Modern Cabinet Knobs and Pulls from Linnea

Modern kitchens or bathrooms or anything with cabinets always look clean and you want it to look high quality. You just have to find the right hardware to make it look great and if you do that, that makes great compliments too. Linnea offers a huge selection of unique modern cabinet hardware for anyone wanting to display their style of design. I’m not exaggerating when I say these cabinet knobs and pulls are unique. You won’t find these just anywhere. Linnea cabinet hardware will make a statement and wont be overlooked. Let me show you a few examples that will prove what Linnea has to offer as far as cabinet hardware goes…



The L17 Cabinet Knob has a unique cone shape and has an indentation perfect for a finger to grip.



The L3 cabinet knob is available in a 16mm, 22mm, or a 32mm. It is more of a simple cabinet knob, but is still unique. I think it would look great with anything!



I love this Linnea L755 Cabinet knob. I think it’s modern, but it’s also made for easy grip for function. Again, a little more on the simple side, but you won’t find this knob anywhere else.


This Linnea L825 cabinet knob reminds me of magnets stacked together for some reason. Another great modern style look for any cabinet.

This one has awesome written all over it. The Linnea L54 Cabinet pull. This pull is a pretty small rainbow shaped pull, only about 1.5″ CC (center to center). There’s no way it couldn’t look good.

Surprise, surprise, another great looking pull. The Linnea L145-D pull. It’s only 1.26″ CC. It’s small like the L54 cabinet pull (see above), and both are more the size of a cabinet knob.

The L1 is offered in 75mm (L1-A), 50mm (L1-B), 32mm (L1-C), or 16mm (L1-D).

Any of these come in Satin Stainless Steel or Polished Stainless Steel. Check out all of the Cabinet knobs and pulls from Linnea here.