NEW From Emtek

There’s always something new and exciting from Emtek. We love it. They are always bringing something fresh. There are several new things they have introduced. Each of these are available now and if you aren’t able to find them on the site yet, please call us so we can place the order by phone. They should be added to the site very soon.

First are the new,

Art Deco Cabinet Hardware Collection.

29Introducing the Art Deco Knob, the Art Deco Pull, the Newport Knob, the Tribeca Pull, the Alexander Pull, and the Art Deco Square Backplate for knob as well as one for the pull. This new cabinet hardware collection of pulls and knobs are all available in oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, polished chrome, and polished nickel finishes. Backplates are available for each knob or pull as well.

Next, I am super excited about is the new,

Modern Rectangular Rosette.

30This is a great new addition to all the other unique rosettes you can choose from. The rectangular rosette is available for any of the passage and privacy knobs/levers Emtek offers. Don’t get it confused with the Neos rosette, which is also rectangular shaped but with rounder edges. This great new rectangular rosette is an awesome sleek style that will help bring that modern design you are going for to your home.

The Norwich Cabinet Hardware is now available.

31If you liked the Norwich Door Knob, then you’ll love the Norwich cabinet hardware! You can choose from either the 1 1/4″ or the 1 5/8″ sizes. Made from solid brass and available in 7 finishes.

Emtek now has UL Listed Mortise Entry Sets


UL listed door sets are important for some applications (because they pass the tests for safety requirements in case of a fire), but sometimes it’s hard to find stylish door sets. Not anymore! With these Emtek UL Listed Mortise Locks all you have to do is turn the knob/lever from the inside and it will automatically open the deadbolt and latch for an easy exit. With a Grade 1 security rating and a 180 minute fire rating, you will feel comfortable installing these on any condo or apartment or any other multi unit building.

Great Looking Door Hardware from Omnia



Omnia is a new brand to our site and it’s exciting because they have all kinds of unique and modern style door hardware. This brand is designed with quality solid brass and since 1964 Omnia has offered a wide selection of door hardware such as, door knobs, lever handles, deadbolts, handlesets, sideplates, hinges, cabinet hardware and all the other miscellaneous stuff you can think of!

Omnia Door knobs are a great quality and made of solid brass (just like the rest of their hardware). Each design is unique and you may never find an equal. You can choose from many many styles and finishes. Some more intricate than others, some modern,  and some vintage.
The Omnia lever handles have a little more of a modern feel to each of them. Most are stainless steel and will fit perfectly into today’s modern designs. The levers that are not stainless steel are made of solid brass, which offer lots of different finishes.
Deadbolts from Omnia will secure your home or other application such as an office. You can choose from single cylinder or double cylinder options. Be sure to check out all the different designs and finishes!
Handlesets are a great thing to have on an entry door. Providing security as well as a fashionable taste. Omnia provides stylish designs to choose from to fit your personal style.
Like handlesets, Omnia Sideplates are another handy and stylish piece of hardware to add to an entry door. With a full plate, deadbolt and door knob/lever, you can feel secure as well as provide a great look to your door. These are a little more modern.
Hinges and other misc hardware from Omnia will provide great quality as well as design to match the rest of your Omnia hardware.
Don’t forget your kitchen cabinets! Omnia also has a huge selection of cabinet pulls and knobs. Again, some more great modern designs to look over.

Click here to see More from Omnia!




Emtek’s Georgetown Crystal Cabinet Knobs

Emtek is for sure one of the more popular brands on our site. It offers super excellent quality and you can be sure to see top of the line design hardware. Mick De Giulio, featured on House Beautiful magazine, must have recognized this, as his interior design of a kitchen was part of the 2012 Kitchen of the Year event! The kitchen featured Emtek Georgetown Crystal Cabinet Knobs on all of the cabinet drawers and cabinets in the amazing kitchen. I think it was Emtek’s honor to show off their delicate crystal Georgetown knobs that add a bit of class to the entire room. These knobs were a perfect touch to make a clean design for the kitchen of the year.



More info featured on Emtek’s Blog

For a full tour of the beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2012, visit

The 1,000 square foot glamorous kitchen (that was showcased in New York’s Rockefeller Center) has everything you could ever dream up, such as sparkling tile, glass (Emtek Georgetown) cabinet knobs, a bold sink with a pop of color, top of the line appliances, open shelving, sleek dining area, spacious butlers pantry, even a gathering space near the kitchen with a cozy fireplace and furniture.

