Baldwin Tahoe Knob

The Baldwin Tahoe knob with Tahoe Rose is a one-of-a-kind door knob.  The knob is a very unique design.  the flat face and solid round body give you a great feel when opening and closing the door.  The rosette behind the knob also sports its own style.  The shield like look gives a very European feel to the decor of the room.  With a lifetime warranty and easy installation this knob is shouting to be purchased.

Simplicity at Its Finest

Many times we get caught up in trying to find the perfect door lever.  We try to find the perfect door hardware that is simply elegant.  We get stressed out trying to find the perfect door hardware. Well, for those of you who are looking for something a little simpler you need to check out the Weiser Galiano door lever.

The Weiser Galiano door lever is a simple design with a choice of 5 different finishes.  One of the great features about this hardware is the simplicity of the lever.  It has a straight lever that allows this lever to have either handing.  Weiser did a great job of having the lever slowly flow in an elegant manner.  There just aren’t too many lever handles on the market like this.  The best part about this lever is that it really is elegant and it is simple as well.  In the end, Weiser has come out with a door lever that really is simply elegant.

Update Your Flush Pulls

Flush pulls usually aren’t the main subject when you are renovating or finishing your home.  They can easily go unnoticed.  However, Linnea has a little different mentality.  You don’t have to go with just the plain, stock flush pulls that everyone else has.  You can add some style to every one of your doors.  The Linnea RPS-150 is a wonderful example of what your flush pulls can look like.  This flush pull has a very classy look and features three different finishes.  You don’t have to stay with the norm anymore.  You can be extraordinary.  Check out the RPS 150 and all the other Linnea flush pulls.

Weiser Phoenix Door Knob

The Weiser Phoenix doorknob is what you need if you want a door knob that can hold its own in your home decor.  This door hardware comes in the popular flattened round shape with an attractive decoration on the front.  It will definitely stick out from all the other door knobs that you see around the neighborhood.  The Weiser Phoenix knob was designed to make a statement and people will notice as soon as they get to the door.

Schlage Manhattan a Truly Beautiful Door Lever

The Schlage Manhattan lever is a perfect door lever for any home.  It has an attractive curve to it that catches the attention.  There isn’t anything extreme that makes this stick out.  It just has a simple beauty that calls your attention to it.  There are five different finishes available for the Manhattan lever so you can have it match any home decor.  Schlage has a long history of producing durable, long lasting door hardware.  The Schlage Manhattan lever follows right along with a limited lifetime warranty.  You will definitely be satisfied with the purchase of this lever handle.

Modern Oval Knob by Baldwin

The Baldwin Oval Knob 5442 is another great looking modern doorknob featured on our site.  This door knob features a square rosette and over a dozen finishes.  The versatility of this Baldwin doorknob is hard to find anywhere else.  The doorknob is built to last with solid forged brass.  If you are looking for a durable modern doorknob you can count on the Baldwin Oval Knob 5442.

Save Your Walls from Unnecessary Abuse

We know how annoying it is to have a freshly painted wall destroyed by swinging doors that leave big marks from the doorknob.  You don’t have to suffer from this problem anymore.  Attach one of the Sure-Loc door stops to your door and you can say goodbye to unattractive door knob scuffs.  The Sure-Loc door stop is a cheap addition that is easily concealed at the bottom of your door.  It comes in a bright satin nickel and a darker antique bronze  finish so it can match any door coloring.  With this set up on your door you will have fresh looking walls that last years longer.

Emtek Milano Door Lever

The Emtek Milano door lever is a very versatile lever.  It has many different rosettes and functions available for it.  It has a total of 8 finishes and you can have this lever in either left or right handing.  The Milano lever can be customized to go on any door in your house.  If you are looking for an easy solution to your door hardware replacement project check the Emtek Milano lever.  It will be sure to satisfy.

Schalge’s Egg Shaped Siena Knobset

Schlage has been a leader in reliable door hardware for years.  They make many great looking knobs at a reasonable price.  Schlage door hardware comes in a variety of shapes and finishes allowing you to have any style in your home.   The Schlage Siena knobset is one of our popular egg shaped doorknob sets.  It comes in a selection of 8 finishes and 4 functions.  It also comes with a lifetime guarantee for the finish and mechanical function.  The Siena knobset will not disappoint.  You get the features you need from your door hardware and you don’t have to pay too much.  Be sure to look at all our other Schalge door hardware.

Emtek Sandcast Bronze Winchester knob

The look of Emtek sandcast finish knobs is something rarely seen.  The unique finish goes great with any shaped door knob.  Take a look at the Emtek Sandcast Bronze Winchester doorknob.  This is one of the great knobs that Emtek offers with the famous finishing.  The door knob itself is a squished round doorknob and has a solid brass design that gives your hand a nice heavy feel to it.  When you order this knob you can choose from four rosette types.   The Winchester door knob also has four finish colors.  You pretty much get to build your own custom doorknob.

The cool thing about the sandcast finish of these doors is that it is a living finish.  This means that it will slowly age over time.  The base colors of the knob will work its way out.  You get a doorknob that looks great now and just keeps getting better.  Be sure to take a look at this great knob and our other Emtek door knobs.