severin Fayerman and his family came to America in 1945 and in January 1946, less than a year, they opened the doors to Baldwin.

Baldwin first started with simple letter boxes (or as we like to call them on the site – mail slots), then came the rest of the hardware – elegant door knobs, all the misc hardware like chain door guards, and later came the rim locks.

Rim locks are elegant small mortise style locks that are surface mounted to the door. We don’t quite have them on the site yet, we hope to someday soon, but we sure can order some if you are interested. Just contact us. Anyway, the reason I was so fixated on rim locks and the history of Baldwin is because I came across the short story of Jackie Kennedy and her request of customer rim locks. It was after President Kennedy was assassinated and Mrs. Kennedy later left the White House and decided to built a private residence in Martha’s Vineyard. She wanted a special finish for the Baldwin rim locks that she liked so much that was never going to be replicated except for her residence and Baldwin happily accepted. It was a brass rim lock with a white coating and they relieved the edges, highlighting the dull brass finish. It was very original and Severin Fayerman said, “everyone was proud and honored to be part of this and made a special effort to make it beautiful and it was beautiful”. He also said it was very original and was never repeated, just like Jackie Kennedy requested, and the finish is still known as the Jacqueline Kennedy finish.


Schlage Survey – Locked Out

I came across this post that came from’s News and Events page called, Locked Out In St. Louis. It says, “In St. Louis, many residents are getting locked out of their homes and they’re also out of luck when it comes to finding a hidden emergency key to get in, according to a new “Key Hiding Habits” [The “Key Hiding Habits” public opinion survey was conducted by Russell Research an independent survey research firm, on behalf of Schlage.] survey of local residents.” The survey shows the percentage of people in St. Louis that get locked out in one year and also how many times per year, and a few funny surveys like men vs. women – who holds more keys, who’s more likely to hold a mystery key and where the traditional hiding spot of the spare key would be. I have to admit I laughed a little through the men vs. women surveys.

Getting locked out of the house happens more than one might think. According to the survey, over the past 12 months, 1/4 of those polled have been locked out at lease one time, 12 percent have been locked out twice and 9 percent have been locked out over 5 times! It says that some of the home owners hide an emergency key around the house to prevent this, but out of those that do, 20 percent indicated they forgot where they had hidden the key – and that could lead to another lock out situation.

“A Lost Key can be a real problem for homeowners, especially if they have children who need to gain entrance to the home after school or activities, or if homeowners need to provide access to anyone else while they’re not home,” said Chris DeSchamp, Schlage Portfolio Leader, Electronic Security. “instead of hiding a key and hoping it can be found, a safe easy solution is to upgrade to an electronic keypad lock. It can be installed in just minutes and solves security headaches for families.”

This next part of the survey is the percentage of people and where they find their lost keys. 58 percent of women most often find the lost keys in their purse. I am guilty of this, and it’s been more than once for sure. Can you guess where the men most likely find missing keys? 18 percent –  in their pocket, 17 percent – in a drawer, and 15 percent – in their car.

Men vs. Women:

On an average, men carry more keys than women. Almost all respondents say they carry multiple keys.

1/5 of the respondents carry at least one key they don’t even use. Men were more likely than women to carry the useless mystery key.

Where do you think most people would hide their emergency key when growing up? 1/2 of respondents remember the hidden spare key and where they hid it. Most often were hidden under a flowerpot, doormat, bush or inside a fake rock. A good side note to all of you would be not to use any of these hiding spots.