Replacing a Vintage Door Knob Only

Vintage (or antique) door knobs go way way back. We can all picture a style in our heads of what one might look like or maybe one we have seen in the past. These are the kind of door knobs I have always loved, even before I was a part of Direct Door Hardware. I just now thought of a time when I was young and my parents wanted to buy a new home and I would ask them what the door knobs looked like in each house they went to tour. I remember them thinking it was so funny that I really wanted to know what the door knobs looked like. And now, I work for a place where door hardware is ordered and shipped on a daily bases. A little ironic.

If someone were to mention vintage door knob, the first style that pops into my head are the porcelain door knobs (my favorite), then I think of the crystal door knobs. There are other styles too like brass that have fancy designs engraved on them, or just simple style ones with a big rectangular backplate. The list goes on and on.

Maybe you have an older home with some of these old antique or vintage style door knobs that need replacing, not the mechanism, just the door knob. You can do just that. Nostalgic Warehouse offers door knobs only with a spindle of your choice (standard, mortise, privacy, or dummy), making it easy to replace your old door knobs without having to buy all new mechanism and going through the hassle of  installing it all.

NOTE: It’s important to know that we do not guarantee that these will fit all the brands out there and some brands may have their own design, so please make sure to take measurements of your existing antique or vintage hardware to be certain you order the correct size of spindle. Nostalgic Warehouse hardware has a 20% restock fee.

You can see all the Nostalgic Warehouse door knob and spindle only options here.

If you need to replace your entire vintage mechanism and door knob and your door knob uses skeleton keys, you can find all the hardware here.

Antique Hardware

“When it comes to choosing door hardware for your home, we know you’ve got lots of options. Plain or fancy. Brass or nickel. Modern or traditional. If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit different with quality that will last and last, Nostalgic Warehouse doorsets offer the ideal blend of modern function and vintage sparkle. Nostalgic Warehouse has a wide range of vintage door hardware products. Whether you are looking to replace antique door knobs, or give your new home a vintage look; Nostalgic Warehouse has hardware that will last a long time and a great look. Set your home apart from the rest with Nostalgic Warehouse vintage door hardware products.  See also our large selection of antique hardware from Grandeur, Emtek and Brass Accents.”

Nostalgic  Warehouse is probably the most popular of the antique hardware. There is a wide selection of that vintage style you may be looking for. These knobs are great for replacing the old antique skeleton key type door knobs (aka mortise locks), because those antique doors wont fit just any door knob. Nostoalgic Warehouse is also great for if you love that vintage look for your new home. There are also tons of door knobs that look vintage but fit the standard prep doors. You can find pretty much any type of antique hardware with Nostalgic Warehouse, from antique handlesets down to a vintage style door stop.

Grandeur Door Hardware is another line from Nostalgic Warehouse. It has a lot of the vintage style but with a modern function.

Emtek’s antique selection is another high quality hardware that will last and last. The variety of styles may be a little more scarce, as the options are narrowed down to either crystal or porcelain styles.

Brass Accents antique selection is where you will find all of the solid brass styles. Each one of the Brass Accents antique style door knobs have their own intricate detail and design which makes them classic.


Nostalgic Warehouse Victorian Plate with Homestead Knob

Nostalgic Warehouse Victorian Plate with Homestead Knob

What a great way to obtain that antique door knob look, with the components that fit a modern style door. Choose from 5 different finishes.


NOTE: For exterior doors we recommend using a passage function knob in conjunction with a Nostalgic Warehouse Deadbolt above. Crystal or porcelain knobsets are not recommended for exterior use and are not covered under warranty if used for that purpose. Optional mortise-lock sets for antique doors available.



Nostalgic Warehouse New York Plate with Porcelain Knob


Nostalgic Warehouse New york with Porcelain.

You can order door knobs that look just like the classics back in the day. This is shown with a decorative keyhole. You can order it with or without.

Come take a look at all the styles here.

These are meant to fit doors that are prepped for standard tubular latches.


Note: If your door is prepped for a skeleton key type mortise lock box, these door knobs in the above link will not fit. We have antique reproduction knob sets which are meant to replace old worn out skeleton key lock boxes. If you need some hardware to replace your skeleton key type doors, take a look here.

