What kind of door knob do I use on a closet door.

You need door knobs for closet doors in a hallway, but these doors don’t necessarily need a knob on the interior, right? Closet doors are typically done in two different ways.

Ball Catch

1 – Ball Catch Closure – Many closets have a spring loaded ball in a cylinder at the top of the door that catches into a stike to hold the door closed. If you have this type of catch, you wouldn’t need a bore hole in your door. In this case you can use a single dummy mounted to the surface of the door.












Spring Loaded Latch

2- Spring Loaded Latch (more common) – If your closet door uses a spring loaded latch that catches into a strike on the jamb (just like any other door to the house or room) you will need to install a passage function knob or lever. They do not make a single sided working knob or lever (in residential grade) so you just use a passage set and the inside knob or lever just isn’t ever used.

Quality, Modern Style Handrail Brackets

Handrail brackets aren’t something a lot of people think too terribly much about. But there are many among us that are hardware snobs due to our various professions whether it be home builder, interior designer, architect or hardware retailers like myself. If you know much about hardware, you know that the standard handrail brackets work, they just aren’t the most attractive. So what do you do when you’re building a multi million dollar home, or a really high end office? Linnea makes a great quality modern style handrail bracket that looks great and is nice and sturdy. We’ve sold a slew of these to designers and builders working on luxury type projects where the standard bracket just won’t do. More spendy? yes. But some times you get what you pay for. In this case it’s better quality and a clean sleek look worthy of high end projects.

Linnea HRB12 Handrail BracketLinnea HRB10 Modern Handrail bracketLinnea HRB11 Modern Handrail Bracket

Emtek Modern Bath Hardware Collection

We have been looking for a house for a few months now because we have a baby on the way and this little loft apartment just wont cut it for long term. There is no room for a crib, there is no bath tub, there are some wicked stairs for her to fall down if we were to be here when she starts to crawl. Anyway, we found a house finally that we really want and things seem to be moving forward on maybe possibly getting it! It’s brand new, and we tried swooping in to pick colors of the floors, walls, hardware etc., but we were a little too late. That’s okay! I like to dream of what some of the things will look like and worst case, if we hate it… we can redo it!

I am so curious what the door hardware will be like in this house, what the light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and bath hardware will be like. I am falling for the more modern, sleek look. I dream of modern levers and cabinet hardware throughout the house. I dream of a white kitchen with stainless steel or satin nickel bar pulls on the cabinets. I dream of modern style bath hardware.

Bath hardware may not really seem like that big of a deal and it’s easy to pick something dirt cheap just because you really don’t care what your toilet paper holder or towel holders will look like. I’m telling you, it can really change up the look. Even a simple finish change could make things look brighter, cleaner, more stylish.


I know this is a little extreme of a makeover, but you kind of get the idea don’t you?

This is the bath hardware I would love to have some day. It’s from Emtek. And it’s their modern collection. Go figure.

Modern Paper Holder

What’s really cool about this Emtek Modern Bath Hardware, is that you get to choose your style of rosettes (or backplates), like Disk (which is shown), Neos, Square and Small Disk. You also get to choose from 4 different finishes, like Oil rubbed Bronze,  Satin Nickel, Flat Black, and Polished Chrome.

Deltana 7/8 Inch Drive In Ball Catch

I have been seeing a whole lot of Deltana orders being placed lately. Particularly the Deltana 7/8 Inch Drive-In Ball Catch. A ball catch is generally used on double closet doors, or maybe a single closet door, where a latch (the pieced that goes in and out of the door when the door knob is turned to hold the door in place) is not being used or needed.


Ball catches are installed on the top of the doors. They easily mount to the top edge of the door after a hole has been drilled to allow the ball to fall into the hole and the door to close. A strike plate is mounted on the door jamb for the spring loaded ball will set in to hold the door shut. You can simply pull or tug on the door to release the catch. Generally you will use a dummy function door know for these types of doors, because all that is needed is a mounted door knob on the front of the door to pull the door open. This style of closet door is becoming more common than the bifold style closet doors that fold up when opening. I have pinched my fingers too many times to count in that style.

Back to the Deltana 7/8 inch Drive in Ball Catch, this style is one of the more popular ones we sell, because it’s really affortable with a simple design.


This has also had high reviews! You can check those out on the bottom of the page. Here are a few just to give you an idea…

“This was the perfect replacement ball catch for my closet doors….installed easily and works great. Your site is excellent and I will order again.” – Chase Burritt from Ft. Pierce, FL. on 11/21/2012

“Pictures and descriptions of the hardware purchased was completely accurate. Items were excellent quality and arrived in good condition. The time from purchase to delivery was well within reason. Very satisfied and will order again.” – Russell Schulz from Chattanooga, Tennessee. on 11/15/2012

“Item works well. Easy to install. should be good for the next ten or so years.” – William Hess from Monterey, TN. on 5/14/2013


What Door Hardware Do I Need On Interior French Doors?

