Door Stops

We can talk about door hardware all day long, but there is more hardware that may not as easily be seen to the eye, but equally important. I’m talking all the accessories, the random hardware, the miscellaneous stuff, whatever you want to call it it’s good stuff too. Like how about the plethora of door stops? Did you have any idea how many kinds of door stops there are to choose from? And each kind can have a different design – yes, I am saying door stops are stylish now. So just from that, can you imagine… I mean really imagine what there is to choose from? Not to overwhelm you, but there are quite a bit.

DS3_1Spring door stops, which are the most common as well as most affordable stop. Simply mounted to the wall or base board. Spring door stops aren’t as stylish as other stops, but come in many finishes to match your other hardware. This style of stop is more basic and will do the simple job of stopping the door from hitting the wall.




Solid door stops are a step up from spring door stops. They are the same shape pretty much as the spring stop, but they are solid. Also very affordable and also come in many finishes to match the rest of your hardware.




Hinge pin door stops connect to your hinge on your door. This style is nice because it’s easily hidden, unlike other stops where they are mounted to your wall. Lots of finishes to choose from with these as well so you can easily match the finish of your hinges.



Floor mount door stops are mounted directly to the floor. This style is made for the doors where there may not be a wall to mount the door stop to. The floor mount has the most options when it comes to design. There are so many  designs out there to choose from…

gooseneck_stopds 47(1)floor_stop



Wall bumper door stops are mounted directly to the wall. This style is a little different from others because it’s designed for your door knob to hit it rather than the actual door.




Kick down door holder stops are mounted to the door and you can kick the little leg down to hold the door open when needed.



Plunger door holder stop from Omnia is a simple hands free way to keep your door open. You just mount it to your door and is operated by stepping on the trigger plate to hold your door open.


Door wedge, you can simply shove under your door when you need to hold it open.


Magnetic stops are really nice to help hold open your door. It comes with a floor or wall mount that is magnetic and then it also comes with a magnet that mounts to your door and then you can easily keep your door open when the two are attached.

DS 8


Click here to see all the door stops!




5 Inch Backset


What is a Backset?

What is a backset? This is one of our commonly asked questions – and it’s also an important one! This is where you measure from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole (the large hole where the door knob is mounted). This is a lot easier to measure when you do not have any hardware on your door, but not impossible if you do have the hardware still on. You just may have to strain your eyes a bit more.

238BacksetStandard backsets are either a 2 3/8″ backset or 2 3/4″ backset. This picture (above) shows a 2 3/8″ backset measurement, which is the most common, but 2 3/4″ is very common as well – you may find the 2 3/4″ backset is most often seen on exterior doors. If you can tell that your backset is obviously either 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″, there are lots of brands that carry an adjustable backset making it easier for you to order.


What if you have a 5″ Backset?

5″ backsets are a little more uncommon, but I think we hear the need for some more and more these days. If you do measure and it looks like it is around 5″, that doesn’t mean there are no options. In fact there are many from Schlage and Kwikset who both offer 5″ backsets. We now have a 5″ backset option on our site when you are placing your order. That means if you find a door knob or lever that you like from Kwikset or Schlage you can select the 5″ backset option at no extra cost. Or if you are looking to order just a 5″ backset, Schlage and Kwikset both have backset latches that you can order separately. If you are looking to order just the 5″ backset latches check below:



Emtek Mortise & How to Install

Mortise locks we have said before are a quite a bit different than a standard tubular latch style lock that are most commonly found on residential doors. Mortise locks require a box to be mortised out of the door and is around 6″ tall and 3 1/2″ deep allowing the mortise box to slide in. If you are looking to replace an older set (when I say older I am talking about the skeleton key style of locks that you find in older houses) check out Nostalgic Warehouse Skeleton Key Locks. They have tons of designs to choose from! This post is going to be more about Emtek’s Mortise Locks. Which are more modern style mortise locks. Most people order this more modern style rather than a standard tubular style because they are more heavy duty. Let’s compare the two.

