Welcome to the Future…

Back when I was a kid I was so excited for the future; there were going to be flying cars, robots, holograms — you name it!

With all of my dreams of fantastic futuristic amenities, it had never occurred to me that we would actually be able to buy stuff with the click of a mouse. Imagine that — purchasing some shiny new doorknobs with a computer! How cool is that?!

Well, let me introduce you to something even more futuristic than online door hardware. The picture above shows the new Model 2835 Keyless Locking Leverset from Lockey. This keyless lever is perfect for garage doors, closets, and storage rooms — and the best part is, you don’t need a key to operate it!

Available in multiple finishes (including Lockey’s special Marine Grade Finish), the 2835 Leverset will welcome you to the future in style. Get yours today!

Cheap, Good Schlage Andover Knob

The Schlage Andover is the budget-minded consumer’s choice.  It is a great looking doorknob.  It sports the ever popular smashed round look and it comes in a variety of finishes.  The beautiful rings on the rosette and knob handle add lots of class.  The cheap price of Schalge door hardware is always a selling point, as well.  Check this knob out for yourself.

Rush of the Georgetown/Eden Prairie Combo

The Grandeur Georgetown and Eden Prairie rosette/door knob combo is a high class addition to the home.  The Grandeur Georgetown series is on the higher end of budgeting but they will give you the very best around.  Not only do you get the most sophisticated look, you also get solidly built door hardware that will last a lifetime.  This particular doorknob has a rich, dark finish with striking accents around the edges of the knob and rosette.  The knob full feeling in your hand and the accenting around the edge actually helps to give you a better grip on the knob.  You will definitely be impressed by the Georgetown and Eden Prairie combo.  Check it out and all the other elegant Grandeur door hardware.

Weiser Laurel Knob an Attractive Egg Shaped Doorknob

Egg shaped doorknobs are very popular designs right now.  Many have the standard egg shaped knob but if you want to have an egg shaped knob that breaks the status quo you need to choose the Weiser Laurel knob.  The Laurel door knob comes in the rare Venetian bronze finish.  The Venetian bronze finish mixes a dark finish with lighter accents to give you an impressive contrast.  You get a beautiful doorknob that is sure to be different from all the other egg shaped knobs you see around.

The knob comes backed with the Weiser limited lifetime warranty and can be ordered in all the basic hardware functions.

Modern Beauty from Emtek

This modern stainless steel Emtek doorknob is just what you need for your house.  We are in the 21st century and it is time to catch up the door hardware with today’s styling.  The Emtek stainless steel round knob is beautifully designed.  You can’t find any door hardware as modern as this door knob.  It is almost custom made for your specific options for function, rosette style, backset and door thickness.  Get your’s today and start enjoying the pleasures of 21st century modern design.

Rustic beauty of Emtek Jamestown Knob

The beautiful Emtek Jamestown knob is just what you need for your rustic home decor.  This knob comes with three finishes available.  One of the available finishes is the beautiful rust finish.  The finish is perfect for an antique log cabin.  There are lots of other interior decors that could benefit from the special look of this door knob.  Use your imagination and see how you can take advantage of this great door hardware.

Fall in Love with the Wave of the Balboa Lever

Kwikset is proud to bring you another magnificent door lever in the Kwikset Balboa lever.  The Balboa lever’s smart construction provides you with a solid design that can with stand the wear and tear of any door in the house.  There are lots of functions and finishes to choose from so you can get exactly what you need.  The wave design of the Balboa is very attractive and popular in any decoration styling.  This door lever has a great price tag.  Check it out and if you aren’t satisfied take a look at the rest of the Kwikset levers we offer.

The Ultra Fancy EZSet Ritz Lever Handle

If you want to add some class to your door fast then go with the EZSet Ritz lever handle.  This lever handle is a solid performing lever with zinc die cast components and a lifetime mechanical warranty.  It is also one of the fanciest lever handles that you’ll find out there.  EZSet is a always leading the way in door lever design.  All of their designs are quality built and perform wonderfully for years.  The EZSet Ritz not only gives you performance but the beautiful curves and accent lines of this door lever handle are unbeatable.

The Perfect Doorknob for any Door

If you want a simple door knob that also has good looks then look no further than the Kwikset Cameron door knob.  This door hardware has all you need for basic beauty.  Kwikset prides itself in delivering quality products at the fraction of the price of other knobs.  The Cameron door knob does just that.  You receive a beautifully sculpted door knob with three different finishes to choose from.  Be sure to take a look at this great bargain door hardware from Kwikset.

Fresh New Look to the Keyless Leverset

Much of the keyless entry door hardware has a modern look to it.   Not every keyless entry leverset has to look the same.  Emtek has introduced the Sandcast Bronze keyless leverset to show you that even classic design can be incorporated into keyless door hardware.

Keyless leversets are a great option for both home protection and buisness protection.  The Emtek keyless leverset allows you to program up to 20 unique user codes with a few simple steps done directly on the keypad of the leverset.  The keypad comes with illumination for easy use during the night hours.  You also receive a 2 year warranty for the electronic components so you can stress less about the leverset malfunctioning.

The Emtek Sandcast Bronze keyless leverset comes with a wide variety of finishes to choose from and each features the same classic swiping lever handle and beautiful rosette.  This keyless leverset is both intelligent and attractive.  You can’t get much better than that.