If you like Emtek’s Georgian cabinet knob (like shown above), you can also find many more designs of cabinet hardware. I’m serious, there are over a 150 of cabinet knobs by Emtek, and that’s just cabinet knobs and just by Emtek! All unique! If you aren’t a cabinet knob fan, then be sure to check out all of Emtek’s cabinet pulls (220 + pulls), which also come in a huge variety of designs. Rustic, modern, antique, you name it! After you choose you are going with either the knobs or the pulls, then there is the material they are all made up of, such as solid brass (which is probably the most common – smooth material and pretty much offers any finish color), sandcast, wrought steel, crystal/glass, and porcelain!

You can check out all of the kitchen or cabinet hardware here.

Modern Cabinet Knobs and Pulls from Linnea

Modern kitchens or bathrooms or anything with cabinets always look clean and you want it to look high quality. You just have to find the right hardware to make it look great and if you do that, that makes great compliments too. Linnea offers a huge selection of unique modern cabinet hardware for anyone wanting to display their style of design. I’m not exaggerating when I say these cabinet knobs and pulls are unique. You won’t find these just anywhere. Linnea cabinet hardware will make a statement and wont be overlooked. Let me show you a few examples that will prove what Linnea has to offer as far as cabinet hardware goes…



The L17 Cabinet Knob has a unique cone shape and has an indentation perfect for a finger to grip.



The L3 cabinet knob is available in a 16mm, 22mm, or a 32mm. It is more of a simple cabinet knob, but is still unique. I think it would look great with anything!



I love this Linnea L755 Cabinet knob. I think it’s modern, but it’s also made for easy grip for function. Again, a little more on the simple side, but you won’t find this knob anywhere else.


This Linnea L825 cabinet knob reminds me of magnets stacked together for some reason. Another great modern style look for any cabinet.

This one has awesome written all over it. The Linnea L54 Cabinet pull. This pull is a pretty small rainbow shaped pull, only about 1.5″ CC (center to center). There’s no way it couldn’t look good.

Surprise, surprise, another great looking pull. The Linnea L145-D pull. It’s only 1.26″ CC. It’s small like the L54 cabinet pull (see above), and both are more the size of a cabinet knob.

The L1 is offered in 75mm (L1-A), 50mm (L1-B), 32mm (L1-C), or 16mm (L1-D).

Any of these come in Satin Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel. Check out all of the Cabinet knobs and pulls from Linnea here.

Modern Cabinet Hardware

Judging by the name of our site –, you may think that all we have is door hardware for your basic front or interior doors of your home. Well, then you would be wrong – you’ll find we are much much more than that. For example, what if you are looking for cabinet door hardware? You might be surprised how many styles of cabinet hardware we have to offer. Cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, cup pulls, finger pulls (we don’t have a category for finger pulls, but here is an example of one here and here), ring pulls, wire pulls, bar pulls and even appliance handles. So if you are looking to remodel your kitchen (or maybe a bathroom) then check out some of the cabinet hardware from Berenson.

Berenson has a wide selection of cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, cup pulls, finger pulls and appliance pulls. I think they have a great amount of styles to choose from in any of the five categories. I talk about modern styles all the time, and I am not about to stop anytime soon. Berenson has some awesome modern style cabinet hardware that would look great in any remodeled modern kitchen or bathroom. Any of these will work on your cabinet doors or drawers. I will show you a few that I really liked.

Cabinet Knobs:

Here is a great unique style from the Vibrato Series in Verona Bronze. It would look great on anything, door or drawer.

And another called a finger pull. This 32mm CC pull is in polished chrome finish and attaches to the top of a drawer or the bottom of a cabinet door. It’s very small and is barely seen. So if you want a cabinet knob/pull, but don’t want to take away from your beautiful modern cabinets, this would be great for you.

This next one is the Berenson Euroline Series 128mm CC Pull in aluminum finish

Have you ever seen brushed Black Nickel? This finish is really cool, here is the Berenson Euro Moderno 64mm CC Cup Pull in Brushed Black Nickel.

I really like this one too the Berenson Euroline Series 160mm CC Pull in Polished Chrome.


This should give you a little taste of what Berenson has to offer. Happy shopping!

