Great Looking Door Hardware from Omnia



Omnia is a new brand to our site and it’s exciting because they have all kinds of unique and modern style door hardware. This brand is designed with quality solid brass and since 1964 Omnia has offered a wide selection of door hardware such as, door knobs, lever handles, deadbolts, handlesets, sideplates, hinges, cabinet hardware and all the other miscellaneous stuff you can think of!

Omnia Door knobs are a great quality and made of solid brass (just like the rest of their hardware). Each design is unique and you may never find an equal. You can choose from many many styles and finishes. Some more intricate than others, some modern,  and some vintage.
The Omnia lever handles have a little more of a modern feel to each of them. Most are stainless steel and will fit perfectly into today’s modern designs. The levers that are not stainless steel are made of solid brass, which offer lots of different finishes.
Deadbolts from Omnia will secure your home or other application such as an office. You can choose from single cylinder or double cylinder options. Be sure to check out all the different designs and finishes!
Handlesets are a great thing to have on an entry door. Providing security as well as a fashionable taste. Omnia provides stylish designs to choose from to fit your personal style.
Like handlesets, Omnia Sideplates are another handy and stylish piece of hardware to add to an entry door. With a full plate, deadbolt and door knob/lever, you can feel secure as well as provide a great look to your door. These are a little more modern.
Hinges and other misc hardware from Omnia will provide great quality as well as design to match the rest of your Omnia hardware.
Don’t forget your kitchen cabinets! Omnia also has a huge selection of cabinet pulls and knobs. Again, some more great modern designs to look over.

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Schlage Wakefield Rosette

The Schlage Wakefield Rosette

1. Schlage Accent Lever, 2. Andover Knob, 3. Champagne Lever, 4. Flair Lever, 5. Georgian Knob, and 6. Siena Knob.

From the Schlage Decorative Series, the Schlage Wakefield Rosette is available with any of the listed door knobs or levers above. They are all shown in the aged bronze finish, but choose from several finishes and 4 functions.


Schlage Camelot Rosette

Schlage Camelot Rosette

These are all images of the Keyed function, but you can get all of them in Passage, Privacy or Dummy functions.

From top to bottom: Schlage Accent Lever – Matte Black, Schlage Flair Lever – Bright Chrome, Schlage Georgian Knob – Bright Brass, Schlage Plymouth Knob – Satin Nickel, and finally Schlage St Annes Lever – Antique Pewter. There are even more finishes to choose from! Come see!

Exciting right??… Schlage’s Decorative Series keep on comin’! There are a few more styles… Just you wait!

Schlage Century Rosette

Schlage Accent Lever

Schlage Elan Lever

Schlage Latitude Lever

Schlage Manhattan Lever

Schlage Merano Lever

Schlage Orbit Knob

Schlage Century Rosette

The Schlage’s classy Century Rosette is available with any of the knob and levers shown. You can choose from several finishes.

See all of Schlage’s knobs and levers here.

Schlage Brookshire Rosette


If you read the last post, you should know that Schlage now has a decorative collection. Great for sprucing up those doors!

The Brookshire Rosette, can be ordered with any of the 3 levers or the Georgian knob shown above. They are all available in several finishes as well as 4 functions.


Schlage Addison Rosette

Schlage has come out with a collection of decorative rosettes to fancy up your door. Check out all the door knobs and levers available with the Addison Rosette.

These door knobs and levers with Addison rosette are all available in several finishes… Like the bright chrome, bright brass, aged bronze and satin nickel, just to name a few.

Schlage Andover Knob with Addison Rosette,


Schlage Georgian Knob with Addison Rosette,

Schlage Avila Lever with Addison Rosette,

Schlage Flair Lever with Addison Rosette,

And last but not least…

Schlage Accent Lever with Addison Rosette,

Come check out all of the knobs and levers here and here.

Some of these might not yet be on the website, so please give us a call and we can place your order over the phone.

Taamba Bronze 4005 Exterior Tubular Set

Taamba Bronze Exterior Tubular Set – 4005

This 4005 set is shown with the L2 Lever and in the Silver Patina finish. What’s so great about a Taamba exterior or interior set is that you can order it with different levers or knobs and in 2 different finishes, Dark Bronze or Golden Honey.




