I know. Who in their right mind would blog about door knobs. It’s the business I am in, so cut me some slack. Seriously though, I’ve seen some blogs about things much more worthless. You see, we sell doorknobs here every day. Actually we sell a lot of bath accessoires, cabinet hardware, kickplates, handle sets and other stuff too. So, seems like it might be worth blogging about what’s going on. Maybe someone will read it?

So my name is Jake. There might be other people that blog here as well, but it’ll probably be me most of the time. Sometimes you might also talk to me if you call in with a question about door hardware.

I thought about putting a picture of me here. But I’m nothing to look at. Then, I thought about putting a picture of my wife here because she is nice to look at – but that seems a little wierd. I really felt like there ought to be a picture here though, so I guess you’ll have to settle for this picture of the area we call home. Have a good time reading this blog, or browsing Directdoorhardware.com.

Winter in Logan, Utah. I just took this picture on my way to work one day. I happened to have a camera in the front seat, and it looked kinda pretty.