New Handleset from Sure-Loc!

Oh man, I just love new stuff! Sure-Loc comes out with all kinds of new great looking modern hardware.


They did it again. A handleset they like to call Koln. The Sure-Loc Koln Entrance Handleset has nice straight lines and fits that modern style you may be going for. It would look awesome on a front door. BAM! That’s the sound you would hear in your head when you see it on a front door. Your eyes might get wide and  your heart may start to race a little, don’t worry it’s just excitement of how fantastic that handleset looks. Making a great first impression to your neighbors!

The Sure-Loc Koln Handleset is like I said, modern and that means that it has modern finishes! Some hardware you may find only comes in one finish, but the new Koln is available in polished chrome as well as satin stainless. Both look awesome. The interior of the handleset looks just as great as the exterior…


The interior part of the deadbolt has straight lines and a nice thick thumbturn to grip that looks stylish as well. The picture above shows the interior with the new basel lever, but you can choose from 3 different levers – The Sure-Loc Basel Lever, Juneau Lever (one of the most popular modern levers from Sure-Loc), or Torino Lever. Choose from a single cylinder handleset (like the one shown in the picture), or dummy handleset (which is a non functioning handleset that is mounted to the door, usually used on double doors where you may want both doors to look the same).

If you are looking to match this look throughout the rest of your house, check out Sure-Loc’s Basel Lever, Juneau Lever, Torino Lever,Oslo Lever, as well as the Sure-Loc Modern Square Deadbolt, and Modern Round Deadbolt.

Sure Loc Electronic Keypad Deadbolt


This Sure Loc Electronic Keypad Deadbolt is pretty new to the site! Electronic or keyless deadbolts are like a super tool! And if you have tried one, you won’t want to go back to a regular old deadbolt and their silly keys. It’s really nice to just have to remember a simple code and your in! That sounds really nice for me! Especially right now because you have to really pull (in, out, up, down) the door and wiggle the key many times before being able to turn the key with all you might to open the door. It doesn’t make it easy when your arms are full.

About the Keyless Deadbolt:

The Sure Loc Keyless Electronic Deadbolt operates on batteries, four “AA” batteries. It requires no hard wiring! Don’t worry, the batteries for the deadbolt will last quite a long time and there is a warning light and sound to indicate that the batteries are low and will need replacing, so you can be sure not to get locked out! This deadbolt is easy to install and easily replace your regular deadbolt on your standard door! The Sure Loc Keyless Electronic Deadbolt is a single cylinder deadbolt, which means it has a keyed cylinder on the outside of the door (like shown in the picture above, on the left) and a thumbturn on the inside of the door (like shown in the picture above, on the right). There are a few different ways to lock and unlock the door – The most obvious way to unlock would be by using the (4-6 digit) entry code that you programed. And to lock easily when you are leaving, you can activate the automatic lock feature, which allows the door to lock as soon as you shut the door. You can also lock from the inside using the easy to grip thumbturn, or you can lock and unlock the door with a regular key from the outside just like a regular deadbolt.

Sure-Loc Basel Lever

Sure-Loc is really good at coming out with new stuff that has a modern design, which is a really popular choice to pick for your home. I remember when they had just come out with the Sure-Loc Juneau Modern Lever, it became a quick favorite for lots of people. And there was/are many great reviews that came along with it. Then came the Sure-Loc Oslo Modern Lever, somewhat similar to the Juneau, and it became yet another popular choice with many great reviews for it’s modern design. These two are probably the two most popular levers from Sure-Loc as well as one of the more popular (not to mention affordable) modern levers on the site! It’s always exciting to see what they come up with next!

Introducing the New Sure-Loc Basel Modern Door Lever


The Basel Modern Lever is a great new design with straight lines, making it another lever that I am sure will be very popular. This great modern lever is available in two finishes, satin nickel and vintage bronze, giving you a little more of an option, unlike the Juneau or the Oslo. You can order it as a passage, privacy or dummy function.  The reason the keyed function is not available for these modern levers is because it would change the style design significantly, so we recommend if wish to use this lever and need the door to have a keyed function to use a passage function of the lever along with a Sure-Loc Deadbolt, such as the Sure-Loc Modern Square Deadbolt. The handing for this lever is reversible, meaning you can make it work on either a right hand or left hand door and you don’t have to check which one you need first.