Privacy Vs. Keyed Knobs/Levers

What’s the difference between a privacy and a keyed (or entrance) knob?

I know it might seem really confusing, but once you understand both functions, it will be a cinch.

Privacy function:

A privacy knob or lever would be something you would probably use on a bathroom or bedroom door. Depending on the brand, it will have a push or turn button on the inside door knob. Or sometimes there will be a pin on the inside rosette. These buttons will lock the knob in place until turning the knob or lever, which releases the pin. It generally has a hole on the outside where you can insert generic tool, or your wife’s bobby pin, to pop open the lock.

Push or turn piece on inside.


Keyed or entrance function:

A keyed entrance function would generally be used on a front or back door, or any exterior door. It has a keyed cylinder on the outside where you would need to use a key to unlock and lock. The keyed functions have a turn button on the inside, similar to the privacy lock. This type of function is made for doors where security is a concern, where no one is able to enter without a key when door is locked from either the inside turn button or from locking it with a key from the outside.

Keyed on the outside, turn button on inside.


Just think, privacy function would be for a door where you would want to be able to lock it for a little privacy, like on a bathroom door. And a keyed or entrance function would be used on an entry or entrance door with a key. Simple as that!

Give us a call if you have any questions, we would be glad to help!



Emtek and Dark Bronze

Emtek makes some pretty cool sandcast hardware. The knobs and levers are somewhat irregular in shape and have some pitting and markings on them so they give you a nice rustic look. This Sandcast style has been really popular for some time. Recently, Emtek has decided to change their dark bronze finish to be called Deep Burgundy because it has a much more red hue to it than their medium bronze type finish that is probably closer to an Oil rubbed in appearance. We just had to change this finish on our website and there has been some confusion as to why. The way the finish is made is exactly the same according to Emtek, so why the change? I don’t have an answer for that, maybe it was to differentiate a little better between medium and dark bronze – we used to have customers confused about the two quite often. Anyway, if you have ordered the dark bronze before and are now looking for new hardware to match – you’ll need the deep burgundy finish.

A couple of things to keep in mind:
1 – All of Emtek’s Sandcast finishes are living finishes which means that they will change over time. The darker patina will wear over time revealing more of the base material – in deep burgundy’s case, the deep burgundy color.
2 – Also, sandcast finishes are done in lots, similar to carpet, tile or brick. As a result the finish from one lot could be slightly different from the finish of another. So if you are considering ordering any of the sandcast finishes, it would be best to order them all at once so that you can get them all from the same lot.

international door knob shipments

We love and appreciate our neighbors to the North. It’s too bad that it is cost prohibitive sometimes to ship up to them. We have a lot of customers from Canada call for door hardware and unfortunately the cost to ship there can be quite a bit more than our continental United States. We just had a customer recently order a significant amount of Weslock door?hardware to be shipped to Canada. The order arrived and the box was damaged – soaked with water or somekind of liquid substance. As a result the boxes were all ruined and all of the door knobs and mounting hardware were in a pile in the bottom of the box damaged. Of course the customer was not happy receieving them that way, i would not be either. So we quickly sent out?a replacement order and filed a claim with?the shipping company?for the damaged shipment of door hardware.

The shipping co.?sent out a driver to pick up and inspect the package. The customer had since repackaged the items so they could be contained since the original box was obliterated. The shipping company denied the claim stating that the items were not packaged well and in a weak box. We ship thousands of doorknobs and of course we don’t send them in soaking wet boxes with all the parts in a pile at the bottom, and they are always packed in boxes sufficient for the weight of the product.

So, now we have a couple thousand dollars worth of hardware that is now just damaged miscellaneous parts that?the shipping company?won’t reimburse us for. Our only option was to dispute the claim, but to do that we need the shipment here in our office so we can have an area rep inspect it again. So, another $60 to get the items back to our office. Now we’re into this order?3 International?shipping fees and two customs tarrif fees at around $170 each, and a loss on?the cost?of product, and the cost of the replacement order?-?not to mention?an inconvenienced/unhappy ?customer which probably cost us more in the long run.

It’s a little frustrating at times relying on?someone else?to deliver your product to the customer, but such is life in the business world I guess. Hopefully we can get the shipping company to own up to the damage and help us out on some of the cost. Stuff like this happens, this one was just particularly bad since it was international, so the shipping costs were way up there.