What Type of Hardware You Have So You Can Replace It

Back when a door knob was just a door knob to me and that’s as deep as it got, I never imagined how different each door knob could be. I’m not talking about the obvious design difference, of course there are many varieties there, but what about the measurements, the latches, the round or square, handleset, lever mortise, multi point, yadda yadda… And honestly you wont need to know all this stuff, unless you are trying to replace your hardware. I know that might sound super overwhelming, but don’t give up yet! It’s actually not all that bad. You just need to find out what type of hardware you have and then you can start crossing off most of that list.

First, you need to determine if you have an actual standard door knob/lever. This is what most people have today. And how you determine this is by the door prep, or measurements of the holes in the door. Standard doors have a 2 1/8″ bore hole and 1″ cross bore, and backset measurements of either 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ (for more info on standard door prep check here, or check here for more info on backsets). And by looking at the edge of the door where the bolt (or latch) comes in and out of the door when the knob is turned (the latch is what holds the door in place when shut), will help you find out what style of latch you need for your standard door. There are 3 different styles of latches for standard doors, rounded corner, square corner, or drive-in.


Most of the hardware you order come standard with either the square or rounded corner faceplates. Generally you will need to request a drive-in latch. Make sure and read in the description of what style will ship with the hardware, and if it’s not what you need you can request for it at no extra charge.

You may run into what looks similar to the door levers above, but the backset measurement is not anywhere close to 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″, it’s more like 5″.


Brands like Schlage and Kwikset offer 5″ backsets for almost all of their hardware. You will just need to specify that you need a 5″ backset rather than the standard 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″.

Exterior doors, you can find several options such as a deadbolt and knob/lever combo, entrance handleset or mortise handleset, sideplate lock, ore multi-point patio lock.



If you have a separate deadbolt and knob/lever you can use a deadbolt with either a passage function knob/lever or keyed entrance if you want the added security. And this also falls under the standard prepped door measurements.


Standard entrance handlesets (also standard prepped) you can find under any brand. Entrance handlesets are most popular for any front door.



Sideplates are similar to handlesets without the big long grip at the bottom. Some are made to fit standard prep of 5 1/2″ cc, but there are many that have a 3 5/8″ cc (which is not standard).



Multi Point Patio Lock trims are high end patio doors that have their very own internal mechanism and locks with 3 or more points around the top, side and bottom of the door. On the edge of the door it will look like the latch extends for several feet or maybe even the entire edge of the door. We have many trim sets (the mechanism is not included) to choose from.



Skeleton Key Locks fit older style doors prepped for a mortise box that slides into the edge of the door. The skeleton key lock boxes measure about 3″ deep and 4″ tall and 1/2″ thick. Nostalgic Warehouse is where you will find your replacements for this style.



Mortise Handlesets and Locks are high quality and are generally add more security than a regular handleset or door lock. Mortise locks use a mortise lock box (similar to the sekeleton key lock box) that slides into the edge of the door. It measures at around 3-4″ deep and about 8″ high (you can see how high the mortise box is if you look at the edge of the door). It’s more modern than the skeleton key locks. You can find these modern mortise handlesets and locks from Emtek.


Marvin Integrity Multi-Point Patio Door Lock Trim Replacements

Multi-point patio locks are something lots of people want or need. These locks are a little more complex than your regular front door lock set. The multi-point mechanism have 3 different points where a bolt will come out of the door to lock inside part of the door jamb – the top, bottom, and the side of the door just like any basic door lock. The reason these locks are a must have is mainly for the security factor. It’s three locking bolts compared to one. These are also purchased for the style as well has how well the function (for more info on multi-point locks check this post).

Marvin Integrity provides doors with the multi point mechanism and some door hardware. We give you the option of more styles for your Marvin Integrity doors. So, if you are wanting to replace your old hardware for something new, you will want to check Emtek’s “configuration 1” on this page, or look at the image below.


You will want to make sure the measurements of your existing mechanism match up with this configuration before you order. After you have found that it does match, check out all the different designs from Emtek you can choose from, under Emtek 3 Point Lock Trim Configuration 1. There are many many options, and the best way to start is by first picking the plate you like and then going to the page, because there are even more levers to choose from that will go with that plate (check under description box on the page of the plate you chose).

*Please note that we do not carry replacements for the Marvin Integrity interior locking mechanism. The Emtek multi point hardware includes only the handle and plate (for interior and exterior of the door), and keyed cylinders (where applicable) that are mounted to the door and attached to existing mechanism. The mechanism is installed with your Marvin Integrity door, which is probably a great thing because I’m not sure how easy that would be to install.

