Superior Multi-Point Patio Door Lock Trim Replacements


Do you have the Superior brand multi point or patio doors? Are you looking for some options to replace the hardware? Emtek offers tons of options of exterior and interior trims, called Emtek Multi Point Lock Trim sets, that attach right to your existing mechanism. There are tons of back plates and tons of levers after you find what backplate suits your style. These are assembled the way you choose. With whatever back plate, with whatever lever, with whatever finish and function.


If you go to the Emtek Multi Point Lock Trims page you will find several configurations, these are important to look over before you order, to make sure the correct trims will be sent to you and will fit your Superior doors (or any other brand of door). Configuration 1 is the one you should be looking at if you have Superior doors. If you don’t have Superior doors, find your brand of door listed under any of the 7 configurations.



You will want to make sure your existing mechanism matches up to this configuration. If for some reason it doesn’t, the Emtek trim sets we send wont fit properly. It’s important to know that these are ONLY the trims, meaning they DO NOT include the interior locking mechanisms of the door – the mechanisms should be provided from your Superior door manufacturer. These will include a trim for the exterior side of the door and a trim for the interior side of the door.


With all the options of backplates, levers, and finishes you should easily be able to find something that will fit the style you love for your Superior Doors. That’s what makes Emtek so great, because you don’t easily run out of options. Emtek’s hardware is made of solid brass as well, so it’s sturdy and functions smoothly. Be sure to call if you have questions or need help ordering!

What is the CF Mechanism?

Maybe you have seen a ton of great hardware already from Emtek, but have you seen the new(er) CF mechanism they came out with? Now your question might be “What in the world is that?”…  It’s only something that’s awesome, something that’s genius, something you all will probably want! CF is short for ‘Concealed Fastener’. In other words this system that is oh so genius is a super sleek design with no exposed screws. I say again… you can’t see the screws! Brilliant! This makes all of their modern, stylish, unique, awesome designs of door hardware even more sleek.


All of Emtek’s Brass, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Crystal and Porcelain interior passage and privacy locksets are available with the CF mechanism feature. You can see all of the door knobs and levers with the CF mechanism here.


There is no handing required on any CF mechanism, not even for the levers. You don’t have to worry about if your door is a right hand or left hand with the CF mechanism. It’s also easy and simple to install. These are designed to fit standard door prep and a door thickness of 1 3/8″ to 1 3/4″, but if you have a door thickness that is up to 2 3/4″, Emtek offers special accommodations to fit it, just make sure you specify when you order and we will make sure to send you the right items.


What’s also pretty cool about this new feature is that it also includes a 28 degree latch.



Standard latches will require you to turn the door knob or push the lever down (like the picture above shows) a lot more than it would require you to turn a door knob or lever with a 28 degree latch. You will love how smooth it operates. It’s just something more convenient to have that Emtek has offered with the cool CF mechanism! It doesn’t seem like you could go wrong with choosing the CF mechanism, does it?




What Door Hardware Do I Need for Exterior French Doors?

French doors or in other words double doors are commonly seen on many front entry ways of many homes now. We get asked quite a bit what type of hardware do you need to order for a set of double exterior doors? Exterior meaning you will want the door to have a keyed lock for security, but what else? Lets break it down to be little more simple.

French doors will have a fixed door and an operable door. It’s important to know which door is the active door and which door is fixed door, in other words is the active door on the left or on the right? This is important, because some levers and some handlesets require handing of the door. Here is a chart to help you figure out if your door is left hand or right hand.


If you want both french doors to open you can order either a few flush bolts (which are the most common) or surface bolts (which are more decorative) that are installed at the top and bottom of the fixed door to lock the door in place and then you can simply unlatch it when you want the fixed door to open.

The most obvious piece of door hardware you may think to order is a keyed lock set. That being a keyed door knob, a keyed lever or a keyed handleset. If you decide to go with a keyed door knob or lever, you will also want to purchase a deadbolt to go above the door knob or lever. Any of these you decide to go with will be installed on your active door. Handlesets are nice because the deadbolt is already included and they look super nice on exterior doors, but these are a little more expensive.

For the fixed door, remember your flush bolt or surface bolt liked I mentioned earlier. If you check out your french doors, the operable door should have a hole bored for the keyed lock set you chose to go with and the fixed door may not have a hole at all. You can choose whether you want to order a dummy set – a dummy door knob, dummy door lever handle, or a dummy handleset. Some people don’t order anything for the fixed door and it looks just fine, but then others like both doors to look symmetrical. It’s up to you!

*NOTE: Make sure that if you are ordering a dummy it is a set, because some dummy door knobs or levers are shipped with only one for one side of the door, in this case you will need to order 2 dummies for the fixed door.

What is a Door Hinge with a Non Removable Pin?

A door hinge with a non removable pin isn’t uncommon, but that’s not to say that it is common. Yes we get customers from time to time requesting this specific type of hinge, but why? I’m sure you have figured out what a non removable pin hinge is. It’s hopefully pretty self explanatory. It’s where the pin of the hinge can not be removed when the door is shut.



