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From top brands like… Schlage, Baldwin, Emtek, and Kwikset.


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Taamba Hardware

This line of hardware is especially unique. Most of Taamba’s hardware is made of Rustic Hand Cast Bronze and they are designed to oxidize and change with time and use turning to a beautiful aged look. Check out this knob and lever for example…



Taamba Hinges are unique and some look even vintage…



Taamba Cabinet hardware… I can’t find words for them. All I can tell you, is that I want to go and buy a dresser or some cabinets just to put them on.



See more from Taamba here.


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Modern from Linnea

Modern like never before!

Linnea has some of the most unique modern styles and carries just about everything you may need. From bath accessories to cabinet hardware, there are even mail slots!

Just take a look at everything here.

Now, are you looking for a lever with a 1″ bore rather than the standard 2 1/8″ prep? Well try the Pristine Collection.

All of the levers from the Pristine Collection are for 1″ Bores. All of them are super sweet looking.


Linnea L-80 Lever from Pristine Collection

If not, you can take a gander at the Styleness Steel Collection for your regular 2 1/8″ door prep. Those are some good looking levers as well.



In the Mood for Restoration? We Have the Hardware!

There are soo many people out there talented and crafty enough to restore old furniture and kitchens and pretty much anything you can imagine. Like on this blog called Better After I mean ANYTHING… Like one time someone restored and old taco holder. Just look here. WHAT?!

(Sigh)… If only I had the patience to do that.

Any who…

We have the hardware for you. There are SO many options.

Cabinet Knobs


Cabinet Pulls

Novelty Cabinet Hardware


See ALL styles here.





Bath Accessories

Yeah, we carry bathroom accessories too. Of course with a name like Direct Door Hardware you can assume we sell door knobs, door hinges etc. But, since new home construction and remodels also include bathrooms and kitchens, we also sell Bathroom Accessories and Cabinet Hardware. Just this week I had two home builders place large orders for door hardware. Both realized soon after that they also needed a slew of cabinet knobs to finish their project, but had completely forgotten to order them. Luckily we had what they needed in stock and were able to ship them out immediately. Don’t get caught at the last minute without everything you need, it’s just easier to order it all at once.