Door Stops

We can talk about door hardware all day long, but there is more hardware that may not as easily be seen to the eye, but equally important. I’m talking all the accessories, the random hardware, the miscellaneous stuff, whatever you want to call it it’s good stuff too. Like how about the plethora of door stops? Did you have any idea how many kinds of door stops there are to choose from? And each kind can have a different design – yes, I am saying door stops are stylish now. So just from that, can you imagine… I mean really imagine what there is to choose from? Not to overwhelm you, but there are quite a bit.

DS3_1Spring door stops, which are the most common as well as most affordable stop. Simply mounted to the wall or base board. Spring door stops aren’t as stylish as other stops, but come in many finishes to match your other hardware. This style of stop is more basic and will do the simple job of stopping the door from hitting the wall.




Solid door stops are a step up from spring door stops. They are the same shape pretty much as the spring stop, but they are solid. Also very affordable and also come in many finishes to match the rest of your hardware.




Hinge pin door stops connect to your hinge on your door. This style is nice because it’s easily hidden, unlike other stops where they are mounted to your wall. Lots of finishes to choose from with these as well so you can easily match the finish of your hinges.



Floor mount door stops are mounted directly to the floor. This style is made for the doors where there may not be a wall to mount the door stop to. The floor mount has the most options when it comes to design. There are so many¬† designs out there to choose from…

gooseneck_stopds 47(1)floor_stop



Wall bumper door stops are mounted directly to the wall. This style is a little different from others because it’s designed for your door knob to hit it rather than the actual door.




Kick down door holder stops are mounted to the door and you can kick the little leg down to hold the door open when needed.



Plunger door holder stop from Omnia is a simple hands free way to keep your door open. You just mount it to your door and is operated by stepping on the trigger plate to hold your door open.


Door wedge, you can simply shove under your door when you need to hold it open.


Magnetic stops are really nice to help hold open your door. It comes with a floor or wall mount that is magnetic and then it also comes with a magnet that mounts to your door and then you can easily keep your door open when the two are attached.

DS 8


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