Modern Vintage Style


I think we have all walked or maybe even driven down a street somewhere with a bunch of fixed up vintage houses. I have before and I always thought how fun it would be to take a tour of the entire house, to see what each room would look like. The outside of the houses are painted with care, the inside of them have got to be fixed up too. I wonder what kind of furniture they must have, what kind of curtains, light fixtures, paint colors and door hardware. I usually imagine crystal door knobs and crystal chandeliers throughout the entire house.

Vintage style really is one of my favorites. There are several kinds of vintage if you really want to get into it, such as the more Victorian vintage with fancy plated hardware and crystal door knobs and chandeliers, and then I can also think of the antique vintage style with great Grandma’s trunk and old wooden crates and porcelain door knobs.

If you are going for that antique or vintage look, you should check out the crystal door knobs grouped from 3 different brands (Emtek, Grandeur and Nostalgic Warehouse) we carry on the site. You should also check out more vintage styles from Nostalgic Warehouse and here are some more styles from Grandeur. All of these vintage/antique style door knobs are for modern style doors, but give the effect of being vintage. They work just like a regular door knob would and some may even have a decorative key hole in the plate (like the one in the above picture) for an even more vintage feel. There are so many styles to choose from! Let me show you a few styles I like from Emtek Grandeur and Nostalgic Warehouse,

Parth_Hyde_500From Grandeur – The Parthenon Plate with Hyde Park Knob

CP_brass_ASE_Oval_US15From Emtek – The Astoria Emerald Door knob with Oval Rosette in Satin Nickel

500_clahomapFrom Nostalgic Warehouse – Classic Rosette with Homestead Knob in Antique Pewter

What’s great about these is that you can order the same door knob with different finishes and different rosettes (backplates). The options are endless!