Here is an example of what a standard tubular style mechanism (or tubular latch) and mechanism looks like:


Standard Tubular Latch


Standard Tubular Style Door Prep

For more info on standard door prep check here.


And here is an example of what a mortise looks like:


You can see that the mortise mechanism (the black box on the right under “inside view”) is a lot more sturdy (for lack of a better word) looking compared to the tubular latch shown above. Like I said above the mortise doors require special prepping, so that means you will need to make sure your doors are prepped for for the mortise box not a standard tubular prep. The mortise style definitely looks a little more complex, but don’t be frightened, it’s really not as hard as it may look to install. After you watch the video below of how to install the Emtek mortise locks it won’t look so intimidating.



Commercial Restroom Indicator

Most commercial style restrooms have several stalls inside the restroom for privacy. It’s really easy to tell if one of the stalls is occupied by seeing the person’s feet. But in some applications there is one single bathroom and you have to make sure its not being used by knocking on the door or maybe even pushing on the handle to see if it’s locked or not. Sometimes people forget to lock the door – and that isn’t good for anyone. It’s so great and helpful when there are indicators telling you if there is someone using the restroom. You don’t have to knock, or check the door to see if it’s unlocked. The indicators tell you if the room is “in use” or “vacant”. I know there are a lot of different kinds of restroom indicators, but check out the Schlage Restroom Indicator Deadbolt:


You can clearly see that when the deadbolt is in the lock position it will show an “in use” sign in red. When the deadbolt is not being used it will show a green “vacant” sign. This deadbolt also includes and emergency key to be able to unlock the deadbolt from the outside for in case of an emergency.


Available in several finishes such as, satin chrome, polished brass, antique brass, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, bright chrome and aged bronze.

The Schlage’s Restroom Indicator deadbolt is very popular on our site and has great reviews (see below)!

This is a great item to use on any restroom door really. I personally think it works best on a door without a locking deadbolt, requiring the user to lock the door to hold the door in place. That way no one will forget to lock the door. But like I said this will work on any commercial restroom door.


Customer Reviews
Works great………
and installed very well………highly recommend it…

Reviewed by: Mike from Texas. on 10/12/2012
Schlage Restroom Lock
Ths lock was quite easy to install. It works perfectly and looks great! I am glad to have purchased it.

Reviewed by: David from entral islip, NY. on 5/28/2012
installed it in my restaurant. Awesome item, fast shipping and great service

Reviewed by: Abby from Edmonton Alberta CANADA. on 4/22/2012
great value/great product
Works beautifully. Does what is it designed to de.

Reviewed by: Drew Stirton from michigan. on 5/16/2011
Door Lock set
Found a hard to find part very easy at direct door hardware. Site was easy and everything was delivered in good shape and when promised. I would absolutely recommend this site and I will be using them again

Reviewed by: Robert from Arizona. on 3/25/2011
Schlage Commercial Restroom Indicator Deadbolt
Direct Door Hardware was very efficient in the delivery of the deadbolts that I ordered. The deadbolts are very high quality and were easy to install. Very nice for the price!

Reviewed by: Gus from ne. on 2/24/2011

Reviewed by: AMANDA MALCHAN from NY. on 2/9/2011


Wrap Around Door Reinforcers

Don-Jo offers high quality hardware products and have a goal to provide a wide range of products, such as replacement strikes, latch protectors, security strikes, filler plates, scar plates, door stops, door pulls, push/pull plates, kickplates and wrap around door reinforcers (which we offer on our site).

Don Jo wrap arounds or door reinforcers are mainly used to add extra security and door reinforcement to your handleset or knobset. To help against people trying to kick, hammer or whatever other kind of attack to get in your door – to help keep your home safe. Sometimes like it or not, homes are broken into and if that is the case for you these wrap arounds are also a great fix to reinforce doors that may have been damaged due to forced entry.

We have two styles of Don-Jo wrap arounds on our site. The first one is the Don-Jo Classic Wrap Around, which is a single bore wrap around and is made for a 2 1/8″ bore hole. The dimensions for this wrap around are 4″ x 4 1/2″ (for 2 3/8″ backset) or 4 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ (for 2 3/4″ backset). The finishes available for the Classic wrap around are polished brass, oil rubbed bronze and silver (like satin chrome).

