Questions About Schlage?

We often have all kinds of questions about door hardware and lots of times we don’t ever know what kind of question someone may be calling about. I’m talking all kinds of questions. Some questions may be totally original and that nobody has ever asked before, but then there are the very common every day questions like how to order, what is a backset, how to determine door handing, can i return the items purchased… etc. Over on Schlage‘s site, they have a page of commonly asked questions about Schlage that I found interesting and hopefully helpful. I chose a few questions that I thought may be the most helpful and/or interesting.

Q: How do you pronounce Schlage?

A: Shh-leg

Q: How many keys come with my Schlage Lock?

A: Schlage mechanical locks come standard with two keys

Q: Can I order a Schlage Lock with two different finishes?

A: Yes, as long as the lock is available in both finishes you choose. This is a custom order and can take about 4 weeks.

Q: How can I clean or care for the lock and finish?

A: For any of the brass finishes, the satin bronze, satin nickel, pewter, aged bronze, and matte black Schlage finishes clean with soft, damp cloth and use mild soap and water.

For oil rubbed bronze finish, wipe with vegetable oil on a soft cloth. Too much oil may leave a residue and may come off on hands. Household detergents and mild abrasive powder may be used to restore the high metal color without seriously affecting the original compound of the metal. Then rub with a paste wax.

For bright chrome and satin chrome finishes, wipe with a soft damp cloth. A high grade chrome polish may be used to restore the shine or satin finish.

*(Check out an earlier post for cleaning the hardware)*

Q: Are Schlage Keypad Locks weather proof?

A: Yes, Keypad locks are resistant to corrosion, environmental conditions, abrasion, pressure washing.

(For more info on weather proof keypad locks check here.)



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