It can be so confusing to know what to order for a set of french doors. And it’s true, it can be a little tricky if you aren’t familiar with all the different functions and such. French doors on the inside of your house will have a door that’s fixed and the other operable.

The fixed door will need to have a latch, called a flush bolt or a more decorative one called a surface bolt (these bolts come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and finishes to match your existing door hardware), that you can unlock that will be located at the top and/or bottom of the door to keep the door shut in place. And when you unlock it, it will allow you to open the door. Depending on what you want the french doors to look like, you can choose to order a dummy function door knob/lever (these are available with any style of door knob or lever handle you decide on) so it matches the operable door. Some people decide it’s not necessary to order a dummy door knob, as it doesn’t function and is only mounted to the surface of the door, whereas others choose to order the dummy function either because they believe it looks nicer or sometimes people like it because then you do have a handle to pull it open when the flush bolt is unlocked. A good thing to note when ordering the dummy function is that some brands only ship one singe dummy door knob/lever, meaning you will only receive one for one side of the door. Look for double dummy, which will come with two for each side of the door. If you are looking for what kind of hardware to order for double closet doors, read this post.

For the operable door, it’s most likely bored with a hole to fit the door knob or lever. Lots and lots of doors already come this way with standard door prep. For an interior french door you will want to order a passage or privacy function door knob or lever. A passage is a door knob that functions but has no type of lock at all, whereas the privacy will have a privacy push/turn button to lock the door knob in place for privacy. You will find privacy functions on a bathroom or bedroom door. It just depends on what type of room these french doors lead to and your preference.

If you are looking to find what kind of door hardware to order for exterior french doors check out an earlier post all about that here.

Superior Multi-Point Patio Door Lock Trim Replacements


Do you have the Superior brand multi point or patio doors? Are you looking for some options to replace the hardware? Emtek offers tons of options of exterior and interior trims, called Emtek Multi Point Lock Trim sets, that attach right to your existing mechanism. There are tons of back plates and tons of levers after you find what backplate suits your style. These are assembled the way you choose. With whatever back plate, with whatever lever, with whatever finish and function.


If you go to the Emtek Multi Point Lock Trims page you will find several configurations, these are important to look over before you order, to make sure the correct trims will be sent to you and will fit your Superior doors (or any other brand of door). Configuration 1 is the one you should be looking at if you have Superior doors. If you don’t have Superior doors, find your brand of door listed under any of the 7 configurations.



You will want to make sure your existing mechanism matches up to this configuration. If for some reason it doesn’t, the Emtek trim sets we send wont fit properly. It’s important to know that these are ONLY the trims, meaning they DO NOT include the interior locking mechanisms of the door – the mechanisms should be provided from your Superior door manufacturer. These will include a trim for the exterior side of the door and a trim for the interior side of the door.


With all the options of backplates, levers, and finishes you should easily be able to find something that will fit the style you love for your Superior Doors. That’s what makes Emtek so great, because you don’t easily run out of options. Emtek’s hardware is made of solid brass as well, so it’s sturdy and functions smoothly. Be sure to call if you have questions or need help ordering!

Great Looking Door Hardware from Omnia



Omnia is a new brand to our site and it’s exciting because they have all kinds of unique and modern style door hardware. This brand is designed with quality solid brass and since 1964 Omnia has offered a wide selection of door hardware such as, door knobs, lever handles, deadbolts, handlesets, sideplates, hinges, cabinet hardware and all the other miscellaneous stuff you can think of!

Omnia Door knobs are a great quality and made of solid brass (just like the rest of their hardware). Each design is unique and you may never find an equal. You can choose from many many styles and finishes. Some more intricate than others, some modern,  and some vintage.
The Omnia lever handles have a little more of a modern feel to each of them. Most are stainless steel and will fit perfectly into today’s modern designs. The levers that are not stainless steel are made of solid brass, which offer lots of different finishes.
Deadbolts from Omnia will secure your home or other application such as an office. You can choose from single cylinder or double cylinder options. Be sure to check out all the different designs and finishes!
Handlesets are a great thing to have on an entry door. Providing security as well as a fashionable taste. Omnia provides stylish designs to choose from to fit your personal style.
Like handlesets, Omnia Sideplates are another handy and stylish piece of hardware to add to an entry door. With a full plate, deadbolt and door knob/lever, you can feel secure as well as provide a great look to your door. These are a little more modern.
Hinges and other misc hardware from Omnia will provide great quality as well as design to match the rest of your Omnia hardware.
Don’t forget your kitchen cabinets! Omnia also has a huge selection of cabinet pulls and knobs. Again, some more great modern designs to look over.