Replacing Your Existing Handleset

Shopping for a new handleset for your front door can be fun! All the different designs and finishes out now are sure to add to that fresh coat of paint you just added to your front door, or maybe you just need to replace that old beaten down handleset you have had for years. There are a few things to keep in mind if you are replacing your handleset for your existing door preparation. The biggest problem is when ordering your new handleset, you want to make sure it will fit all of the existing holes that your previous handleset required, otherwise you will have big and ugly holes exposed in your door! So, we have come up with a great handy chart to help direct you to where you need to go and what you need to look for when you are ready to replace your old handleset. Please click here and scroll down to see the chart.



Here we have a picture of a handleset and all of the letters (A-E) represent all of the important measurements you will need from your old handleset before ordering your new handleset. One of the more important measurements is the “C” measurement. Each handleset will have a through bolt that holds the exterior grip in place. It’s important to match this to your new handleset, or your will have to drill a new hole in the door and patch up the old one. That may not look very good if the new handleset you choose has a shorter grip. *NOTE: Schlage handlesets have adjustable through bolts so they will fit a range of door preparations. There is about 1-1/2″ of adjustment on the “C” measurement for these handlesets; 3/4″ shorter or longer than the length shown on the chart.

The standard residential door prep for entry doors is two 2-1/8″ bore holes 5-1/2″ center to center (which is measurement “B” in the picture shown). If you have more than 5 1/2″ CC, you can still use a sectional handleset. Sectional handlesets have a separate deadbolt (not connected to the rest of the handleset). This style can also work on some door preps that are a little smaller than 5 1/2″ CC.

An interconnect device can be added some of the handlesets as an option.

For more information on how to find an entry handleset to fit your existing door preparation go here.

Or, if you need help determining which handleset will fit your existing door conditions please call us at 877-852-9449.  Or click here to ask a question.


What Hardware Do I Need for Double Pocket Doors?

There are new styles of Pocket door coming out all the time! I feel like I can barley keep up! After this post, we put new pocket door hardware on the site that allow you to install the hardware on a regular standard bore prep door (check this post,or you can also check here for round style pocket door hardware). We get a lot of questions about hardware for double pocket doors. Lots of times you only have a single pocket door and then you can order your basic pocket door hardware (like the ones I have mentioned above) and it’s all good. You can order that same basic pocket door hardware for the double pocket doors, but just know you won’t be able to lock them together – they aren’t made for that.


Then comes in the Emtek Pocket Door Mortise Lock.


So if you are looking for pocket door hardware, for double pocket doors, that can lock in place together, this is where you would go! So if you are ready this is what you would need to order: First, you’d order yourself either a privacy or keyed function (like the one shown above – the privacy function will not have the keyed cylinder like this one shows) for one of your double pocket doors. And second, you will also need to order a dummy function lock, which has nothing on the edge of the door that allows you to install the strike plate for the active side on the edge of the inactive side, so when the doors are closed they can be locked together.

Side view and inside view

Side view and inside view


You can order this Emtek Pocket Door Mortise lock in 5 different finishes, such as Polished Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Medium Bronze, and Silver Patina. This pocket door lock is not just for double pocket doors – it works just as great on a single pocket door! Available In Keyed Entrance, Passage, Privacy and Dummy functions.



How to Install a Door Knob Latch


Installing a door knob latch is no big deal, If you have the right tools. And you may find that door latches come in various styles, such as a latch with an attached mortise plate, or the drive in tubular latch. I think the latch with attached mortise plate is usually what would come standard with any door (square or round corners – you can request either), and this style is more secure because it will hold the latch securely with screws. The drive in latch has no screws and relies on the snug fit of the latch and the cross bore hole of the door.


What you will need to install a door knob latch (this more about installing the latch with mortise plate):


  • the latch (mortise plate, screws)
  • screw driver
  • a chisel tool
  • hammer
  • a sharp pencil to mark where to chisel out the wood of the door for the mortise plate


So first you will want to place the latch [or the mortise plate] in place on the edge of the door. You will want to make sure it’s nice and centered on the cross bore hole. Mark the perimeter of the mortise plate with a sharp pencil. Then you will know exactly where to to chisel out the wood of the door. Remember, you will want the mortise plate to be flush, if it’s not the door may not shut correctly or at all. You won’t want it to protrude from the surface, that won’t even look nice!


You should be ready to start chiseling now that you clearly marked it with your sharp pencil. Sharpened chisels will work much better and will be much cleaner – and I can bet you a lot easier! Now, go ahead and score the perimeter of the area with your chisel – basically it boxes in the little area you are about to remove. If you skip this step it may result in removing material pas the marked area, and that means it may not look good.


