Sure-Loc Basel Lever

Sure-Loc is really good at coming out with new stuff that has a modern design, which is a really popular choice to pick for your home. I remember when they had just come out with the Sure-Loc Juneau Modern Lever, it became a quick favorite for lots of people. And there was/are many great reviews that came along with it. Then came the Sure-Loc Oslo Modern Lever, somewhat similar to the Juneau, and it became yet another popular choice with many great reviews for it’s modern design. These two are probably the two most popular levers from Sure-Loc as well as one of the more popular (not to mention affordable) modern levers on the site! It’s always exciting to see what they come up with next!

Introducing the New Sure-Loc Basel Modern Door Lever


The Basel Modern Lever is a great new design with straight lines, making it another lever that I am sure will be very popular. This great modern lever is available in two finishes, satin nickel and vintage bronze, giving you a little more of an option, unlike the Juneau or the Oslo. You can order it as a passage, privacy or dummy function.  The reason the keyed function is not available for these modern levers is because it would change the style design significantly, so we recommend if wish to use this lever and need the door to have a keyed function to use a passage function of the lever along with a Sure-Loc Deadbolt, such as the Sure-Loc Modern Square Deadbolt. The handing for this lever is reversible, meaning you can make it work on either a right hand or left hand door and you don’t have to check which one you need first.

Sure-Loc makes sure all of their hardware is easy to install, stylish and the affordable cost pretty much can’t be beat!


I was just noticing the mighty large collection of sweaters, jackets, coats and scarves I have collected throughout the house. Because of the freezing weather lately I always have something laying around to grab in case I start to get the shivers and it’s starting to look a little ridiculous. I never seem to take the time to go the the closet find myself a hanger or 10 and hang every one of the coats and such up (mainly because I am honestly scared of the closet. I have some not so good memories of me finding a gigantic spider that I can’t get past). So I have thought to myself, maybe I need to find a coat rack or something. Then just today, just now I saw these awesome little inventions…called…





1. Linnea HK187 Hook/ 2. Linnea HK182 Hook/ 3. Linnea HK184 Hook/ 4. Linnea 4 Hole Hook Plate/ 5. Linnea HK5046 Hook


All of these shown are hooks from Linnea. You can see all of Linnea’s Hooks here.

We don’t have to stop at Linnea! There are plenty more hooks to check out from other brands! Like for instance Emtek, Sure-Loc, Amerock, Dynasty, Omnia, and Rusticware. If you are interested in looking at all the hooks for all brands, check under the Bath hardware section and click on robe hooks. Then you can click on the categories to the left, like brands and finishes to help narrow down choices. Just because it’s under the ‘bath hardware’ category, it surely doesn’t mean that’s all these small and helpful items can be used for! Put your imagination to the test!

Because I am having such a hard time with the idea of hanging up junk in the closet, I really like the idea of hooks mounted to the wall for easy hang up – for coats, jackets, purses, scarves, or whatever else, and that includes hooks for guest stuff too!


What Types of Ball or Roller Catches Are There?

First, what is a ball catch? A ball catch is usually used on a closet door, but you might find them in other applications sometimes. The ball catch is installed on the top of the door and installed in a hole drilled to fit. A spring loaded ball protrudes from the top of the door which holds the door closed when resting in the strike plate of the jamb above.

A roller catch has the same idea and is also mounted on the top of the door and includes a strike plate that is mounted to the door jamb above, the most noticeable difference really between the ball catch and roller catch, is that the roller catch is a spring loaded cylinder that rolls rather than a ball. Roller catches are probably a little more heavy duty and smoother working, they are also a little more expensive than ball catches. Once we go through with pictures of the different types, you will be able to see the difference between the two.

Our most common ball catch is probably the Sure-Loc Ball Catch

The Sure Loc ball catch is the most common style ball catch with it’s screw down face plate to help keep the ball catch in place. It’s also one of the least expensive.

a couple more with similar designs are:

The Emtek Ball Catch

And the Omnia Ball Catch

Both the Emtek and Omnia catches have square corner face plates like the Sure Loc ball catch, but these two are a little more expensive in price. They are both a little more heavy duty and that may be worth it to you to pay a little extra, your choice.

