Baldwin’s Different Series:

We carry 3 different series from Baldwin on our site right now, Prestige, Reserve and Estate, all very different. So, what is the difference?


Baldwin Prestige Series:

The Prestige Series is on the lower end collection, quality wise. You can probably find this series at your local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes. If you are familiar to Kwikset, this series is comparable to that, what with hollow knobs and levers made of zinc. The entrance and privacy have thumbturns on the interiors to lock and unlock manually. The Handlesets are all sold as a package set including the exterior handleset and matching interior trim.


Baldwin Reserve Series:

The Reserve series Baldwin offers is a much higher end quality made of solid brass. And all items are assembled per order and can take about 4 weeks before they are shipped, which is kind of a bummer, but if you are in no hurry, it’s a great purchase. This series really is a nice quality hardware – comparable to Emtek, if you are familiar with Emtek brand.

How it works is step by step you choose the rosette finish yadda-yadda-yadda, and if it’s a handleset you choose the rosette as well as the interior knob/lever and the finish and whatever else. The Privacy locks include the pin lock on the rosette (rather than a push/turn button on the door knob/lever like most hardware) and the entrance will have a thumbturn on the inside on the door knob for locking and unlocking.  The backsets are adjustable, which makes it SO much easier and one less thing to have to measure.


Baldwin Estate Series:

Baldwin Estate Series is completely customizable, meaning you can order whatever door knob with whatever rosette in whatever finish or in a split finish if you want, with different door knob/lever on each side- pretty much however you want it, this series can get it. They do have a few preconfigured sets, but mostly you just buy part by part and build the set exactly how you want. Although, this series can get a bit pricy, but again, this is good quality stuff.

Any of the door knobs or door levers can be made into sideplates, multi point locks, rim locks, keyless locks, and mortise locks. Pocket door mortise locks are also found from the Estate Series. There are so many variations of latches, faceplates, and even door prep. Also, the Baldwin Estate series have concealed screws to make them look even better. There are over 17 different finishes and a ton of knobs, levers, and rosettes to choose from, so you can imagine the possibilities.




interconnect locks

Interconnect (also known as emergency egress) locks are offered all over the site. Interconnect lock’s interior mechanism, like shown above, makes it possible when turning the knob/lever below will release the lock on the deadbolt above and making it a quick and easy exit. This interconnect device option is only available with the single cylinder, not the double cylinder, as the double cylinder requires a key to unlock from both sides. If you are looking in the handleset section,  you want to look for the handlesets that have a full back plate and you can see that the deadbolt and handle are sharing the plate (see image below), all of the Emtek handlesets with the full back plate have an interconnect device option and you will just have to mark the box if you want the feature. There are also Baldwin handlesets with this interconnect feature.

A handleset that has a separate deadbolt from the handle, like shown above on the right, can not include this feature.To make it easier to search for interconnect handlesets, click on the Emergency Egress/Interconnect button under the handle sets category at the top. It will give list all of the handlesets with the interconnect mechanism.

You can also find the interconnect feature with some of the sideplates. All of the Emtek 5 1/2″ CC Sideplates have the interconnect device option if you are ordering the single cylinder (not double cylinder) if you choose to select it when ordering. Interconnect devices are not available for the Emtek 3 5/8″ CC sideplates.

Looking for commercial grade for with this feature? Under commercial hardware there is a list of categories to the left and you can “narrow by style” by clicking interconnected locks. You can scroll down through all the interconnected locks and find what will work for your application! Now when looking through the commercial interconnect devices after looking for a full plate under the handleset category, you might think that some of these aren’t right because the deadbolt is separated from the lever. It looks that way on the exterior part of the lockset, but all of the commercial interconnect locks have a full plate on the inside of the door and the mechanism works the same.

The interconnect locks or emergency egress locks make exiting so much more simple all you need is one hand. It’s a good feature to have for commercial applications especially in case of an emergency.

All About Backsets:

A backset is the distance from the edge of your door to the center of the bore hole (the big hole where the doorknob is mounted).

Most doors today are already prepped with the standard sizes. A 1″ cross bore hole, 2 1/8″ bore hole, and prepped to fit either 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″ backsets. Lots of times the backsets that come with the hardware you purchase are adjustable between these 2 sizes, which makes ordering a whole lot easier. Some hardware, this isn’t always the case and you may find that it isn’t even a standard size backset. So to be safe, you should go and measure your door to make sure of the size backset you need to order. The easiest way to figure out what  you need is to measure from the edge of the door where the latch goes in and out to the highest part of your bore hole, or the highest part of the existing knob’s backplate.

The sizes that we just mentioned for tubular backsets aren’t the only sizes out there for standard doors, there are a couple more that we offer on our site. For instance, the 2″ tubular backset is more uncommon, but there are some doors we have found that require a size smaller than 2-3/8″. This 2″ backset size is made by Brass Accents, just give us a call to order.

Also, there are some cases where the backset measurement is bigger than the 2-3/4″, and you may find that your measurement is a 5″ backset. Again, a 5″ backset isn’t as common as the standard sizes, but we see them more often then the 2″, and because it’s a little more common that means you’ll find it’s offered in a bigger variety. Kwikset and Schlage brands offer this size with pretty much any of the hardware they carry, all you have to do is request a 5″ backset.

So what if you have a mortise style door? It’s basically the same idea if you are trying to measure. Just find the center where the door knob would go through and measure from that point to the edge of the door. Generally the backset sizes for these mortise styles will be either 2-1/2″ or 2-3/4″. But Baldwin carries a special 1-1/2″ and 2″ backset mortise box for narrow stiles.

If you need more help, give us a call and we can help you find the hardware with the right size backset for you!

Baldwin Reserve Series Square Lever

Baldwin Reserve Series Square Lever

You can order the square lever like shown above with the square rosette.

Or with a round one…

This Baldwin Square Lever is available in 3 finishes and 5 functions. Baldwin Reserve Series makes it easy and fun to mix and match in numerous ways to make it fit your style.

Don’t forget matching deadbolts!

Baldwin Reserve Series Tube Lever

Baldwin Reserve Series Tube Lever

Reserve Series offers the ability to mix and match knobs, levers, roses, and deadbolts to create your own unique blend.

The Baldwin Tube Lever is available with a round rosette, like shown, or with a square rosette.

Don’t like the Satin Nickel? Well, Baldwin also offers this lever in Polished Chrome as well as Venetian Bronze.

Functions that are available with this lever are keyed entry, privacy, passage, full dummy, and half dummy.

Come check out the numerous ways to express your personal style with Baldwin Reserve Series.

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