Sure-Loc makes sure all of their hardware is easy to install, stylish and the affordable cost pretty much can’t be beat!

New Stuff From Emtek!

Emtek is always coming out with great new stuff. I am always excited to see what they come out with next. Sometimes it is something as simple as a new finish for a handleset or something as big as a brand new design. Whatever it is, Emtek is great at making sure their hardware is up to date with all the new stuff! There are several new things that they just added recently.

First is the Sandcast Bronze #4 Rosette for the Key in Lever or Key in Knob.

24This new sandcast bronze #4 rosette adds another option for the sandcast bronze keyed knob or lever offered from Emtek! It’s arched modern design was offered with sandcast bronze passage privacy knobs and levers, but now you can use the style throughout the rest of your home!

#4 Rosette offered for either of the Emtek Keyed Durango Lever or the Emtek, Keyed Winchester Knob. Choose from deep burgundy, flat black, medium bronze and silver patina finishes.

Next that’s new from Emtek is a couple new Full Length Brass Entrance Handlesets.

The Emtek Albany Mortise Handleset – available only in Mortise.

ME_40_Albany_OS_US15*NOTE: Mortise handlesets are designed to be used with doors prepped for a mortise lock, these will NOT work with a standard tubular latch prepped door.

And the new Emtek Wilmington Handleset


*The Emtek Wilmington Handleset is not yet added to our site but will be added soon. If you do wish to order, please contact us and we can place the order by phone.

The Emtek Wilmington is available in Single Cylinder, Double Cylinder, and Dummy functions. Choose from 7 finishes, 6 interior levers, and 5 interior knobs.

Last but not least we have the Emtek Mormont Mortise Handleset is now available in Stainless Steel!


Emtek’s Georgetown Crystal Cabinet Knobs

Emtek is for sure one of the more popular brands on our site. It offers super excellent quality and you can be sure to see top of the line design hardware. Mick De Giulio, featured on House Beautiful magazine, must have recognized this, as his interior design of a kitchen was part of the 2012 Kitchen of the Year event! The kitchen featured Emtek Georgetown Crystal Cabinet Knobs on all of the cabinet drawers and cabinets in the amazing kitchen. I think it was Emtek’s honor to show off their delicate crystal Georgetown knobs that add a bit of class to the entire room. These knobs were a perfect touch to make a clean design for the kitchen of the year.



More info featured on Emtek’s Blog

For a full tour of the beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2012, visit

The 1,000 square foot glamorous kitchen (that was showcased in New York’s Rockefeller Center) has everything you could ever dream up, such as sparkling tile, glass (Emtek Georgetown) cabinet knobs, a bold sink with a pop of color, top of the line appliances, open shelving, sleek dining area, spacious butlers pantry, even a gathering space near the kitchen with a cozy fireplace and furniture.

If you like Emtek’s Georgian cabinet knob (like shown above), you can also find many more designs of cabinet hardware. I’m serious, there are over a 150 of cabinet knobs by Emtek, and that’s just cabinet knobs and just by Emtek! All unique! If you aren’t a cabinet knob fan, then be sure to check out all of Emtek’s cabinet pulls (220 + pulls), which also come in a huge variety of designs. Rustic, modern, antique, you name it! After you choose you are going with either the knobs or the pulls, then there is the material they are all made up of, such as solid brass (which is probably the most common – smooth material and pretty much offers any finish color), sandcast, wrought steel, crystal/glass, and porcelain!

You can check out all of the kitchen or cabinet hardware here.

Kwikset Door Hardware Combos

I was just looking through some of the Kwikset Hardware and thought how some of the so and so levers I was looking through combined with such and such deadbolts would look real nice and sleek. Looking through the website is how a lot of my blog posts come about, so I thought, who knows, maybe this post could help someone’s decision?