So why would you want this, why would people request this? Because it may be a little harder to install the door, some of the hinges will require you to have to take the entire hinge off along with the door if for some reason you are removing the door. There are some brands that have a screw that holds the pin in place and when the door is completely shut you can not remove the pin, but you can remove the pin from the inside when the door is open by removing the screw. This makes it easier to install the door(s). Now back to the question why most people even order this option. Sometimes you will find an exterior door where the door opens out, or in other words the hinges are exposed on the outside of the door. If you order regular hinges, an intruder could easily tap out the pin and get inside. They wouldn’t even have to think about messing with the lock. So non removable pins come in handy for this purpose. It keeps the owner worry free.


Most all the hinges come standard with removable pins. Non removable pin hinges are available with almost any Emtek or PHG hinge upon request. They do cost a few dollars more, but we can easily order them for you if you need. Just give us a call and we would be happy to help you order! 877-852-9449.

Atrium Multi-point patio door lock Trim replacements

Atrium multi point patio doors are doors that have 3 or more points where bolts can come out of the edge of the door to lock the door in place. Multi Point locks or patio locks have become very popular. Lot’s of people like multi point doors because of the added security and also how well the function. Plus they look great. If you have Atrium multi point patio brand doors, but need some replacement trims you have come to the right spot!


Atrium multi point doors provide you the mechanism inside the door (the 3 or more points where the bolts lock your door in place), and most likely you have the hardware that came along with it. We provide replacement trim levers that will attach to your existing Atrium mechanism. This is for people that are just looking for the replacement trims though, NOT the mechanism. Maybe you wanted a new style, or maybe your existing hardware is all worn out, that’s when you can check out all the replacement trims Emtek (just look under Emtek’s multi point lock trim section) offers that should fit your Atrium doors.


Not all of the trims that Emtek offers will fit your Atrium Doors. That’s why we made a list of configurations (or measurements) and listed each of the door brands that fit that configuration. So basically all you need to do is find your door brand and it will give you your configuration. Atrium is under configuration 1 for example.




It’s important to make sure your existing measurements for your Atrium multi point door match up with these measurements of this configuration 1. And after you find that it does match up, you have many many back plate styles to choose from and after that you get to choose from many many levers and finishes! So pretty much what I am saying is that the list is endless and you can make your patio replacement trim totally original.

Door Lever for Doors Over 3″ Thick

It’s not overly common for a door to be over standard thickness, which is anywhere from 1 3/4″ up to 2″ thick. Most doors are already prepped this standard thickness and most hardware are made to fit standard prepped doors. This can make it hard for those looking for door hardware to fit over this standard door thickness.


For doors over 2″ Standard Thickness:

For those of you that have doors that are thicker than the standard 2″ thickness, check out Emtek. They offer door hardware starting from the standard 1 3/4″ all the way up to 3″ thick! All you have to do is find the door hardware you like and you will be able to select the door thickness you have. We found that it’s becoming more and more common for front doors to be a little thicker than standard, because lot’s of people have great big fancy front doors on their homes.


For doors over 3″ Thick:

A door over 3″ thick, is pretty uncommon, but hey… I’m sure there is someone out there looking for some kind of hardware to fit on a really thick door that nobody seems to carry. So if you are looking for any kind of door hardware to fit your door that’s over 3″ thick, we have this special mechanical lever on the site from Lockey just for you!

Lockey Style 2835 Passage Lever Handle


The Lockey Lever is a mechanical lock and is also available in double combination.

The lever can fit doors from standard thickness all the way up to 5″ thick! I’m thinking not many people (if any) will need a lever to fit a door that is over 5″ thick. I guess you never know.

You can choose from many finishes, such as antique brass, bright brass, satin chrome, satin nickel, jet black, white, bright chrome, oil rubbed bronze and a ‘special finish’ called marine grade.

Installing an Edge Pull for a Pocket Door

Installing an edge pull is pretty simple. The edge pull that we installed in this post is an Emtek 2221 Edge pull. Please note: depending on what type of edge pull you have or are going to install will depend on if you will need to add or skip some of these steps.

Tools you will need:

  • Hammer
  • Sharp 1/2″ Chisel
  • Sharp Pencil
  • Measuring Tape
  • 1/2″ Drill Bit

First, you will want to mark the bottom of where you will wan the finger pull mounted (in our case, we are mounting the pull below the pocket door lock that was already installed in the door). After you have it marked, center your edge pull on the door edge by using your measuring tape if needed. After you have it all centered, map out with your pencil and chisel where the edge pull will sit on the door.