Chisel the interior little by little. And another reminder, you want the mortise plate to be flush on the surface, so don’t be going all crazy with the chisel and make it too deep. Keep putting that plate in place if you need.


When you have evenly removed all that wood from the area and your mortise plate fits great (nice and flush), grab the screws provided and secure the latch in place with a screw driver (make sure your mortise plates are placed correctly, as some brands this matters). Now you can install the rest of your hardware!


For more info check here.


How to Order and Install Kickplates

Door Kickplates are a great accessory to a door and they often ordered more and more I have noticed. They are available in a variety of sizes (even custom sizes!) and finishes to help match your home decor. Finishes such as, polished brass PVD, satin stainless, polished stainless, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, pewter, antique brass, weathered black, weathered rust and weathered steel! You can choose from screw mount (which is the most common), magnetic mount (which will only work on metal doors) or adhesive mount.


The first thing you will want to do before you order your kickplate is measure your door. Seems easy enough, and it is, but this next thing I am about to tell you is very important. On exterior doors there will be weather stripping and or door trim around the perimeter. So you will not want to order a kickplate that is the exact measurement as your door, or it’s not going to close the way you want it to. It also looks way nicer this way anyway. So go ahead and measure your door now…


After you have measured your door… lets say it was 36″ wide (most exterior doors are 36″ wide), you would order the 34″ wide kickplate – or just remember order it 2″ shorter than the width of your door. Now for the height of your kickplate. It really all depends on your door style and your own personal preference. You may have limited space depending on the style of door you have.


Once your lovely kickplate has arrived… jump up and down and carefully open up the packaging. The kickplates come with an adhesive film applied directly to the kickplate surface. It’s attached super well and may vary in color. We have often had customer call us after receiving their kickplate, thinking we have shipped them the wrong color, and sometimes it looks like its all scratched up. So we recommend pealing the film back on a corner to make sure we haven’t made a mistake, but leave the film on until you are ready to attach it to your door.


After you decide you are ready to install and have removed all of the packaging, place the kcikplate on the door and center it (it’s a lot easier to install your kickplate if you are able to remove your door from the jamb). Use your measuring tape to make sure the kickplate is centered, you could use a pencil to mark the sides and top so you can see where it needs to be so it is easier to attach the kickplate. All that’s left is to attaching the kickplate to the door with the screws provided, or simply peel back the film covering the adhesive and carefully press it into place. Magnetic mount is the easiest, but will only work if you have a metal door. You are ready to hang your door back up and remove the protective film if you haven’t already.


Pretty easy!


Brass Accents 2″ Backset Deadbolts

Brass Accents isn’t just kickplates and house numbers, it’s much more than that! Yes, Brass Accents kickplates are probably the most popular item, but they do have door hardware, house numbers, push and pull plates, and floor registers to offer too! Getting into a little more detail, their door hardware is super high class and quality, you won’t find hardware much like it. And when looking for door hardware, (door knobs, lever handle sets, entry sets and deadbolts) you may find there are hardly any option for a backset size that measures under 2 3/8″. I mean, there are some doors out there that have 2″ backset sizes, and it can be real tough to find something close to that.


Real brief, what is a backset? A backset is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole (the large hole where the door knob is installed). Standard size backset measurements are 2 3/8″ – 2 3/4″.


Brass Accents has made the search a little easier on you! They have 2 deadbolts that are available with the 2″ backset size.


First is the Brass Accents Single Cylinder Deadbolt with 2″ Backset


This single cylinder deadbolt (means that it has a keyed cylinder on the exterior and a thumb turn, like the one shown above, on the interior) comes with everything you see here, the 2″ backset deadbolt latch, mounting hardware, and keys. It’s available in 13 different finishes! Such as polished brass like shown, weathered black, oil rubbed bronze, pewter, satin nickel and lots more!

Then we have the Brass Accents Double Cylinder Deadbolt with 2″ Backset


This double cylinder deadbolt (meaning it has a keyed cylinder on the exterior, as well as on the interior) also comes with all the mounting hardware, 2″ backset, and keys. Choose from all 13 finishes!


Hopefully these 2 deadbolts with 2″ backsets help ease your stress a little! Please give us a call if you need help ordering.


Low Profile Lock for Screen or Storm Door

Low_Profile1_300There are tons and tons of options when it comes to choosing a knob or lever for your entry door, but sometimes your door has special needs, which limits the options a little. An example would be an entry door with a screen or storm door and a regular old standard door knob or lever won’t work because it may protrude out too far. You need a special knob lever that doesn’t stick out too far because the space is tight and limited.