The other style of wrap around is the Don-Jo Double Bore Wrap Around. The double bore is made with two 2 1/8″ bore holes and they measure 5 1/2″ CC (center to center). The dimensions are 4″ x 12″ (for 2 3/8″ backset), or 4 1/4″ x 12″ (for 2 3/4″ backset). The finishes that are available for the double bore style are silver, polished brass, antique brass, and oil rubbed bronze.

Don Jo wrap arounds or door reinforcers are designed to be used on standard door thicknesses such as 1 3/4″ or 1 3/8″ thick doors. They also offer either 2 3/8″ backset or 2 3/4″ backset sizes and you will need to specify both door thickness and backset when ordering. These are not always in stock, so make sure and allow about 2 weeks before the items are able to ship.

*Please let us know if you can’t find what you are looking for, we may just not have it on our site yet but can still order it by phone.



Cafe Door Hardware

What are Cafe Doors?

I just recently found out that double acting hinge doors (or saloon doors) are most often referred to as cafe doors. Cafe doors are doors that can open in and out. To exit or enter you would push the door – you wont find a “pull” sign on these doors, because there isn’t any pulling involved to get in or out. These doors look something like this:

I am sure the list is endless when it comes to shape, design, size for a cafe door and even where they may be used – like in a home or for a business.

Hardware for Cafe Doors:

If you are looking for the hardware for your cafe doors, but aren’t sure your options let me suggest a few things.

The most important are the hinges that are double acting. Like these hinges from Bommer.

Depending on how heavy your cafe doors are will depend on what ones you get. The list of the smaller hinges range from 35 lbs to 103 lbs. Then there are the more heavy duty hinges that have a hold open capacity at 85 degrees, such as the Bommer Spring Pivot Heavy Duty Hinge that can hold up to 150 lbs or the Bommer Spring Pivot Medium Duty Hinge that can hold up to 90 lbs.

Other hardware that would be good to look into are push plates. Push plates are mounted to the door and help protect your doors that you push to open. There are many stylish options out there to check out for sure. This one shown is from Emtek. It’s called the Emtek Modern Push Plate.

This one is definitely one of the more simple plain styles, unlike some of the more fancy styles out there.

You can check out more styles of push plates here.

Modern Cabinet Knobs and Pulls from Linnea

Modern kitchens or bathrooms or anything with cabinets always look clean and you want it to look high quality. You just have to find the right hardware to make it look great and if you do that, that makes great compliments too. Linnea offers a huge selection of unique modern cabinet hardware for anyone wanting to display their style of design. I’m not exaggerating when I say these cabinet knobs and pulls are unique. You won’t find these just anywhere. Linnea cabinet hardware will make a statement and wont be overlooked. Let me show you a few examples that will prove what Linnea has to offer as far as cabinet hardware goes…



The L17 Cabinet Knob has a unique cone shape and has an indentation perfect for a finger to grip.



The L3 cabinet knob is available in a 16mm, 22mm, or a 32mm. It is more of a simple cabinet knob, but is still unique. I think it would look great with anything!



I love this Linnea L755 Cabinet knob. I think it’s modern, but it’s also made for easy grip for function. Again, a little more on the simple side, but you won’t find this knob anywhere else.


This Linnea L825 cabinet knob reminds me of magnets stacked together for some reason. Another great modern style look for any cabinet.

This one has awesome written all over it. The Linnea L54 Cabinet pull. This pull is a pretty small rainbow shaped pull, only about 1.5″ CC (center to center). There’s no way it couldn’t look good.

Surprise, surprise, another great looking pull. The Linnea L145-D pull. It’s only 1.26″ CC. It’s small like the L54 cabinet pull (see above), and both are more the size of a cabinet knob.

The L1 is offered in 75mm (L1-A), 50mm (L1-B), 32mm (L1-C), or 16mm (L1-D).

Any of these come in Satin Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel. Check out all of the Cabinet knobs and pulls from Linnea here.