The first combo that I pictured in my mind together was the Kwikset 993 Single Cylinder Deadbolt along with the Kwikset Signature Series Vedani Lever.

Picture 21292

So here you can see what it is I pictured inside my little imagination. I will admit, the shiny colors caught my first interest. Both the deadbolt and lever are in the polished chrome finish and I think it really looks super nice. After putting the deadbolt together with the lever, the finish isn’t the only thing that looks nice! I like the square rosette combined with the round. If you aren’t diggin’ the Polished Chrome finish like I am, both the deadbolt and lever come in other finishes such as, Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze, Satin Chrome.

When I started looking for pictures to show off on this post of some of the combinations that I was thinking may look really nice together, I found some pictures that were already put together. Kwikset must have read my mind, because I really liked these combos too.

Picture 21292This is that same lever from the first picture, the Kwikset Signature Series Vedani Lever combined with the Kwikset 993S Single Cylinder Square Deadbolt. Also a nice combo. Again, maybe you aren’t a huge Polished Chrome fan, so be sure to check out the Venetian Bronze, Satin Nickel, and Satin chrome – any of these would look really nice too!

Last but not least…


The Kwikset 993 Single Cylinder Deadbolt, again, combined with the nice and unique Kwikset Signature Series Katara Lever. Again with the polished chrome, I know. I think it just looks so nice.

Also! You can save 5% on all Kwikset Hardware! This offer may not last for ever… Ask us for more information if you are interested.

Interchangeable Cores

What are Interchangeable Cores?

EverestICCoreInterchangeable cores, or ic, have a figure 8 shape and can be removed from a lock and can be replaced by another core while this one is installed into a whole different lock.


**You can order interchangeable cores alone or if you need commercial locks that have interchangeable cores (IC ready locks) we also have those available (just click on the ‘With Interchangeable Core’ under ‘Narrow By Style’ on the left hand side of the commercial locks page I linked you to).


What is the Purpose for Interchangeable Cores?

Interchangeable cores are commonly used on commercial applications and are readily adapted for master keying, which means several locks can be keyed differently, but have one master key that is able to open all of the locks. Interchangeable cores can be set up with spare cores and keys for an easy and quick replacement just in case there was a problem security wise, such as when a key was lost or stolen – Or just for an example, if employed construction workers were allowed access but have finished their work, it may be a good idea to get some new keys. Extracted cores can be recombinated and placed back into storage for future use.


How does an Interchangeable Core Work?

Basically you have the figure eight shaped core that you can order with or without the lever/knob lock and with that comes the keys. The most important key that comes with the interchangeable core is the control key, which makes the interchangeable core extract from the lock. Without the control key you will not be able to remove the core from the lock. The control key will not activate your lock, it is only used for removing the core from the lock. Just insert the control key and rotate the key and pull and the entire interchangeable core will come out of the lock with the key. It makes it a really simple and quick way to replace for new locks if needed.



Linnea Pocket Door Locks

Pocket doors are lots of times necessary for some homes and if that’s true, then it’s necessary to find some hardware to go along with it. There is basic pocket door hardware that you will be able to find pretty much anywhere that looks just fine. Basic square shape with any basic finish to match the rest of your hardware, and works/looks just as good as any other type of pocket door hardware around. What if you are looking for something a bit different? More modern, decorative, simple, whatever you want to call it… I think everyone likes something a little different every once in a while. If you check out some of Linnea’s Pocket Door Hardware, you will see what I’m talking about.

So here is a little taste of what a regular pocked door lock would look like…


See, it’s just dandy! This is the Emtek Passage Pocket Door Lock, and it comes in several finishes to match with your existing hardware. There are also more pocket door locks you can check out here.

So as you can see the what I like to call “regular” pocket door locks are pretty basic, and square. Nothing all that fancy about them. They look just fine for any pocket door. Now check out the Linnea,

PL160R-PAPL160R-PRThe ones shown above are the Linnea PL-160S Round Passage and Privacy. They are totally different. They look very subtle and stylish. The finishes available are Satin Stainless Steel, Polished Stainless Steel, or Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Now check out the square style, The Linnea PL-160S Sqyuare passage or privacy.