That’s what the Brass Accents Salem low-profile lever is all about! You can tell from the picture above, the lever is slightly different than regular door levers. It’s specifically designed for extra tight spaces to use for when you have a swing screen door, patio door, or sliding screen doors. It only projects as far as 1 1/4″ (compared to a regular door lever that projects 2 1/2″ give or take) which helps give room when there is such a tight space.


With the Salem Low Profile lever you get to choose from 13 different finishes, such as polished brass, antique brass, polished chrome, weathered black, weathered rust, satin brass, oil rubbed bronze, pewter, satin nickel, venetian bronze, antique copper, polished nickel and verdigris!


The Brass Accents low-profile lever is not available in a keyed function (only as a passage function or dummy function), so you would need to use a deadbolt along with it. Brass Accents offers a low profile deadbolt available that would be nice if low profile is what you need to work with. The deadbolt may not be on the site yet, so please contact us if you aren’t able to find it and we can place the order by phone!


NOTE: This low profile lever is designed with a 2″ backset latch (*not a standard 2 3/8″ backset or 2 3/4″ backset size latch).



What Hardware do I need for an Exterior Door? Linnea Style

When you have a front, or maybe just an exterior door, it’s hard to remember what kinds of hardware you need for installing – and not just that… making it look nice in the process too. That’s the fun part about it though, there is style in every little piece of hardware nowadays. Down to the tiniest door stop.

What Hardware Will I Need?

For a front door, or exterior door, the main things you will need are as follows:

  • A door knob or lever
  • A deadbolt
  • A few hinges
  • A doorstop

Like the question says above, these are things you need, and we can get into the miscellaneous stuff in a bit. I am doing all this Linnea Hardware style, but this really could work with any brand.

Your first main thing would be a doorknob, lever handle, whatever you want to call it, choose your style. Like maybe the Linnea LL-97 Stainless Steel Lever just for an example.


ll97s You can see it’s available in either a round or square rosette. Now Linnea’s levers are not available with a keyed function, because that would totally mess with the design to stick an ugly keyed cylinder on the front of these sleek and clean looking levers, so you will want to go with a passage function. Don’t worry, there will be a lock on the door, it just wont be by the lever.


*NOTE: If you want to check out all of Linnea’s Levers, click here.


Then we can move on to choosing a great style deadbolt, the keyed part for your door for security. How about the Linnea DBR200 Single Cylinder


This would look really nice with the round rosette of the lever above.

*NOTE: See all of Linnea’s Deadbolts here.

Hinges are next.


You’ll find 3 1/2″ up to 4 1/2″ Linnea hinges, which is helpful if you need to match where your existing hinges may be.

Now to the door stops, this may not be totally necessary if your door will no way hit a wall or anything, but there is a giant selection of Linnea Door Stops.

What Other Types of Hardware Could Be Used on/around an Exterior Door?

  • Mail Slots
  • House Numbers
  • Kickplates
  • Door Knockers
  • Flush Bolts
  • Surface Bolts
  • Doorbell Covers
  • Screen Door Locks
  • Address Plaques

Check out ALL Misc Hardware!


A NEW LEVER! From Emtek

I almost can’t keep up with all the new stuff that on of our favorite brands, Emtek, comes out with! They are creating new things all the time. I think I like that… like a lot. It’s fun to post about new things on the blog, otherwise it could be real boring. So what’s new from Emtek now? They came out with a new lever called Emtek Hanover Stainless Steel Key in Lever.


It’s a great looking lever right? Many of the Emtek levers are not available in keyed functions, because it would take away from the design. What I really like about the Hanover Lever, is that it was perfectly, and I am sure carefully designed so that the keyed cylinder doesn’t take away from the sleek design of the lever. This key-in, stylish, contemporary design lever also has a brand new rosette! It’s a new disc style that goes perfectly with the rest of the sleek design lever, adding to the look.

The Emtek Hanover Lever can easily be used on an exterior door with the keyed cylinder on the front, it’s also available with as a dummy function, which works great for double doors if you have them. The lever is available in a stainless steel finish. Pair it with an Emtek Stylish deadbolt (and make sure you choose a stainless steel deadbolt to match the finish of this great new lever).


NOTE: You may not see the Hanover Lever on our site just yet because of how brand new this lever is, but please contact us if you would like to order it, we would love to place your order over the phone! And please remember all Emtek items are assembled per order and usually take around 7-10 business days before shipment.