Be sure to check out the different finishes all 3 of these offer!

The next is really really similar to the 3 above, except it has round corner face plates rather than square. It’s comparable to the Sure-Loc Ball catch (see above), very inexpensive. The Rusticware Ball Catch:

This next one is called a Drive-In Ball Catch from Residential Essentials. This is the least expensive ball catch on the site and probably the easiest one to install, as it doesn’t require chiseling the door where the face plate can be flush with the door and screwed in because it has no face plate.

Now on to the two roller catches we carry on the site. The Linnea Roller Catch and the Emtek Roller Catch. Both are great quality catches that are a little more durable than the basic ball catches, but are a little more expensive.

Don’t forget to check out what finishes all of these offer!

Find all the catches here.

Modern Levers for Exterior Doors

I know I have said many many times that modern design is what majority of people are going for in their home or office today. So because modern is so popular I think it makes one of the more interesting topics for people to talk, or in my case read/write about. Modern homes and buildings are everywhere you look now, and it’s important for modern homes and buildings to have modern hardware! There are lots of different types of modern style hardware to drool over – from door knobs to house numbers. And when you love modern, it’s probably going to end up on your front door, because the front door is the best place to make a first impression. Like maybe a great modern lever would look rad?

The levers above are both from Linnea. The first one (LL-95), is one of the more unique styles Linnea carries and the second one (LL-148) is just classic don’t you think? Check out more modern levers from Linnea and other brands like Baldwin, Emtek, Nova, Omnia Schlage and Sure Lochere.


So what if you really do want the modern levers for your exterior doors and it’s not offered as a keyed entrance function? OR – The modern lever you like is available with a keyed entrance, but you’d hate to have the bulky keyed cylinder ruin or take away from the design – what can you do then?

There’s no worries! This problem can easily be solved with an extra little device called a deadbolt. A deadbolt is used mostly on exterior doors and have a keyed cylinder and when the key or turn lever is turned a bolt locks the door in place. So all you would have to do is install a great looking deadbolt above your passage function modern lever. Providing security and style.

Note: It’s always best to try and stick with the same brand, that way the finishes are guaranteed to match.

Here are some great looking deadbolts with a modern taste:

Linnea Round Deadbolt (DBR200)/Linnea Square Deadbolt (DBS200) – Also check out more modern deadbolts from Linnea and other brands here.

Affordable Hardware

I know it can get super overwhelming and maybe even frustrating when it’s time to start looking for all new hardware for your home. It might be scary to think of how much it will cost when it’s all said and done. Maybe you are on a tight budget and are not looking to spend an arm and a leg for all the hardware, but still want every piece to look really great. Believe it or not, you can have all of that! Sure Loc is affordable and offers pretty much every style you can think of – like rustic, decorative or elegant styles, and modern. You will find a variety of finishes with every style. But the most important part is just how affordable Sure Loc really is! I think modern styles are probably the most popular right now and if you compare Sure-Loc’s modern lever prices with other higher quality brands that carry a similar modern style, you will see that you can nearly get 2 Sure Loc Modern style levers for the price of one from other brands.

Check out the Sure Loc Juneau Modern Lever for kicks- The most popular modern lever from Sure-Loc.

There is more where that came from. The Sure Loc modern levers example was to just give you an idea of what Sure Loc is all about. Great styles that are affordable. There are lots of other style to check out too. Maybe you are more about rustic rough edges and dark finish sandcast, if that’s true you might like the Sure Loc Wasatch Handleset:

Or how about classy and elegant? Sure Loc also offers bath hardware, cabinet hardware and other miscellaneous items (like door stops and hinges and whatever else) some more fancy than others. Sure Loc Sage Series bath hardware is definitely fancy:

Like I said already and I will say it again, there is plenty more hardware from Sure Loc to look through and all of it is affordable as well as good looking!

What Hardware Do I Need for a Pocket Door?