Click here to see More from Omnia!




Leatherneck Brand Barn Door Hardware


I have been asked a few times before if we have any kind of barn door sliding hardware on the site and I had to sadly tell the poor customers no we do not. Sliding barn doors are becoming popular in more and more houses. Kinda like the above picture. This barn door was made out of reclaimed barn wood and the pull is made out of 3/4″ gas pipe and fittings – it really makes this home look cool! It’s as convenient as a sliding wall, but way way more stylish. Barn doors are just like pocket doors, which are convenient and space saving. You can divide the rooms or open it up to make a great big room. I think the look alone is enough, but it is also usable.

The sliding barn door hardware shown in the picture is a brand called Leatherneck. And this really adds to the rustic look. It’s specifically called flat track sliding hardware by Leatherneck. It’s great for unique interior and exterior applications. Used for barn doors, hotels, cafes, restaurants, museums, galleries, loft apartments, rustic kitchens and log homes. The track can be customized to fit your needs. The Leatherneck sliding hardware comes standard in the standard black finish, but you can request weathered, black with clear coated wheel, machine polished, painted bronze, unfinished, powder coated black, brushed stainless steel, mill finish stainless steel, and clear coated finishes. There are many different hanger styles to choose from in either the 400lb door track category or the 800lb door track category.

We get to tell you now that we have sliding barn door hardware available! We do not quite have the Leatherneck brand hardware on the site yet. We have Leatherneck hardware on the site now! For more detailed information such as pictures of the finishes and hanger styles and more check here. If you are at all interested in buying Leatherneck hardware, we would love to help you by phone if it’s not yet on the site (it should be soon!). Call us at 877-852-9449!

Atrium Multi-point patio door lock Trim replacements

Atrium multi point patio doors are doors that have 3 or more points where bolts can come out of the edge of the door to lock the door in place. Multi Point locks or patio locks have become very popular. Lot’s of people like multi point doors because of the added security and also how well the function. Plus they look great. If you have Atrium multi point patio brand doors, but need some replacement trims you have come to the right spot!


Atrium multi point doors provide you the mechanism inside the door (the 3 or more points where the bolts lock your door in place), and most likely you have the hardware that came along with it. We provide replacement trim levers that will attach to your existing Atrium mechanism. This is for people that are just looking for the replacement trims though, NOT the mechanism. Maybe you wanted a new style, or maybe your existing hardware is all worn out, that’s when you can check out all the replacement trims Emtek (just look under Emtek’s multi point lock trim section) offers that should fit your Atrium doors.


Not all of the trims that Emtek offers will fit your Atrium Doors. That’s why we made a list of configurations (or measurements) and listed each of the door brands that fit that configuration. So basically all you need to do is find your door brand and it will give you your configuration. Atrium is under configuration 1 for example.




It’s important to make sure your existing measurements for your Atrium multi point door match up with these measurements of this configuration 1. And after you find that it does match up, you have many many back plate styles to choose from and after that you get to choose from many many levers and finishes! So pretty much what I am saying is that the list is endless and you can make your patio replacement trim totally original.

Sometimes Door Hardware Can Be Made From Unconventional Things

Sometimes door hardware like door knobs, levers, deadbolts and pulls, can have very similar designs, but sometimes you can find things that are totally unique and original. Maybe it’s something that you have never seen like anything before in a regular old hardware store. That’s why shopping online is so much more fun! so many more options to choose from, so many more designs, so many more ideas and inspirations!

A lot of today things are made at home now, I’m sure you have all heard of the DIY (do it yourself) projects. I think a lot of people like that idea. So what if you can’t exactly find the door hardware you are trying to go for? Try thinking outside the box! Try thinking of unconventional things, unusual, original or maybe even quirky things that may not even be used for this specific application. Such as something like this…


A home made door pull, for this amazing reclaimed barn wood door, that measures at about 3′ long. It was made from a 3/4″ gas pipe and fittings! They said it was really easy to make and took about 30 minutes and it only cost about $18 for all the parts! They used #10 wood screws at about 1 1/4″ length (the barn door is about 2″ thick).

And how about adding a coordinating dining room light fixture also made using gas pipe as well as old street light lenses?


Like I said, you don’t have to stick with the norm! Try thinking outside of the box, you may be surprised how easy you can make something into door hardware or something else for that matter, not to mention how cool it could look!

The barn door is held up using Leatherneck hardware that will soon be added to the site! Please let us know if you have any questions about ordering Leatherneck hardware.

Check out more pictures and information of the barn door pulls and hardware used on this application here.