Now you can go ahead and chisel out about 1/8″ deep of the door wood making sure not to go outside the lines. It’s important to make sure your chisel is sharp to achieve a clean look. It should look something like this:


Place the edge pull in the recessed area backwards so you can see where to mark the area where the pull handle itself will need to be chiseled away when its not being used. We marked about an 1″ tall area towards the bottom of the plate so the finger pull could move freely in and out of the door. If you look at this picture of the edge pull placed backwards into the recessed area we just chiseled away:


You will notice that there is a hinge barrel at the top of the pull, so we marked an area to chisel away just enough material so the hinge can function.

Using a chisel remove the material up where the hinge is. And for the finger handle area, use the 1/2″ drill bit.


After removing all the leftover material, place the finger pull where it should sit to test and make sure it will move freely. If it all works, mount it using the provided screws and now you should be able to easily use your pocket door!


Replacement Trims for KML by Andersen Multi Point Patio Doors

Multi point locks, also known as patio locks, are locks that have 3 or more different points where locking bolts can lock the door in place. Do you have a Multi Point lock? There are over 20 different door brands that we have listed on our site for those multi point lock doors you have (check here). Chances are that we carry hardware (Emtek Hardware) that will fit your same brand of multi point lock door hardware.

When I say we carry the hardware, that means NO mechanism is included with the hardware. It only includes the replacement trims, or door levers that attach to the existing mechanism your door already includes. The mechanism will come with the door you order and they should have locks or hardware to choose from that will come with the door. The reason we offer this same type of hardware is for replacements. Maybe your door locks are old,used and abused and you want some shiny new ones that will dress up your patio door a bit more, or maybe the door company didn’t have the ones you like?

So check your multi point lock door. If they are KML by Andersen, we have plenty of door hardware trims to choose from! We ask that you make sure and compare the measurements of your door with the measurements of this configuration known as configuration 1 below, specifically for KML by Andersen doors (this configuration will also work for a few other brands that are also listed on the site).

config_1If this configuration does match up with your KML by Andersen doors, you will definitely want to check out all of the multi point trims that Emtek offers! Find the plate you like first, which means you will probably need to ignore the levers that are examples and then once you find your favorite place, you can choose from many many levers in the description box! All that’s left is choosing the function, finish and handing! With all the options, its easy to make it fit your idea of style.


How to Easily Choose Your Emtek Lever And Your Rosette

There are so many Emtek Levers out there and if you think of all the rosette options just one lever has, holy cow… it could get overwhelming. But that’s one of the many great things of Emtek! You get to make the hardware match your own personal style. With all the options, it make it easy to find that idea you had in your head.

We have created a new page to easily select a style of lever you like without the distraction of one of the rosettes attached as an example. You can choose the lever you really like and then after clicking on it, it will bring up a page of images with that same lever and all of the rosettes it offers! Let me show you a for example. Lets say you are a huge fan of the Emtek Milano Lever

milano_snSo on this special page, you go ahead and click on this Milano lever and then it will bring up a page with this lever and an example of what it will look like with each rosette it offers. Such as:

Milano Lever with the Regular rosette:


Milano Lever with Rope Rosette:


Milano Lever with Lancaster Rosette:


Milano Lever with Ribbon & Reed Rosette:


Milano Lever with #8 Rosette:


Milano Lever with Oval Rosette:


And finally the Milano Lever with Rectangular Rosette:


Click here to shop by Emtek Lever!

This is supposed to help make it easier for you to choose what you are wanting to go for. After choosing what lever and rosette you want, then all that’s left is the finish! There are several finishes to choose with each Emtek lever. And then of course there are the options such as handing, backset, function and door thickness.

With this new shop Emtek by Lever (check back later, we are also working on shop by knob and shop by rosette), we are hoping to make it less stressful or overwhelming for you and a lot more easy and enjoyable!

Edge Pulls, What Every Pocket Door Needs

Pocket doors are great for keeping space! because it takes up no space at all! They slide right into the “pocket”, as if there was no door at all! Super handy for places where you can’t spare the room that it would take for a regular swinging door to be opened. So that’s where the pocket door and all it’s glory comes sliding in to save your life! The hardware made specifically for pocket doors are nicely thought out I’d say. You will need some of this pocket door hardware if you want a pocket door. There are lots of different kinds but one specifically I’d like to talk about is an edge pull, like this edge pull from Emtek for example.


What is it? What is it used for? An edge pull is installed on the edge of the door (hence the name) and it has a little handle (or finger pull) that you can pull out when the door is in the pocket. It’s made so that you have something to be able to hold on to and pull the door out of the pocket when it’s flush with the door jamb. When the handled (or finger pull) is not being used, it will sit flush on the edge of the door so that it does not get in the way of anything or interfere with being able to close it all the way. Some pocket door locks will have the edge pull feature, but not all of them. So you can order this piece and install it on the edge of the door, below the pocket door lock if you wish.

Soon, I will make a post on how to install the pocket door pull. ** UPDATE: Check out the new post, Installing an Edge Pull for a Pocket Door.  It’s very similar to the post I did earlier on How to Install a Door Knob Latch. Some more Chiseling.