What is a Pocket Door?


A Pocket door is a sliding door that disappears when it’s opened all the way – it slides right into the adjacent wall.

Pocket doors are pretty popular in homes because they don’t take the up space like a regular door would. With regular doors, you would have to figure out what side and which way you want it to swing open and making sure that it doesn’t take up valuable space for furniture or family pictures. With a pocket door all you need is a wall that it can slide into and the proper prepping.

What Hardware Do I Need for a Pocket Door?

Emtek Privacy Pocket Door Hardware

Pocket doors can’t use any old door knob or lever. These special doors need special hardware that are flush to the door so it can slide right into the compartment when fully opened. And a pocket door also needs the special hardware so it can slide in and out of the wall, but we will get into that later. For starters, lets go over what kind of hardware there is to get a grip on the door. The hardware is called pocket door hardware, go figure.

There are several different brands of pocket door hardware to choose from like Sure-Loc, Emtek, Linnea, Kwikset, Schlage and Omnia. And many styles and finishes as well. There are square or rectangle styles (aka standard), like the one shown above, or you can find round, mortise, and other styles

The standard pocket door lock is the most common and used on a door slab with a notch cut out of the edge. These are pretty easy to install and include a finger pull on the edge of the hardware which is one of the reasons they are more popular. The round pocket door lock is a great option if the door slab you are using already has a hole bored in it for a standard door knob. If your door is already prepped this way, the other pocket door lock styles will not work for you. Third is a mortise lock box style. This type of pocket door lock is a nice, high end lock, but it does require more technical carpentry to prep the door properly. Neither the round style or Mortise style of pocket door hardware includes a finger pull so you may want to purchase one to be mounted above or below the pocket door lock of your choosing.

Make sure you are paying attention to whether it says privacy or passage in the titles and/or description. Privacy means it will have a little privacy turn button, so it can be used on a bathroom or a bedroom door. If you don’t need a privacy lock, look for the hardware that says it’s a passage, it won’t have any type of lock.

So now that we understand what is needed to get a grip, how about the hardware you’ll need for the sliding action? Check out the pocket door hardware kit from Stanley on the site. It’s designed for a 3′ wide and 6’8″ tall door opening. And includes: 1 header tracker, 1 pair of hangers, 2 guides, 1 bumper, 1 jamb stud set, 1 wrench, 2 end brackets, and 2 base plates. Now you should be good to go.




What is ANSI?

You may have seen something like “Conforms with ANSI…” next to the UL rated sign on some of the commercial hardware. But what does ANSI mean? If you happened to read the UL Listing post you may know a little bit about it. It stands for American National Standards Institute. This is an agency that tests and sets standards for lots of things.

You may also see something about BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers), which is a similar agency to ANSI. Unlike ANSI, BHMA specifically tests door hardware, where ANSI could be pretty much testing anything. To be a little more specific on testing and setting standards, ANSI grades the hardware for strength and longevity. You may have noticed that door hardware has different grades like grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3. Those are ANSI grades.

Grade 1 being the highest or the most heavy duty grade for door hardware. Grade one is used for public buildings, like schools or hospitals etc.

Grade 2 is considered more of a light commercial and used on apartment buildings, dentist offices or pretty much any office or business. For example, the Schlage F-Series residential and Weslock residential locks have a grade 2 rating.

Grade 3 is basically all the simple hardware you would find in the home. The doors at home aren’t used quite as often as more public places so they don’t require heavy duty hardware. Hardware like the Kwikset residential is a grade 3. And Sure-Loc would probably be a grade 3 if ANSI rated it.


Best Selling

There are quite a few best selling items on our site, but our best seller is…

The Arapaho Egg Shaped Door Knob

from Sure-Loc


It is available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Nickel, Satin Nickel Flat Black, and Vintage Bronze.

And 5 functions.

The Arapaho’s popular egg shape style will fit with pretty much any setting. It’s unique hollow formed brass design makes it much more cost effective. Sure-Loc dishes out great quality for a great affordable price. You can’t go wrong.