Cabinet Hardware Ideas – From Emtek

Fall is finally in the air! This is the best time of year, in my opinion anyway. I love that it’s not too hot and it’s not overly freezing as winter can sometimes get. The different color leaves on the trees… I just love everything about it. It’s a time to bring out the long sleeves because it’s a little too chilly to have bare arms, where in the summer it’s way too hot for that. It’s also more chill (as in laid back), because you have just started to mellow out from all the summer vacationing, where lets be honest it’s not always a relaxing vacation.

On a completely different note, Emtek has some new cabinet hardware available, this will give you something to look at while you are chilling on your couch in your sweats with your laptop. This collection is more of a modern style. Who doesn’t like new and who wouldn’t like modern?

*Note: The Emtek cabinet hardware I am about to share with you are available in the new Polished Nickel Finish!*

Emtek’s Sweep knob:

Emtek’s Sweep knob is available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Satin Nickel.


Emtek’s Sweep Pull:

Emtek’s Sweep Pull is also available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Satin Nickel finishes and also available in 4 different sizes – 3.5″, 4″, 6″, and 8″ CC.


Emtek’s New Bezier Knob and Pull:

The Bezier knobs and pulls are available in Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Nickel, Polished Chrome, and Satin Nickel finishes. The Bezier pull is available with 3.5″ CC, 4″ CC, and 6″ CC. And two different sizes are available for the Bezier cabinet knob – 1.25″ or 1.625″.


T-Curve Pull Knob and Bar Pulls:

This stylish T-Curve pull knob and bar pulls are available in polished nickel, oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, and polished chrome. And there are are a variety of sizes for the bar pulls just like the ones above – 3.5″ CC, 4″ CC, 6″ CC.







What’s New To Emtek?

Emtek is often coming out with new items of hardware. Everyone like something shiny and new! Like new styles of cabinet hardware, new styles of handlesets, the new CF Mechanism and the EMTouch series were really exciting and unique right? We haven’t had the chance to introduce the new modern brass bath hardware Emtek came out with. This isn’t one of their newest items, but these are way too good looking not to share.


You can choose from the following items:

  • Emtek Modern Brass 18″ Towel Bar
  • Emtek Modern Brass 24″ Towel Bar
  • Emtek Modern Brass 30″ Towel Bar

These are all available with either a Disk, Neos, or Square Rosette and available in oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel, flat black or polished chrome finishes.


Davos Stainless Steel Handleset

Give us a call if you would like to order these in the Stainless Steel finish. We hope to get these on the site soon!

  • Emtek Sandcast Bronze Keypad Entryset

Remember the Emtek Sandcast Bronze Electronic Keypad Deadbolt and Keyless Leverset? Now you can get this all in a Handleset with the Emtek Sandcast Bronze Keypad Entryset.

Deep Burgundy, Flat Black, Medium Bronze, Silver Patina are the finishes you can choose from for this handleset and there are many knobs or levers to pick from too.


  • The Emtek Rustic Modern Collection is fantastic!

Ridgemont Sectional

Emtek Logan

Emtek Brighton

And the two Mortise Rustic Modern Handlesets

Emtek Sonoma Mortise Handleset

Emtek Longmont Mortise Handleset

Ridgmont Deadbolt

*All Rustic series is available in either the Flat Black or Medium Bronze finishes.

Rustic Modern Knobs:

Sandcast Bronze Round knob, Sandcast Bronze Bristol Crystal Knob, Sandcast Bronze Hampton Crystal Knob are all available with either the #1, #2, #3, #4, #6 rosettes and available in a medium bronze or flat black finish.

Rustic Modern Levers:

The Emtek Rustic Modern Lariat and Yuma Levers are also available with any of the 5 rosettes and choose either the medium bronze or flat black finish.

  • Brass Designer Leverset and Classic Knob

Check out the Coventry Lever or the Norwich knob – each are available in 6 finishes and choose from several rosettes.

  • New Cabinet Hardware

Curvilinear Cabinet Hardware Collection

NEW FINISH! Polished Nickel


  • The New Emtek Modern Push and Pull Plates

*Available in 4 finishes


Ask us about any of these, we are here to help!

Linnea L206-C Cabinet Knob

Linnea has some of the most unique modern style hardware around. If you take a look at the cabinet hardware Linnea carries, I think you will agree.

This L206-C Cabinet Knob from Linnea is a sturdy design made of 304-grade stainless steel that will last a great deal of time. Not to mention look great!

You can check out more modern style cabinet hardware here.