I Need Help Finding a Handleset That Will Fit My Door…

Is there a way to search for a new handleset with my measurements?


We have this handy new page added to our site to do just that!

Make sure and make your measurements before and read through the important paragraphs to better help you.

All of the Handlesets are grouped by manufacture and listed in order by measurements. Be sure to let us know if you have any questions, we would be glad to take the order over the phone.


What if I have existing holes in my door, but want a new handleset?

No problem! That’s what all the measurements were taken for! We made this easy to read grid to help you find exactly what Handlesets will fit your existing holes.

One of the most important measurements, is the “C” measurement shown here.

Your handleset will have a through bolt attaching the bottom of the exterior grip. It’s important to match this length with your new handleset to avoid drilling a new hole in the door and unsightly patching.

There is about 1-1/2″ of adjustment on the “C” measurement for these handlesets; 3/4″ shorter or longer than the length shown.

The standard door prep for an entrance doors is two 2-1/8″ bore holes that are 5-1/2″ center to center (measurement “B” in the image to the right) If you have more or even a little smaller than 5-1/2 inches, you can still use a sectional handleset, which have a seperate deadbolt.


This is made to make it an easier search for the perfect hardware for your door.

We are watching out for you.

Give us a call if you need any help!


Narrow Your Search

We have so many ways to help make it easier to find exactly what you need.

You can search by brand, best value, finish (once you have chosen your category), and you can even narrow your search by style



Where can I find a Vintage Backplate?

We know some of you folks out there have or may have come across some really old door knobs that would go really well with your old style home you got going, but them backplates probably took a good beating huh?  Well hang on to those fellers, because we might just have a solution!

VINTAGE BACKPLATES ONLY! Oh yeah, we sell those yellow belly slickers in the Antique Hardware Section on this here site of ours.

Please take measurements of your hardware to make sure you are ordering exactly what you are looking for, because Nostalgic Warehouse is subject to a 20% restock fee.



What Do I Need to Know Before Ordering?

What do I need to know before ordering door hardware?

This may be a question you have, so lets go over some of the things you need to know, before you order a door knob/lever or deadbolt.


Door Preparation:

Most of the door knobs on our site don’t need many measurements at all. You will need to make sure that you door hardware fits a standard door preparation. If you don’t know what that is, look over the diagrams below. The first diagram is a standard prep for most likely a standard interior door. If you are ordering a Handleset or Knob and a Deadbolt, the second diagram is the standard prep for something like that (if your door measures different from 5 1/2″ CC, please give us a call).


The backset is the distance from the edge of your door to the center of the bore hole (the big hole where the doorknob is mounted). The easiest way to figure out what you need is to measure from the edge of the door where the latch goes in and out to the highest part of your bore hole, or the highest part of the existing knob’s backplate.

Almost all of the ones on our site are either 2 3/8″ or 2 3/4″, although we do have 2″ backset deadbolt from Brass Accents. If there is not an option on our site to choose a backset measurement, it means that it adjusts from 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4″. If not, you probably should take out the ruler.

Door Thickness:

Standard door thickness is 1 3/4″ – 2″. If you have a door that is over that thickness, Emtek has a lot of hardware that can fit up to 3″ thick. So as long as your doors are standard, you won’t need to worry about that part when ordering anything on the site.

Door Handing

Door handing is a lot easier than it sounds. Lots of the brands make this super easy, where they are interchangeable and you change the left hand to right hand vise versa. But some of brands require handing, so here is a diagram to help you determine what you have.


step 1 Stand facing the door on the outside – If it’s a locking door, stand on the side of the door where you would insert a key (or unlocking tool if it would be a privacy lock).
step 2 If the hinges are on the left, it’s a left hand door. If the hinges are on the right, it’s a right hand door.


These are just the main things you will need to know before placing an order. You will still need to choose a style and the finish and all that fun stuff. But this should help you get started. Make sure to specify your keying instructions… keying all alike is free! If you need master keying give us a call.

Happy shopping and happy weekend!