What’s really cool about the privacy’s of either the square style or round style is that you can choose they style of turn piece. The turn pieces above are the standard “straight turn piece”. There is also the ADA style of turn piece or the Drop style turn piece.

pocket door lock

ADA Turn Piece

new pocket

Drop Turn Piece

You can also find an Edge Pull from Linnea, which is helpful to get the door out of the pocket. Pushing at the top exposes the little finger hook, and then simply pull the pocket door out. The edge pulls are mainly used on passage doors. They don’t have any type of lock system.


Modern Vintage Style


I think we have all walked or maybe even driven down a street somewhere with a bunch of fixed up vintage houses. I have before and I always thought how fun it would be to take a tour of the entire house, to see what each room would look like. The outside of the houses are painted with care, the inside of them have got to be fixed up too. I wonder what kind of furniture they must have, what kind of curtains, light fixtures, paint colors and door hardware. I usually imagine crystal door knobs and crystal chandeliers throughout the entire house.

Vintage style really is one of my favorites. There are several kinds of vintage if you really want to get into it, such as the more Victorian vintage with fancy plated hardware and crystal door knobs and chandeliers, and then I can also think of the antique vintage style with great Grandma’s trunk and old wooden crates and porcelain door knobs.

If you are going for that antique or vintage look, you should check out the crystal door knobs grouped from 3 different brands (Emtek, Grandeur and Nostalgic Warehouse) we carry on the site. You should also check out more vintage styles from Nostalgic Warehouse and here are some more styles from Grandeur. All of these vintage/antique style door knobs are for modern style doors, but give the effect of being vintage. They work just like a regular door knob would and some may even have a decorative key hole in the plate (like the one in the above picture) for an even more vintage feel. There are so many styles to choose from! Let me show you a few styles I like from Emtek Grandeur and Nostalgic Warehouse,

Parth_Hyde_500From Grandeur – The Parthenon Plate with Hyde Park Knob

CP_brass_ASE_Oval_US15From Emtek – The Astoria Emerald Door knob with Oval Rosette in Satin Nickel

500_clahomapFrom Nostalgic Warehouse – Classic Rosette with Homestead Knob in Antique Pewter

What’s great about these is that you can order the same door knob with different finishes and different rosettes (backplates). The options are endless!


I was just noticing the mighty large collection of sweaters, jackets, coats and scarves I have collected throughout the house. Because of the freezing weather lately I always have something laying around to grab in case I start to get the shivers and it’s starting to look a little ridiculous. I never seem to take the time to go the the closet find myself a hanger or 10 and hang every one of the coats and such up (mainly because I am honestly scared of the closet. I have some not so good memories of me finding a gigantic spider that I can’t get past). So I have thought to myself, maybe I need to find a coat rack or something. Then just today, just now I saw these awesome little inventions…called…





1. Linnea HK187 Hook/ 2. Linnea HK182 Hook/ 3. Linnea HK184 Hook/ 4. Linnea 4 Hole Hook Plate/ 5. Linnea HK5046 Hook


All of these shown are hooks from Linnea. You can see all of Linnea’s Hooks here.

We don’t have to stop at Linnea! There are plenty more hooks to check out from other brands! Like for instance Emtek, Sure-Loc, Amerock, Dynasty, Omnia, and Rusticware. If you are interested in looking at all the hooks for all brands, check under the Bath hardware section and click on robe hooks. Then you can click on the categories to the left, like brands and finishes to help narrow down choices. Just because it’s under the ‘bath hardware’ category, it surely doesn’t mean that’s all these small and helpful items can be used for! Put your imagination to the test!

Because I am having such a hard time with the idea of hanging up junk in the closet, I really like the idea of hooks mounted to the wall for easy hang up – for coats, jackets, purses, scarves, or whatever else, and that includes hooks for guest stuff too!