Emtek and Dark Bronze

Emtek makes some pretty cool sandcast hardware. The knobs and levers are somewhat irregular in shape and have some pitting and markings on them so they give you a nice rustic look. This Sandcast style has been really popular for some time. Recently, Emtek has decided to change their dark bronze finish to be called Deep Burgundy because it has a much more red hue to it than their medium bronze type finish that is probably closer to an Oil rubbed in appearance. We just had to change this finish on our website and there has been some confusion as to why. The way the finish is made is exactly the same according to Emtek, so why the change? I don’t have an answer for that, maybe it was to differentiate a little better between medium and dark bronze – we used to have customers confused about the two quite often. Anyway, if you have ordered the dark bronze before and are now looking for new hardware to match – you’ll need the deep burgundy finish.

A couple of things to keep in mind:
1 – All of Emtek’s Sandcast finishes are living finishes which means that they will change over time. The darker patina will wear over time revealing more of the base material – in deep burgundy’s case, the deep burgundy color.
2 – Also, sandcast finishes are done in lots, similar to carpet, tile or brick. As a result the finish from one lot could be slightly different from the finish of another. So if you are considering ordering any of the sandcast finishes, it would be best to order them all at once so that you can get them all from the same lot.

Emtek Venetian Collection

Emtek continues to innovate with creative, great looking door knobs. Checkout the new the Emtek Rialto?(top) or the Emtek Academia (bottom). Both knobs are available in 4 finishes with a slightly different design on each knob. Use unique door knobs like these in your home to give each room a character of their own.

Emtek Rialto

Emtek Academia

Who buys doorknobs on the internet?

I?get asked this question frequently when people ask me what I do for a living.?We have a showroom here in Logan, but a good portion of our business is not local business. People all over the country are buying their door hardware online. I’m not sure why it is hard to beleive, but it is for some people.

I think the reason more and more people are buying their door hardware online is because the local shops don’t carry any of this stuff. They might be able to look at some dusty samples, but?most of the time they will have to order from a catalog anyway.?It’s just so much?easier to hop online whenever it is convenient and browse a huge collection of many brands in one catalog.?We have more and more builders buying their door hardware from us because it saves them so much time. They don’t have to run around town to find everything they need only to find out its not in stock. Many of these builders we have become good friends with by phone. They call us up and we know what kind of products they are used to so they just give us a list of what they need. Or, they just place the order online at midnight if it suits them.

Really, more people should be ordering their hardware online. Direct Door Hardware has become one of the leading online sources for Emtek, Schlage, Weslock, Sure-Loc and Nostalgic Warehouse products. Our shipping timeframes are generally quick, its super convenient, if you call or email us we know the product we sell, and to top it off there is no sales tax outside of Utah. Just the sales tax will save you quite a bit. So if you have ever wondered who buys door hardware online, the answer is: Lots of people, and you should be too.

Staying ahead

Sometimes its hard to keep up with all of the new products and innovations around here. We have a huge selection of door hardware now and with all of the pricing adjustments and new product releases, sometimes it’s tough to stay on top of it all. Luckily we have some great employees who do. Emtek just released a couple of new modern styles. Be sure to check out the Emtek Bern Doorknob:

Emtek Bern Doorknob

And the Emtek Geneva Lever:
Emtek Geneva Lever