Schlage Wakefield Rosette

The Schlage Wakefield Rosette

1. Schlage Accent Lever, 2. Andover Knob, 3. Champagne Lever, 4. Flair Lever, 5. Georgian Knob, and 6. Siena Knob.

From the Schlage Decorative Series, the Schlage Wakefield Rosette is available with any of the listed door knobs or levers above. They are all shown in the aged bronze finish, but choose from several finishes and 4 functions.


Schlage Camelot Rosette

Schlage Camelot Rosette

These are all images of the Keyed function, but you can get all of them in Passage, Privacy or Dummy functions.

From top to bottom: Schlage Accent Lever – Matte Black, Schlage Flair Lever – Bright Chrome, Schlage Georgian Knob – Bright Brass, Schlage Plymouth Knob – Satin Nickel, and finally Schlage St Annes Lever – Antique Pewter. There are even more finishes to choose from! Come see!

Exciting right??… Schlage’s Decorative Series keep on comin’! There are a few more styles… Just you wait!

Kwikset Signature Series Katara Lever

Kwikset Katara Lever

The Kwikset Katara Lever’s simple elegance will bring that modern design you’ve been searching for straight to your door.

Available as entrance, like shown above, privacy, passage and single dummy functions.

Choose from 4 available finishes, polished chrome, venetian bronze, satin nickel, or satin chrome.


Peachtree, Premium Collection, Semco, Vetter & Weathersheild Door Hardware

Alright, so you are looking for some replacement hardware for Peachtree, Premium Collection (or formerly known as Norco), Semco, Vetter or Weathersheild 3 Point Doors, right?

Take a lookie at the measurements below (Configuration 5). Make sure they match up with yours.

THEN… you get to look at some new hardware to replace your old stuff.  For FUN! Emtek really gives you the option to make it your own with all the different finishes and styles. Mix it up!

3 5/8" CC

Trillenium Multi Point Door Hardware

Trillenium doors are also known as W&F Manufacturing.


If you are looking for some replacement door hardware for these doors, you came to the right place.


The measurements should match up to Emtek’s Configuration 7 under “Multi Point Patio Locks” on our site.

4.565" CC


Emtek is great for letting you mix and match the hardware to fit your style.


Configuration 7 Modern Plate



Welcome to the Future…

Back when I was a kid I was so excited for the future; there were going to be flying cars, robots, holograms — you name it!

With all of my dreams of fantastic futuristic amenities, it had never occurred to me that we would actually be able to buy stuff with the click of a mouse. Imagine that — purchasing some shiny new doorknobs with a computer! How cool is that?!

Well, let me introduce you to something even more futuristic than online door hardware. The picture above shows the new Model 2835 Keyless Locking Leverset from Lockey. This keyless lever is perfect for garage doors, closets, and storage rooms — and the best part is, you don’t need a key to operate it!

Available in multiple finishes (including Lockey’s special Marine Grade Finish), the 2835 Leverset will welcome you to the future in style. Get yours today!

Schlage Manhattan a Truly Beautiful Door Lever

The Schlage Manhattan lever is a perfect door lever for any home.  It has an attractive curve to it that catches the attention.  There isn’t anything extreme that makes this stick out.  It just has a simple beauty that calls your attention to it.  There are five different finishes available for the Manhattan lever so you can have it match any home decor.  Schlage has a long history of producing durable, long lasting door hardware.  The Schlage Manhattan lever follows right along with a limited lifetime warranty.  You will definitely be satisfied with the purchase of this lever handle.

Who Says Your Deadbolt Can’t Have Style?

Most people don’t think that a deadbolt can even be stylish.  It is usually looked upon as a piece of hardware that is just stuck in the door and can’t be played around with.  Emtek has an arts and crafts single cylinder deadbolt that gives you just a taste of what you can do with the deadbolt in your house.  Keep in mind that this is for only one side of the door.  You will have to buy the rest of the locking mechanism separately.  The arts and crafts deadbolt has a design that isn’t seen often.  A raised design around the edge gives you true pop on the door.  The corner accent pieces make everything come together.   The arts and crafts deadbolt is a sampling of all the deadbolt options out there.  Be sure to look at the rest of the deadbolts we have to offer.

Weiser Troy a Secret Success

The Weiser Troy door knob is a good choice for you if you want a doorknob with just a little more accent.  The flattened round shape of this knob has been very popular.  We have seen lots of people purchasing similar knobs for the unique styling.  There is something that just feels better when you grab a flattened knob.  It fits in your hand better.

The Troy doorknob comes in a selection of 7 finishes.  There are 4 functions that you can choose from, as well.  The key difference between this knob and the rest of the doorknobs we have on the site is an embossing that runs around the edge of the knob.  It gives a slight highlighting design that has been turning lots of heads.   This door is designed with an adjustable backset that works with almost any door.  Check out this knob and all our other classics brought to you by Weiser.

The Enjoyment of the Weslock Legacy

Weslock has some of our funnest looking door levers.  All of their designs are original.  They definitely don’t conform with the industry norm.  They have all types of designs from the elegant Urbana Woodward door lever to the twists of the Monoghan Premiere lever.  If you are looking for a door lever that adds character you need to check out our line of Weslock levers.

We are going to feature the Weslock Legacy oval lever today.  It is one of the more constrained levers.  It isn’t completely bland but it certainly isn’t outrageous in style.  It has a tapered lever with three elegant accent rings at the base of the tapering.  The oval backplate is always a good fit in your home.  Oval backplates go along with any design.  The best part of this lever set is the long list of options you have.  You can choose from 4 functions and 2 finishes.  You can have this lever customized for any door in the home.