Decorative Handle Behind Knob

Want a simple and inexpensive way to dress up your front door? Starting at under $50 you can purchase this Kwikset handle and mount it behind door knobs with simple round standard sized rosettes. Available in multiple finishes to coordinate with your existing knob. Note: this handle does not include a knob and latch mechanism, but is just a decorative handle that mounts behind a knob or lever of your choice. Upper handle is held in place by the knob mounted on top of it. There is a mounting screw provided for the bottom of the handle where it attaches to the surface of the door.

Kwikset 239 Decorative handle.

Decorative Entry handle that mounts beneath knob.

How to make a locking barn door to divide spaces.

So you really want one of these cool and trendy barn doors in your home or office space, but you want to be able to lock it? We have the solution to this problem. Using a Cavilock keyed pocket door lock, you can have a flush mounting lock that will allow the door to slide completely open. It also uses a standard Schlage C keyway so it can be keyed alike the most common key cylinder types. The barn door is made the same as any other application, but you will need to build out a jamb as shown in the picture below for the pocket door lock to connect to when locked. The door in this picture divides two office spaces, but can be locked when desired.locking barn door hardware
barn door

New Barn Door Track

Barn door hardware kit from Sure-Loc.

Sure-Loc Barn Door Hardware Kit

Check out the brand new Barn Door Track and Hanger kit from Sure-Loc. A great Quality Kit Starting at $192 per door. You can also order coordinating handles and flush pulls for your own custom barn door look. Tracks come pre-drilled so you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure you have blocking where you plan to mount the track. Or you can mount a solid header piece where the track will go so that the lags keep the track solid on the wall.

Keyed Deadbolt with No Thumbturn on Inside

Occasionally you have a situation where you would like a keyed cylinder deadbolt, but don’t necessarily need a thumb turn on the inside of the lock. A storage closet for instance. For this kind of application, the Falcon D121 is the solution.

Falcon D121 Deadbolt with blank plate on the interior.

Deadbolt with keyed cylinder outside and blank plate on the inside.

NOTE: not for use where people would need emergency egress through the door from the inside.

Deadbolt with Blank Plate on Outside

For applications where you need a deadbolt with a thumb turn on the interior, but don’t necessarily need a key cylinder on the exterior of a door, the Falcon D261M is a great solution. This lock does not have an emergency release on the exterior so you would not want to use in an application where the only emergency access is through the door.

Deadbolt with thumb turn on the inside and blank plate on the exterior.

Door Hardware at Vikingsholm

This summer for our family vacation we went to beautiful Lake Tahoe and had a great time with the kids. On one day we went over to tour a cool old castle called Vikingsholm at Emerald Bay which is on the southwest shore of the lake. This place was fun to visit and had some interesting history, and of course I checked out the architecture and cool door hardware there.myphome 1020

Vikingsholm was a summer home built in 1929 by Lora Josephine Knight. She bought a big chunk of land at Emerald bay, including Fannette Island, for $250,000. That’s around 3.5 million in today’s money. The home was built out of materials found locally at Lake Tahoe. Granite stones for the foundation and outer walls were quarried on site, and the timber for the structure was cut from that area too. The foundation was laid in 1928 and the rest of the building was completed the following summer. She had hired 200 craftsmen who lived in temporary barracks while they built the home. Vikingsholm was crafted to replicate scandanavian buildings from the 11th century. myphome 1021The workmanship on this place was amazing. Some of the more memorable features are the wood carvings on the structure of the home, paintings on the ceilings and walls and the hand crafted furniture. Some parts of the heavy timber construction were done with tightly fitting joinery with no nails or pegs consistent with the methods used in 11th century Sweden.

myphome 1071

Entrance door lock interior

myphome 1053

Guest bedroom door locks

Check out the door hardware from the main entrance. The handle on the top left draws the latch. The little face on the top of the lock is attached to a pin that drops down in the lock, I couldn’t tell what the function of that was. Keyhole at the bottom to lock or unlock. ¬†All of the guest bedrooms had these sweet looking locks imported from Sweden according to our tour guide. The locksets have a latch that can be opened from the inside, but can only be locked from the outside. Apparently the idea on security at the time was that the hostess would lock all of the guests into their rooms at night and then she would lock herself into her own room. Doesnt seem too safe by today’s standards, but I guess there were less problems if everyone was locked into their room for the night.

All of the doors had the cool old strap hinges on them.myphome 1035 These hinges, along with the fireplace screens and metal light fixtures were forged by hand on site. ¬†Vikingsholm was an amazing place. Much to be admired there as it was built in the early 1900’s by skilled craftsmen. The detail on this place was unbelievable. Today Vikingsholm is owned by the State of California, its been very well preserved and is a fun place to visit. Also plan on a short hike to Eagle Falls and playing at the sandy beach, or rent a kayak right there at Emerald Bay.