Brass Accents 2″ Backset Deadbolts

Brass Accents isn’t just kickplates and house numbers, it’s much more than that! Yes, Brass Accents kickplates are probably the most popular item, but they do have door hardware, house numbers, push and pull plates, and floor registers to offer too! Getting into a little more detail, their door hardware is super high class and quality, you won’t find hardware much like it. And when looking for door hardware, (door knobs, lever handle sets, entry sets and deadbolts) you may find there are hardly any option for a backset size that measures under 2 3/8″. I mean, there are some doors out there that have 2″ backset sizes, and it can be real tough to find something close to that.


Real brief, what is a backset? A backset is the measurement from the edge of the door to the center of the bore hole (the large hole where the door knob is installed). Standard size backset measurements are 2 3/8″ – 2 3/4″.


Brass Accents has made the search a little easier on you! They have 2 deadbolts that are available with the 2″ backset size.


First is the Brass Accents Single Cylinder Deadbolt with 2″ Backset


This single cylinder deadbolt (means that it has a keyed cylinder on the exterior and a thumb turn, like the one shown above, on the interior) comes with everything you see here, the 2″ backset deadbolt latch, mounting hardware, and keys. It’s available in 13 different finishes! Such as polished brass like shown, weathered black, oil rubbed bronze, pewter, satin nickel and lots more!

Then we have the Brass Accents Double Cylinder Deadbolt with 2″ Backset


This double cylinder deadbolt (meaning it has a keyed cylinder on the exterior, as well as on the interior) also comes with all the mounting hardware, 2″ backset, and keys. Choose from all 13 finishes!


Hopefully these 2 deadbolts with 2″ backsets help ease your stress a little! Please give us a call if you need help ordering.


Brass Accents 2″ Backset Deadbolts

I understand your frustration of finding a deadbolt with a 2″ backset. It’s dang near impossible! But… I am happy to tell you the GREAT NEWS!… Brass Accents now carries 2″ backset deadbolts!

Brass Accents Single Cylinder as well as a Double Cylinder


Choose from many different finishes and you are good to go!